I Can’t Stop Talking About ‘Krissing’

Have you heard of the latest TikTok sensation? Well, get ready to be “Krissed” because this virtual virus is taking social media by storm. I, for one, can’t seem to escape it. It all started with a seemingly harmless sound that has now become both ominous and undeniably catchy. “Gitchie, gitchie, ya-ya, da-da” fills my ears on every scroll of my TikTok For You page. Intrigued? Let me fill you in on the craze that has consumed my virtual world.

The Rise of Krissing

I must credit TikToker @wandakardashian for resurfacing a clip that sparked the trend. It all began with a clever bait-and-switch tactic. Each video starts with a tantalizing tabloid-esque claim, such as Kendall Jenner’s pregnancy or Tom Holland proposing to Zendaya. But then, the unexpected happens. The video cuts to an old, sped-up clip of none other than Kris Jenner herself, lip-syncing to “Lady Marmalade” in an over-the-top fashion. The mocking tone of the video exclaims, “You’ve been KRISSED!” The challenge? Pass it along to five friends to absolutely KRIS them! And just like that, a new viral trend was born.

The Art of Krissing

Getting Krissed is the natural evolution of the infamous Rickrolling meme, but with a Kardashian twist. It plays on the over-the-top clickbait culture, bordering on parody. TikToks emerge where people Kriss their classmates within AirDropping distance or lure you into a seemingly safe, Kriss-free space only to “gitchie, gitchie” you at your most vulnerable. Even JoJo Thee Siwa has dabbled in Krissing. It’s a trend that pokes fun at our susceptibility to outrageous claims and hooks us with the element of surprise.

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The Kris Jenner Effect

With the immense popularity of this trend, it’s no wonder people are speculating on Kris Jenner’s involvement. In true Kris fashion, rumors abound that she liked the original “you got Krissed” video, and some even claim she responded to the trend herself. While these claims remain unverified, it’s not hard to imagine Kris finding a way to capitalize on this viral sensation. Soon, we might see a series of Krismojis or an Instagram prank show called U Got Krissed! After all, Kris Jenner is the master of turning trends into gold.

Unraveling the Mystery

If you’re still scratching your head, wondering what it truly means to get Krissed, you’re not alone. Media outlets have been just as perplexed, seeking answers to this viral enigma. But perhaps the true meaning lies not in the meme itself, but in its source. The clip that started it all comes from a decade-old video of the Kardashian-Jenner ladies lip-syncing to the 2001 version of “Lady Marmalade.” It captures the essence of the pseudo-opulence that defined the early 2010s. Overdressed and underrehearsed, the video showcases the Kardashian-Jenner clan in all its glory, and Kris Jenner steals the show with her unforgettable rendition.

Kris Jenner: The Ultimate Icon

Beyond her Krissing fame, Kris Jenner has built an entertainment empire, boasts an entire room dedicated to her fancy dishware, and is rumored to have an extravagant church-slash-presumed tax haven. She even has romance in her life, courtesy of Pete Davidson. So, it was only a matter of time before she claimed her spot in the TikTok hall of fame with her own trend. Kris, you’re doing amazing, sweetie.

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So, whether you’ve fallen victim to the Krissing trend or are simply amused by the chaos it has unleashed, there’s no denying its impact. It’s a playful reminder of our susceptibility to sensationalism and a testament to the enduring influence of the Kardashian-Jenner dynasty. Who knows what Kris Jenner has in store for us next? Until then, prepare yourself for a world where getting Krissed is the new norm.

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