Amazon Renewed Premium: Unveiling the Details

Are you browsing through Amazon’s selection of phones and noticing a large number of renewed options, particularly for iPhones and Samsung devices? As a newcomer to online shopping, you might be curious about the meaning of “Amazon Renewed” and the significance of the term “premium.” Well, you’re in luck! In this article, we will explore the concept of Amazon Renewed Premium, which applies not only to iPhones and Samsung phones but also to all products available on Amazon. However, our primary focus will revolve around iPhones and similar products. Let’s dive right into it!

Understanding Amazon Renewed

In essence, Amazon Renewed Premium is a special offer provided by Amazon to customers who purchase renewed or refurbished products. This offer grants the buyers a one-year warranty for their products. When browsing for smartphones, such as iPhones and Samsung phones, you will come across numerous renewed Samsung phones. If you’re new to this, you might mistakenly believe that you’re purchasing a brand-new device.

Amazon Renewed Premium

Before we delve further into the details of Amazon Renewed Premium, let’s first clarify the meaning of a “renewed” phone.

The Definition of “Renewed” on Amazon

“Renewed” on Amazon refers to the sale of products that were previously returned by consumers due to defects or other issues. These products undergo thorough testing and certification to ensure that they are in working order before being made available for sale. The “renewed” section is prominent when browsing through the phone or tablet category on Amazon. If you encounter the term “renewed” attached to a product you wish to purchase, it indicates that you are buying a refurbished item. In other words, there is no difference between “renewed” and “refurbished” on Amazon. Although other online stores may use the term “refurbished,” Amazon chooses to use “renewed” instead.

Addressing the question of what “renewed” means on Amazon, it is simply conveying that the product you are interested in purchasing is refurbished.

Now, let’s shift our focus back to the topic at hand: Amazon Renewed Premium. On Amazon, you will encounter two types of renewed products, namely:

  • Amazon Renewed
  • Amazon Renewed Premium

You might wonder about the distinction between these two terms. Read on to find out!

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Amazon Renewed vs. Amazon Renewed Premium

Here are the key differences between Amazon Renewed and Amazon Renewed Premium:

In the case of Amazon Renewed, buyers receive a 90-day or three-month warranty for any renewed or refurbished products purchased on the platform. By contrast, Amazon Renewed Premium offers a more extensive one-year or 365-day warranty for renewed products. Therefore, if you purchase a renewed iPhone or Samsung phone from Amazon, opting for Amazon Renewed Premium will provide you with the peace of mind that comes with a one-year warranty for your device.

Another notable distinction between Amazon Renewed and Amazon Renewed Premium lies in the pricing. The renewed option is generally more affordable when compared to the premium renewed products. For instance, an iPhone 13 under the renewed category may be priced at $950, while the premium renewed option could cost $1055. The price disparity is due to the added benefits of the premium package, such as the option to return the item within one year. Personally, I prefer Amazon Renewed Premium as it allows for a more secure and worry-free shopping experience.

So, if you’ve been wondering about the meaning of renewed premium, it simply implies that Amazon is providing you with a one-year warranty for renewed products available on their platform.

Decoding “Amazon Certified Refurbished”

“Amazon Certified Refurbished” signifies that a product being sold on Amazon has undergone repairs and inspections to ensure its proper functionality before being made available for sale. On the other hand, “refurbished” refers to a product that was previously used and returned due to various issues. These refurbished products are then repaired by either the manufacturer or a local repairer and are certified to be in working order. Once a product passes these tests and the initial problems have been rectified, it is put up for sale. This explains the meaning behind “Amazon Certified Refurbished.”

Considerations Before Purchasing a Refurbished Phone

If you are contemplating buying a refurbished phone from any store, there are several factors to keep in mind:

1. Warranty Availability

When it comes to purchasing a renewed or refurbished phone, I highly recommend buying from Amazon. Amazon offers a premium program known as Amazon Renewed Premium, which grants customers a one-year (365 days) warranty for their refurbished or renewed phones. With this program, you can rest assured that you are covered in case any issues arise with your product. However, please note that the warranty does not apply to problems caused by user error.

2. Thoroughly Check the Device’s Functionality

Since “renewed” is synonymous with “refurbished,” it is crucial to thoroughly inspect the phone’s functionality after making your purchase. Test all the buttons, including the volume rocker, and tap on every inch of the screen to check for any software or hardware issues, including battery life. Once you are satisfied with the phone’s condition and performance, there is no need to worry. Simply enjoy your new device!

