Famous Three Letter Logos: Inspiring Examples for Your Branding Kit

We encounter countless logos every day, ranging from startups to well-established brands that have been in the industry for years. In this article, we will explore the power and impact of three-letter logos. With a plethora of letter logo styles and inspiration available, it’s worth considering if three-letter logos could be a valuable addition to your branding kit.

Letter logos have proven to be highly effective for companies, especially those with lengthy names or those seeking a memorable and concise visual identity without compromising on style. By examining these famous three-letter logos, you’ll gain a clearer vision of the results you desire. You can even share these iconic brand logos with your graphic designer to serve as a reference for your own logo.

When executed correctly, a three-letter logo can become a timeless symbol for your brand. Just take a look at these impressive letter-based logos from various industries, including fashion, finance, technology, gaming, and logistics.

Famous Three-Letter Logos

Chances are, you have come across these remarkable text logos at least once in your life. Let’s take a closer look at some of them, which will provide you with valuable insight into effective logo design.


The Caterpillar logo, a prominent manufacturer, incorporates a bright yellow triangle into its design. This addition adds visual interest to an otherwise straightforward text logo. Caterpillar has been using this version since 1989.

Caterpillar logo


The Kentucky Fried Chicken logo utilizes the color red to stimulate the viewer’s appetite. The fast-food chain’s lettermark logo is written in a serif font called Daily News Extra Bold Italic, giving it a captivating and authoritative appeal.

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KFC logo


The National Basketball Association’s iconic silhouette logo features Jerry West, designed by Alan Siegel. This distinctive three-letter logo is widely used in advertisements, tournaments, and video games.

NBA logo


Bold fonts make the New Musical Express logo stand out. The use of Sharp Sans in 2013 transformed the old logo into a clean and authoritative design. Placed in the upper left corner of each magazine issue, this logo aims to establish credibility within the music industry.

NME logo


MTV’s logo has become a cultural phenomenon since its launch in 1981. Throughout minor redesigns, the bold letter “M” remains overlapped with “TV” in a fashionable way. The evolution of the MTV logo showcases increasingly balanced lines and strokes.

MTV logo


AT&T’s logo, some say reminiscent of the Death Star while others see it as a globe, captivates with its slim font and striped blue figure. It underwent a flat art style redesign in 2015.

AT&T logo


The Radio Corporation of America, founded in 1919, has undergone several logo changes. The current version, converting the company name into initials, is a testament to its longstanding recognition.

RCA logo


Yves Saint Laurent, a renowned fashion powerhouse from France, displays a monogram logo design. The overlapping initials, transitioning smoothly from one letter to another, deliver a minimalist statement. The black and white color scheme enhances its adaptability across various applications.

YSL logo


Designed by the renowned corporate designer Paul Rand, IBM’s modern tech logo features a striking blue color and consists of 8 bars forming the lettermark’s silhouette.

IBM logo


The Home Box Office channel boasts a simple yet impactful logo. Its uncomplicated design enhances versatility across different platforms and marketing materials. The logo features the use of Avant Garde Gothic, a sans serif font, with additional attention-grabbing elements in the letters “B” and “O.”

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HBO logo

This is just the tip of the iceberg. Here are a few more examples of inspiring letter logos:

BBC, UFC, CNN, GAP, NFL, UPS, DHL, HTC, HCL, SAP, PSP, Wii, Lee, ABC, KIA, GMC, UBS, NBC, ING, JBL, and many more.

Logo Design Ideas

Looking at a collection of successful lettermark logos can inspire you to create your own unique design. Consider these examples to “wow” everyone who encounters your brand.

It is crucial to choose a font that offers readability and legibility for your letter logo. Ensure that each character is designed and spaced effectively, regardless of the logo’s size. Here are some examples of stunning letter logos:

Yellow Letter by BrandCrowd
Yellow Letter logo

Letter P Page by MRM1
Letter P Page logo

Orange Esports Letter Text by BrandCrowd
Orange Esports Letter Text logo

Letter Q by town
Letter Q logo

White Cursor App by JimjemR
White Cursor App logo

Mountain View App by eightyLOGOS
Mountain View App logo

Farm Plant Sun by DanikBrt
Farm Plant Sun logo

Sunset Leaf Farm by ions
Sunset Leaf Farm logo

Abstract Hand by logomanlt
Abstract Hand logo

Multicolor Orbit Ring by LogoBrainstorm

These designs are just a few examples of the incredible insignia available across various galleries on the internet. If you want even more options, consider launching a design contest on platforms like DesignCrowd. By collaborating with experienced graphic designers specializing in logo design, you’ll receive a range of unique submissions to choose from.

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Remember, logo design is an essential aspect of your brand’s identity. Therefore, it’s crucial to focus on creating a logo that resonates with your target audience and conveys your brand’s values effectively.

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