Cars with Wings: The Symbol of Speed and Majesty

Wings on Car Logos

Today, car logos are a powerful visual identity that represents a brand’s name or features abstract shapes and hidden meanings. However, one symbol stands out from the rest and is widely used by automakers worldwide – wings. The wings symbolize speed and majesty, capturing the essence of any auto brand. In this article, we explore some of the most popular and lesser-known car brands that incorporate wings into their visual identity.

Mazda: The Japanese Elegance

Mazda logo
Let’s start with Mazda, the Japanese automobile manufacturer. The Mazda logo, introduced in 1997, features wings stylized as the letter “M.” At first glance, these wings appear to resemble bird wings. Mazda showcases elegance and uniqueness with its winged emblem.

Genesis: South Korean Luxury

Genesis logo
Next on the list is Genesis, a luxury car manufacturer hailing from South Korea. Established in 2015 as a division of Hyundai, Genesis quickly gained popularity worldwide. Its emblem features a plaque with its name against a silver background of wings, symbolizing luxury and sophistication.

MINI: British Charm

MINI logo
Moving on to the first British brand, we have MINI. Acquired by the BMW Group in 2000, MINI maintains its distinct identity. The modern MINI logo, inspired by earlier versions, showcases the wordmark in silver letters against silver wings, symbolizing speed, independence, and a unique approach to life.

Aston Martin: The Icon of Luxury

Aston Martin Logo
Aston Martin, the British high-end brand of luxury and sports cars, exudes a sense of prestige. Founded in 1913, Aston Martin has consistently featured wings in its logo. The white wings symbolize speed, independence, and ambition, perfectly aligning with the brand’s reputation for excellence.

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Bentley: Luxury and Elegance

Bentley logo
Another British brand embracing winged emblems is Bentley. Known for producing luxurious cars, Bentley features a logo with two rising wings, illustrating its status as a pioneer in the industry. The emblem represents wealth, luxury, and sheer elegance.

Chrysler: American Elegance

Logo Chrysler
Not limited to British brands, the American car manufacturer Chrysler also sports an iconic winged logo. Chrysler’s silver wings symbolize elegance and sophistication, accentuating its reputation as an esteemed automobile brand.

Exploring More Brands with Wings

As we delve deeper, we encounter storied brands like Stutz, Duesenberg, Rezvani, Lagonda, Morgan, JBA Motors, Suffolk Sportscars, Hillman, Hispano-Suiza, Alta, American LaFrance, American Austin, Anteros, Arash, Arrinera, Avion Voisin, Bandini, Bianchi, Bignan, Biddle, Bizzarrini, Cole, Changan, Donkervoor, Durant, FAW, Gumpert, Haima, Hawk Cars, Heinkel, Invicta, ISO Rivolta, Isdera, Jensen Motors, Laraki, Packard, Panther, Peerless, Qvale, Rossion, Russo-Balt, Simca, SsangYong, Stoewer, Trojan, UAZ, Vauxhall, Virago, Venturi, Wanderer, Wuling, and many more. Each brand tells a unique story through its emblem, incorporating wings to represent their distinct values and characteristics.

Wings: The Symbol of Excellence

Car logos with wings hold a universal appeal, symbolizing speed, elegance, and ambition. From iconic luxury brands to emerging manufacturers, wings grace the emblems of car companies across the globe. The diverse interpretations of wings reflect the distinct identities and aspirations of these brands. So, next time you see a car with wings, remember that it represents a brand’s commitment to excellence and its pursuit of automotive greatness.

What car brand has a logo with wings? Some of the most famous car brands with logos featuring wings include Bentley, MINI, Mazda, and Chrysler.

What car has angel wings? While it’s challenging to pinpoint a specific car with angel wings, Bentley and Aston Martin are known for their elegant and sophisticated winged logos.

What is the brand with the wings? Numerous automobile brands incorporate wings in their logos, including MINI, Mazda, Aston Martin, Bentley, and Chrysler, among others.

What car emblem has black wings? Although most winged logos feature silver or monochrome wings, the logo of the British LEVC brand stands out with its black wings placed on a black roundel with a white horse silhouette.


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