Let Him Cook: Unraveling the Viral Meme Phenomenon

Have you ever come across the phrase “Let him cook” or “Hollup… Let him cook” on TikTok or Twitter? Well, if you haven’t, you’re in for a treat! This viral meme has taken the internet by storm, accompanied by a compelling photo of Woody from Toy Story, delivering an intense stare. Let’s dive into the intriguing world of the “Let him cook” meme, uncovering its meaning, the original Woody photo, and its hilarious counterpart, “Never let bro cook again bruh.”

Let Him Cook: What Does It Mean?

When someone tells you to “Let him cook,” they essentially mean allowing someone to continue doing what they’re doing, whether it’s talking, playing, or working on their strategy. It’s like acknowledging that they’re onto something big, just waiting to unfold. Take, for example, Russel Wilson, the former quarterback of the Seahawks, who used to complain about not throwing the ball enough. The hashtag “#lethimcook” started trending as fans wanted Wilson to unleash his full potential by throwing the ball more. However, life took a twist, and Wilson got traded to another team, where he didn’t perform as well as anticipated.

Another scenario where “Let him cook” comes into play is when someone has an unpopular opinion or a hot take that might invite criticism. In such situations, a kind soul might step in and say, “Let him cook,” giving the person a chance to express their thoughts without interruption.

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The Let Him Cook Meme: A Hilarious Delight

One of the most prominent examples of the “Who let him cook” videos on TikTok was uploaded by @austinwiggles. In this video, a high school student from West Brunswick performed a rather goofy karate routine, prompting ridicule from viewers. The video garnered over 892k views and more than 16.8k likes. The comment section overflowed with witty remarks like, “That little voice saying there’s still hope, it’s lying,” followed by “Don’t let him cook,” “Why did we let him cook?”, and “Bro thinks that he’s the dragon warrior.”

Hollup, Let Him Cook: The Original Woody Meme

The origins of the “Hollup… Let him cook” meme can be traced back to a photo featuring Woody and Sora from the Kingdom of Hearts. In this intense picture, Woody stares ahead while holding back Sora’s furious energy. This meme often makes its appearance in slideshows on TikTok, known as the “Let him cook rizz slideshows.” These slideshows are typically used in chat scenarios, where a guy tries to flirt with a girl, resulting in some hilariously awkward moments.

Never Let Bro Cook Again Bruh: The Failed Endeavors

And then we have the ever-amusing “Never let bro cook again bruh” meme. This meme paints a picture of a burning building with firefighters desperately battling the flames. It serves its purpose when someone is given an opportunity to shine but ends up fumbling along the way. In simpler terms, they excel at the start but fail to make the cut towards the end. Imagine a basketball player dribbling the ball, gracefully going for a shot, only to miss the hoop. It’s a classic case of “Let him cook” turning into “Never let bro cook again bruh.”

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So next time you stumble upon the “Let him cook” meme, you’ll be in on the joke! Whether it’s empowering someone to pursue their goals or laughing at life’s comic missteps, this viral sensation has become a cultural phenomenon. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the endless creativity that the internet never fails to deliver.

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