Boosting TikTok Discoverability in 2023: Harness the Power of Promotion

If you’ve been relying solely on organic reach for your TikTok content, it’s time to reconsider your strategy. Don’t be afraid to take advantage of the TikTok promotion feature – there’s no shame in seeking a little boost. After all, even the best of us need a helping hand every now and then, like that one time I got stuck in a pair of jorts at the Gap.

In today’s social media landscape, almost every platform offers paid boosting options. With just a few taps, you can boost posts on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, reaching audiences beyond your organic network. In this post, we’ll delve into everything you need to know about utilizing TikTok’s Promote feature. Consider it a social ads ‘booster shot,’ if you will.

What is TikTok promotion?

The TikTok Promote feature empowers you to transform your existing TikTok videos into ads with just a few taps. Conveniently available for all TikTok accounts within the app, the Promote feature allows you to tailor your promotion to fit your budget, timeline, and target audience. Sit back and let TikTok distribute your video far and wide.

Promote enables you to gain views, drive traffic to your website, or build a larger following. Essentially, if you’re willing to spend a few bucks, Promote serves as a shortcut to expand your reach on TikTok.

Once your campaign concludes, you’ll gain access to juicy analytics that reveal the performance of your promoted TikTok video. Metrics such as views, likes, shares, comments, website click-through rate, and audience age and gender provide valuable insights into the impact of your promotion.

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However, before you start hitting that Promote button, be aware of a few restrictions. Promote only works for public videos on TikTok, and you cannot use copyrighted sound. Additionally, TikTok may reject videos for promotion if they violate the platform’s guidelines.

Using a boost on your TikTok content is simply a savvy move that makes sense. Think of it as the best of both worlds: the creative, engaging TikTok content you’ve already produced coupled with TikTok’s algorithmic power to target a fresh new audience on the For You Page.

How to promote on TikTok

Although TikTok’s Promote feature is intuitive, let’s walk through the process step by step. (I’m here to guide you, unlike those folks at the Gap.)

Before we begin, please note that if you have an Android phone, you can pay for TikTok promotions using a credit card. If you’re on iOS, you’ll need to load your TikTok coins first.

  1. Make a video and post it on TikTok. If you’re new to the app, familiarize yourself with how to create a TikTok video before proceeding.

  2. View your video and tap the “…” icon with three dots on the right-hand side to access your video settings. Tap the Promote icon (the little flame).

    Promote Icon

  3. Choose your promotion goal: more video views, more website visits, or more followers.

    Choose Promotion Goal

  4. Select your target audience. TikTok can choose for you, or you can customize your audience based on gender, age range, and interests.

    Customize Audience

  5. Set your budget by choosing how much you want to spend each day and how long the promotion should run. As you adjust these numbers, you’ll see the estimated video views change. Tap “Next” when you’re satisfied with your budget.

    Set Budget and Duration

  6. On the Overview page, review your choices before implementing your campaign. Once you submit your video, it will undergo the approval process.

    Review Choices

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Another way to access TikTok Promote is through the Creator Tools Menu.

  1. Go to your profile and tap the three horizontal lines in the top right corner. This will bring up a menu at the bottom of your screen. Tap “Creator Tools.”

  2. Tap “Promote.”

  3. Select one of your videos under the “promotable videos” heading and follow steps 3-6 mentioned above.

    Promotable TikTok Videos

How much does TikTok Promote cost?

With TikTok Promote, you have the freedom to set your own budget and choose how much to spend over a specific number of days. The minimum spend for a TikTok promotion is $3 USD per day, while the maximum spend is $1,000 per day.

As you set your budget and timeline, TikTok provides a range of estimated video views. As a rough benchmark, TikTok claims that for as little as $10, you can reach up to 1,000 views. However, it’s crucial to consider that the specific audience you target can impact your reach.

Broad targeting, such as all women aged 13-54, will reach a larger audience. On the other hand, narrowing your focus to a specific demographic, like males aged 55+ interested in beauty and personal care, may yield smaller estimated views. Nevertheless, in the latter case, the quality of engagement may compensate for the quantity.

Is TikTok Promote worth it?

When it comes to social media, there are no guarantees. You can master the TikTok algorithm, optimize your organic reach, and still fall short. Therefore, if cracking the For You Page doesn’t seem within your grasp, TikTok Promote is a valuable tool worth considering.

Depending on your goals and targeted audiences, TikTok Promote can help you:

  • Reach more users
  • Engage specific target demographics
  • Gain new followers
  • Generate likes, shares, and comments
  • Drive traffic to your website

For instance, Threadbeast successfully promoted a video announcing a giveaway and reduced their cost per acquisition by 13%. On the other hand, augmented reality app Wanna Kicks boosted the reach of a demo video, resulting in 75,000 app installs during the campaign.

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By investing a little money directly in the app to boost your content, you can guarantee that real users will see it. However, it’s important to note that the Promote feature cannot guarantee people will like or engage with your video. Connecting with your audience starts with creating great content.

Reasons TikTok may not approve your promotion

Keep in mind that TikTok reviews every promoted video before it appears in users’ feeds. If your campaign isn’t approved, one of the following reasons may be responsible:

  • Exaggerated or misleading claims in your ad
  • Spelling or grammar mistakes
  • Distracting capitalization or the use of symbols instead of letters
  • Poor quality video, image, or audio
  • Inconsistent products or prices compared to what you’re actually selling
  • Promotion of a non-functional website or failure to comply with local regulations
  • Unauthorized use of third-party logos
  • Shocking, sexual, gruesome, or graphic content

Take a moment to review TikTok’s advertising standards for further details.

How to cancel a promotion on TikTok

Changed your mind about promoting your video? No problem. Canceling your TikTok campaign is a breeze. Simply go to your promoted video, tap the three dots in the bottom right-hand corner, and select “Close promotion.” You’ll only be charged for the duration of your campaign.

Remember, Promote is just a tool to enhance the reach of your content. While it can’t guarantee engagement, it provides an opportunity for more viewers to see your videos. Building a connection with your audience ultimately begins with crafting authentic and captivating content. For more tips on making TikTok videos that resonate, check out our guide on the subject.

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