What OPP Really Means on TikTok: Exploring the Different Definitions

TikTok and other social media platforms are full of slang and abbreviations that can sometimes be confusing. These terms often have multiple meanings depending on the context. What does “OPP” mean on TikTok? Let’s unravel the various definitions and origins of this popular abbreviation.

The Opposition and More

OPP generally means “opposition” or “opponent” on social media platforms like TikTok, Twitter, and Instagram. It is commonly used to refer to someone who is in competition with another person. However, its meaning extends beyond that.

According to the Urban Dictionary, “OPP” can also be used as an umbrella term for someone who is a snitch. This particular usage originated in Chicago. So, if you come across this term on TikTok, it may imply more than just a competitor.

The Rap World Connection

Interestingly, “OPP” has a different meaning in the world of rap music. It originated from the song “O.P.P.” by hip-hop band Naughty by Nature, featured in their second studio album released in 1991. The song became a hit, reaching number 6 on the Billboard Hot 100 list.

In the context of this song, the term “Opp” was used to describe infidelity. It stood for “Other People’s Py” for men or “Other People’s Ps” for women. However, during the creation of the song, the term “Other People’s Property” was also used.

Treach, one of the members of Naughty by Nature, mentioned that they took inspiration from their neighborhood. In that neighborhood, they often used the abbreviation OPM, which referred to “Other People’s Money.” Thus, the term “OPP” took on a new meaning in the rap world.

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Exploring Other Social Media Slang

Apart from “OPP,” social media platforms like TikTok have various other slang terms that you might come across. Here’s a cheat sheet to help you navigate through the sea of acronyms and phrases:

  1. Amirite: A shortened version of “Am I Right?” used to seek agreement.
  2. Ate that: When someone impresses or does an outstanding job at something.
  3. Cheugy: Describes something that is out of trend and considered basic.
  4. Drip: Refers to someone’s stylish outfit or overall fashion sense.
  5. Extra: Used to describe someone who is over the top or excessively dramatic.
  6. GOAT: Abbreviation for “Greatest Of All Time,” often used to praise someone.
  7. IYKYK: Short for “If You Know You Know,” indicating inside knowledge.
  8. Mood: Refers to anything relatable or that captures the speaker’s emotions.
  9. Period: Used to conclude a statement with conviction, similar to “drop the mic.”
  10. Rent-Free: Describes when something or someone occupies one’s thoughts excessively.
  11. Salty: Used to describe someone who is angry or resentful.
  12. Shook: Expresses being shocked or surprised.
  13. Situationship: Refers to a complicated and undefined romantic relationship.
  14. Stan: Combining “stalker” and “fan,” it describes someone who obsessively worships a celebrity.
  15. Understood the assignment: A phrase used to acknowledge someone who performed a task exceptionally well.
  16. Vibe Check: Refers to assessing one’s energy or attitude in life, often used when gauging someone’s willingness to participate.
  17. WYA: Abbreviation for “Where You at?” typically used to ask someone’s whereabouts.

Whether it’s acronyms like “OPP” or other slang terms, social media is evolving every day. Stay up to date with these definitions to navigate this vibrant online world with ease. And remember, language is ever-changing, so keep exploring new phrases and embracing the exciting evolution of communication on TikTok and beyond.

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