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3. Inquire About Return Policies

When purchasing a renewed product, especially from Amazon, there should be no concerns regarding returns, as the Amazon Renewed Premium program ensures a one-year warranty and the option to return the product to the seller. However, be cautious of sellers who do not accept returns for refurbished or renewed phones. To avoid any potential regrets, it is best to steer clear of such sellers. Luckily, you are unlikely to encounter such issues on Amazon, particularly when the product states “Amazon Renewed Premium.” Before buying a refurbished phone, always confirm whether the seller accepts returns in the event of any defects arising.

4. Ensure Trustworthiness of the Seller or Store

Trust is paramount when purchasing a renewed phone. It is essential to buy from a reputable seller or store that has positive ratings. Additionally, read customer reviews, especially if you are making an online purchase, to gain insight into the experience of other buyers. Amazon hosts numerous trustworthy sellers offering renewed or refurbished phones that closely resemble brand-new devices in appearance.

5. Be Wary of Purchasing Stolen Phones

One prominent concern when buying a used or renewed phone is the possibility of purchasing a stolen device. However, you can minimize this risk by following a simple precaution: Request an invoice containing the IMEI number for the renewed or used phone. Verify that the IMEI number on the device, invoice, and box all match. To check the IMEI number on the device, dial *#06#. If the numbers do not align, it is likely that the phone is stolen. Keep in mind that some sellers may not provide the invoice upon request, which is why it is advisable to purchase from reputable sellers.

Amazon Renewed Premium iPhone

Understanding the Difference Between Renewed and Refurbished on Amazon

On Amazon, there is no distinction between renewed and refurbished products. Both terms refer to the same concept. Therefore, if you come across a renewed phone on Amazon, it signifies that you are looking at a refurbished phone. Please be aware that “renewed” does not mean the phone is unlocked or brand new.

Does Amazon Renewed Come with a Warranty?

Indeed, Amazon Renewed products come with a 90-day or three-month warranty. However, if you desire a more extended warranty, consider choosing Amazon Renewed Premium. Although the premium option may carry a higher price tag compared to regular renewed phones, it is worth the investment if you prefer the comfort of a one-year warranty. Rest assured that renewed iPhones and Samsung phones from Amazon are reliable based on my personal experience of owning two renewed Samsung phones and one iPhone for the past two to three years.

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Is Amazon Renewed Trustworthy?

Having purchased two phones and an iPad labeled as renewed on Amazon, I can confidently state that Amazon Renewed is highly trustworthy. I have encountered no issues with these devices over the past couple of years. Furthermore, with Amazon Renewed Premium, you can shop with complete confidence, knowing that you have an entire year to return the product in case of any defects.

Additional Questions

Here are some more related questions and their answers:

  • Do Amazon Renewed iPhones have new batteries?

    • In some cases, Amazon Renewed iPhones may indeed come with new batteries. This typically occurs when the previous battery is faulty, worn, or has a battery health below the recommended 80% set by Amazon for renewed iPhones.
  • Are Renewed products a good buy?

    • There is absolutely nothing wrong with purchasing renewed products, especially when it comes to smartphones. Most of these devices are in excellent condition. If you opt for the ones with Amazon Renewed Premium, you even receive a full one-year warranty to further guarantee your satisfaction.
  • Does “renewed” mean used?

    • Yes, “renewed” does mean used, as these products were returned by buyers due to defects. However, keep in mind that some buyers may have utilized the product for as little as three days or as long as one year before returning it due to factory defects.
  • Is a refurbished phone considered new?

    • Refurbished phones are not considered new, as they have been purchased and used by a consumer before being returned to the manufacturer or seller. Despite undergoing thorough cleaning, repairs, and necessary part replacements to resemble new devices, they are still classified as refurbished.
  • Are refurbished products sealed?

    • Refurbished products may or may not be sealed, depending on the specific seller or manufacturer. However, rest assured that refurbished products are typically packaged just like brand-new items.
  • Is a refurbished product the same as the original?

    • Refurbished or renewed products are indeed original and not fake. When buying a refurbished or renewed product, you can trust that you are purchasing an authentic item, particularly when purchasing from a reputable seller.
  • Does refurbished mean second-hand?

    • Yes, refurbished products are considered second-hand since they are returned items initially purchased by a consumer. However, they undergo repairs and certification before being resold.

The Bottom Line on Amazon Renewed Premium iPhone

In conclusion, Amazon Renewed Premium iPhone simply implies that the iPhone comes with a one-year warranty, offering you the option to return the device if it does not meet your expectations or has factory defects. When purchasing an Amazon product labeled as “Amazon Renewed Premium,” rest assured that you are receiving a one-year warranty for that specific item.

I hope this comprehensive guide has shed light on the intricacies of Amazon Renewed Premium and clarified any questions you may have had. Remember, with the added benefit of “unlocked renewed premium,” you can obtain a one-year warranty for a phone that is not network locked on Amazon.

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