How to Create Viral TikTok Videos in 2023

TikTok has taken the world by storm since its launch, becoming one of the largest and most popular social networks globally. Its ability to boost brand awareness and drive sales is undeniable, making it a must for ecommerce brands. However, figuring out how to make a video go viral on TikTok can be a mystery for many users and businesses. What works on other social networks may not necessarily work on TikTok.

The good news is that TikTok’s unique algorithm gives everyone, even a brand new account with no followers, the chance to go viral. In this article, we will explore how to produce content that resonates with TikTok users and the algorithm, increasing your chances of going viral on the platform.

Understanding the Keys to TikTok Virality

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Going viral on TikTok may sometimes feel like pure luck. The algorithm can be challenging to crack, but staying in touch with the platform’s trends, viral videos, hashtags, and the content flooding your For You page can help you create the next viral sensation.

While your goals may include getting noticed by your target audience or selling products through TikTok for ecommerce, it’s vital to stay true to your brand’s authenticity. Besides, video length and trending sounds play a crucial role in determining the viral potential of your content on TikTok.

15 Tips to Go Viral on TikTok

To help your videos reach viral status, try implementing these tried-and-true tactics used by successful brands. Incorporate these ideas into your content strategy and achieve viral success for your business.

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1. Keep Up with the Latest Trends

As one of the most trend-driven social media platforms, staying updated with the latest trends is crucial. Explore TikTok’s For You page to discover what’s currently popular among users. If you identify a trend that aligns with your niche, jump on it and create your own video. Remember, TikTok trends tend to be short-lived, so act quickly if you have an idea with viral potential.

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2. Use Trending and Relevant Hashtags

Hashtags play a significant role in TikTok’s algorithm and content categorization. To increase your chances of going viral, use relevant hashtags that resonate with your brand and niche. While trending hashtags can be useful, niche hashtags specific to your brand may offer more potential for virality. Aim to use three to five hashtags per post to guide the algorithm effectively. Avoid using generic hashtags with fierce competition, such as #FYP and #foryou.

3. Hop on Trending Sounds and Music

Audio is crucial on TikTok. Viral videos often include trending TikTok sounds or popular music. Pay close attention to the music, sounds, and songs used in viral videos that you come across on your For You page. Incorporating trending audio into your content can increase your reach, as the algorithm actively recommends videos with popular audio to engaged creators. TikTok makes it easy to use trending audio by simply selecting it from any video.

4. Create Your Own Audio

Consider creating your own audio to stand out. Sounds are essential to 88% of TikTok users, and originality plays a significant role in the algorithm’s rankings. You can create unique audio by editing existing sounds from TikTok’s sound archive or recording a separate voiceover for your videos. Personalized audio helps TikTok understand your video’s context and promotes it to relevant audiences.

5. Post Consistently and Regularly

TikTok’s algorithm favors videos with high activity levels, such as comments, likes, and shares. To increase your chances of going viral, post frequently and consistently. Each video has an equal opportunity to go viral, so the more you post, the higher your chances. Posting two videos per day consistently and maintaining a predictable schedule ensures that your fans know when to expect new content.

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6. Post at the Right Time

In addition to posting frequently, timing is essential. To maximize your reach and views, publish your videos when your target audience is most active on TikTok. Research suggests that Tuesdays at 9 a.m., Thursdays at 12 p.m., and Fridays at 5 a.m. are optimal posting times for high engagement. However, consider your niche market, target audience’s location, and browsing habits to determine the best posting times for your content.

7. Interact with Your Followers

Interaction and engagement are vital on TikTok. To maximize your chances of going viral, don’t just post and forget. Engage with your followers by replying to their comments, creating a sense of community, and encouraging them to interact with your content. The algorithm rewards interactions, so fostering engagement boosts your chances of viral success. You can also include a call to action in your videos to encourage your followers to comment, share, or respond with their own videos using the Stitch or Duet features.

8. Interact with Other Users and Posts

In addition to engaging with your followers, interact with other TikTok videos and content creators, especially those in your target audience. Like and comment on trending videos and consider creating Stitch or Duet videos in response to viral content. Engaging with the TikTok community can help you gain followers and expand your content’s visibility.

9. Collaborate with Other Content Creators

Partnering with popular content creators through influencer marketing can significantly increase your chances of going viral. Collaborating with relevant influencers helps both parties expand their reach and visibility. While collaborating with influencers may be challenging for new accounts with low follower counts, start by following influencers in your niche, interacting with their content, and understanding their style. Once you’ve built a solid following, reach out to them with a collaboration proposal.

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10. Keep Your Videos Short

Short videos perform well on TikTok, as users have shorter attention spans. Experts recommend creating videos of nine to fifteen seconds to maximize impact and adhere to user average watch time. While TikTok allows longer videos, bite-sized content is preferred by users and tends to go viral more frequently. Analyze viral videos from other creators to find the sweet spot for content length.

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11. Start with a Hook

Given the short attention spans on TikTok, capturing viewers’ attention from the start is crucial. Establish a hook within the first few seconds or frames of your video. Research indicates that videos starting with powerful emotions achieve a 1.7-times higher six-second view rate than those starting with neutral expressions.

12. Add Value, Entertain, and Be Relatable

There’s no single type of content guaranteed to go viral on TikTok, but being funny, entertaining, and relatable increases your odds. TikTok appreciates humor, so consider incorporating irony, self-deprecation, or even embarrassment into your videos if it aligns with your brand. If humor isn’t your style, provide value through educational or behind-the-scenes content. Authenticity is key on TikTok, as users value being their true selves on the platform.

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13. Be a Little Controversial

Controversy, when used tastefully, can help your TikTok videos go viral. Controversial posts ignite powerful emotions and encourage people to react and engage with your content. Choose topics related to your niche that inspire reflection and discussion, without seeking to offend. Express your opinion and invite others to share their thoughts, fostering engagement and increasing your chances of going viral.

14. Cross-Promote on Other Platforms

Cross-promoting your TikTok content on other social media platforms can expand your reach and increase your chances of going viral. Given the popularity of short and punchy videos on platforms like Instagram and Facebook, promoting your TikTok videos can attract more eyes to your content and drive traffic back to your TikTok channel.

15. Upgrade to a TikTok Business Account

Consider upgrading to a TikTok business account to monetize your TikTok videos and sell products through TikTok ads and content. While having a business account does not directly impact your viral potential, it provides valuable insights into your content’s performance and audience behavior. Understanding your followers’ preferences and behaviors enables you to fine-tune your TikTok marketing strategy for success.

Your Brand Could Go Viral on TikTok!

Learning how to go viral on TikTok is just the first step. Putting these tips into practice requires patience and dedication. As TikTok’s algorithm and trends constantly evolve, staying innovative and creative is essential. Test different strategies, stay on top of trending music and content, and create valuable, engaging content for your target audience. With a bit of luck and the right approach, your brand could be the next TikTok sensation. Let’s go viral together!

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