What’s the Deal with ‘Pinning’ on TikTok? Learn How to Make the Most of This Feature

TikTok has become the darling of Gen Z, captivating young users with its array of features that set it apart from other social media platforms. However, even with its immense popularity, there’s always room for improvement. One recent addition to TikTok’s arsenal is the “pinning” feature. But what exactly does “pinning” mean on TikTok? Let’s dive in and explore the ins and outs of this exciting feature.

Pinning Videos on TikTok

When we talk about pinning on TikTok, we refer to two actions: pinning videos and pinning comments. Let’s start with pinned videos. These are videos that creators can pin to the top of their profiles, marked with a ‘Pinned’ tag in a red box on the top left corner.

This feature, which underwent extensive testing, allows users to highlight up to three videos on their profiles, occupying the top row of the grid. It deviates from the app’s usual chronological order, ensuring that these select videos get the attention they deserve.

Creators can use pinned videos to draw extra attention to their already viral TikToks or to spread important messages about social issues and more. To pin a video to your profile, make sure you have the latest update of the app. Then, go to your profile, choose the video you want to pin, click on the three dots at the bottom right, and select the “Pin” option. A notification confirming the action will appear at the top of the screen.

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Pinning Comments on TikTok

Pinning comments is not a new concept, as other platforms like YouTube and Instagram have had this feature for quite some time. TikTok, recognizing its value, decided to jump on board as well.

Just like on other platforms, pinning comments on TikTok allows creators to highlight a specific comment in their comment section, making it the first one people see. There are various reasons why creators may choose to pin a comment. It could be a comment that they find particularly amusing or insightful. It could also be a comment that addresses a frequently asked question, making it easier for others to find the creator’s response.

Pinning comments can also be a way for creators to steer the conversation and encourage positive engagement under their videos. By pinning delightful comments, creators can create a more positive and pleasant comment section.

Using this feature is a breeze. All you need to do is locate the comment you want to pin, long-press it until a pop-up box appears, and select the “Pin comment” option. A gray box labeled ‘Pinned’ will appear to the left of the pinned comment, distinguishing it from others. Please note that the pinned comment may not immediately move to the top of the comment section, but TikTok will reflect the action after a short period.

To further illustrate, take a look at the image below showcasing how to use the ‘pin comment’ feature on TikTok:


The pinning feature empowers creators to moderate and set the tone of the comment section by featuring a comment that aligns with their vision for their content.

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With TikTok’s pinning feature, creators have the power to amplify their videos and shape the conversations happening around them. Whether it’s highlighting important information or fostering a positive community, pinning is a valuable tool that allows creators to make the most of their TikTok experience.

So, go ahead and explore this feature on the latest version of TikTok. Pin your best videos and comments, and let your creativity shine!

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