6 Inspiring TikTok Creators to Celebrate Transgender Day of Visibility

March 31 is International Transgender Day of Visibility, a day dedicated to raising awareness about transgender discrimination and celebrating the positive contributions made by trans and nonbinary individuals. In the spirit of this important day, we want to shine a light on six incredible TikTok creators who are openly sharing their experiences and breaking down barriers along the way.

Dylan Mulvaney, 10.8 million followers

Meet Dylan Mulvaney, a talented trans Broadway actress, comedian, and content creator. Known for her infectious upbeat personality, Dylan’s viral series “Days of Girlhood” has captivated millions. Documenting her own transition journey since March 2022, Dylan has touched countless hearts and minds along the way. Her dreams for the future extend beyond TikTok, as she aspires to bring trans and nonbinary stories to the stage and screen.

Dylan Mulvaney

NaomiHearts, 1 million followers

NaomiHearts is a proud trans Latina who is determined to spread body positivity and self-love, regardless of size. With her vibrant lifestyle content, Naomi promotes inclusivity through plus-size fashion, makeup, and embracing one’s own body. What makes her even more remarkable is her ability to reach a broad audience by creating content in both Spanish and English.


Zaya Perysian, 4.5 million followers

Zaya Perysian is a passionate advocate for Black trans women, working tirelessly to destigmatize their lives. Through her TikTok platform, she openly shares her own transition process, discussing both the struggles and victories she encounters. Zaya also addresses common misconceptions about the fight for transgender rights through educational videos, contributing to a more informed and inclusive society.

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Zaya Perysian

Emira D’Spain, 1.2 million followers

Meet Emira D’Spain, a Black transgender model and TikTok personality based in Dallas, Texas. Emira’s frequent “Get-Ready-With-Me” (#GRWM) makeup videos are both hilarious and relatable for her followers. Embracing her authentic point of view, she creates beauty and fashion content that breaks barriers. Notably, Emira made history by becoming the first Black transgender model to collaborate with Victoria’s Secret.

Emira D’Spain

Alex Renee, 7.6 million followers

Alex Renee, an LGBTQ content creator, gained popularity on TikTok through their captivating “POV” videos. However, they are now best known for documenting their “masculine to feminine” transition, inspiring others along the way. Beyond TikTok, Alex runs a jewelry business, dabbles in music, and sells paintings made by their sister to support the fight against cytomegalovirus (CMV). Recently, they also launched a gender-fluid makeup line called Aryworld.

Alex Renee

Ve’ondre Mitchell, 6.6 million followers

Ve’ondre Mitchell, a Black Latinx trans woman, knows the struggles of feeling misunderstood. Despite the challenges she’s faced, Ve’ondre exudes confidence, pride, and self-acceptance. Using her growing platform, she educates and enlightens on various trans issues while unapologetically being herself. Ve’ondre’s dedication to advocacy is truly inspiring and deserving of recognition.

Ve’ondre Mitchell

These six TikTok creators are just a glimpse of the incredible trans talent on the platform. Their openness, authenticity, and determination provide a beacon of hope for the trans community and beyond. So, on this Transgender Day of Visibility, let’s celebrate their achievements and continue to support one another. Remember, change begins with visibility.

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