Sending Likes on TikTok Live: An Inside Look

TikTok Live sessions have become increasingly popular, often popping up on our “For You Page” as we scroll through the app. But have you ever wondered what exactly happens when you send likes on a TikTok Live session? Look no further, because this article will unveil the mystery.

What Does Sending Likes On TikTok Live Do?

Sending likes on TikTok is a way to show your appreciation for the content being streamed live. It provides instant gratification to the streamer, making them feel valued and appreciated. With TikTok’s Live stream feature allowing unlimited likes, streamers can gauge the significance of their content and how well it resonates with their viewers.

By sending likes on a live stream, you are not only expressing your enjoyment of the content but also providing crucial feedback for streamers. They analyze viewer behavior to improve their content and continue delivering their best. In fact, sending a large number of likes during a live stream session also impacts the TikTok algorithm. The algorithm pushes more of the streamer’s content onto your “For You Page” when there is high engagement, such as a lot of likes or activity.

How To Send Likes On A TikTok Live

During a TikTok Live session, there are various actions you can take. You can gift the streamer virtual money called TikTok coins, which they can convert into real money. You can also share your thoughts in the comment section and interact with the streamer. Lastly, you can display your appreciation by sending unlimited likes.

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To send a like on a TikTok Live stream, simply double-tap the screen. A heart icon will briefly appear in the center of the screen, indicating that your like has been sent. Unlike the For You Page, TikTok Live does not have a dedicated button for sending likes. However, the unique aspect of sending likes on TikTok Live is that there are no restrictions on how fast or how often you can send them. Feel free to send as many likes as you want whenever you want.

It’s important to note that the streamer cannot see who sends them likes during their live stream. However, you can claim ownership of your likes by leaving a comment that identifies you.


Live streaming is a pivotal feature on TikTok, allowing content creators to interact with their followers and viewers in real-time. It fosters connectivity among users, building a strong TikTok community. When you find yourself immersed in a TikTok Live session, don’t hesitate to send likes to show your appreciation. There are no limits to the number of likes you can send during a live stream, and all it takes is a double-tap on the screen while the live stream is ongoing.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is TikTok Live?

TikTok Live is a feature on TikTok that enables creators to engage with their followers and viewers in real-time. While streaming live, creators cannot save or archive the session. Once it ends, it’s gone. To initiate a TikTok Live session, creators must have at least one thousand followers.

How do I like a TikTok Live?

Liking a TikTok Live session is as simple as double-tapping the screen while you’re watching it.

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What is the purpose of streaming Live?

Streaming live helps creators connect and interact with their followers, while also helping to grow their content.

Remember, the next time you join a TikTok Live session, spread the love by sending those likes and supporting your favorite content creators!

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