The Secrets Behind the Vans Logo

Vans logo

If you’ve ever wondered about the meaning behind the iconic Vans logo, you’re in for a treat. This article unveils the fascinating history and hidden secrets of the emblem that has become a symbol of style and rebelliousness.

The Origins of the Vans Logo

The original Vans logo featured a simple design with the company name inside a rectangle. However, as the brand evolved, designers decided to adopt a more generic emblem to capture a broader audience.

Vans logo evolution

In the 1970s, a surprising turn of events unfolded. The logo we know today was actually created by a 13-year-old boy named Mark Van Doren, whose parents were co-founders of Vans. Initially, the logo appeared as a stencil on Mark’s skateboards and later on the Style 95 shoe, one of the brand’s earliest models.

Vans: A Global Brand

Before we dive deeper into the logo’s evolution, let’s briefly introduce Vans. This casual and streetwear brand was established in the United States in 1966, originally focusing solely on skateboarding shoes. Over the years, Vans has expanded its reach and become a global phenomenon, with sales across all continents.

Vans Logo Throughout the Years

Vans logo 1966

The old Vans logo was a purely typographic design. The word “Vans” was presented in an unconventional typeface, with the letter “V” extending over the rest of the letters “ans.” This distinctive touch gave the logo a unique aesthetic.

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Vans logo

In 2016, the logo underwent another light-hearted transformation. The black “Vans” lettering was now colored in vibrant red, and the slogan “Off the wall” was added below. The typeface also went through several modifications, notably in the playful design of the letter “A.”

The Iconic “Off the Wall” Logo

Vans "Off the wall" logo

It was 1976 when the famous “Off the wall” logo made its debut. The most striking feature of this emblem was its stylized Van shape, closely associated with the Californian skaters’ daring maneuvers in empty pools. The motto “Off the wall” originated from their jargon, referring to the incredible tricks performed on these sloping walls.

The Modern Vans Symbol

Vans symbol

Today, the Vans logo showcases the company name within a vibrant red rectangle, accompanied by the “Off the wall” slogan. This design has become synonymous with the brand’s identity and resonates with fans worldwide.

The Typeface Behind the Vans Logo

Vans font

The bold, all-cap typeface used in the Vans logo is a modified version of Helvetica, a classic font that gained popularity in the commercial world during the 1970s. This solid and confident typeface perfectly embodies the brand’s values.

Unveiling the Colors of Vans

Vans colors

Throughout its history, Vans has experimented with various color schemes. In the 1960s, the shoes featured a white tag with a blue wordmark, while the van-shaped logo introduced a vibrant shade of red. The brand transitioned to a more eye-catching red-and-white color palette and currently incorporates black for the “Off the wall” motto.

Decode the Meaning behind Vans

In essence, the Vans logo represents strength, stability, and confidence. The prominent letter “V” with its elongated and bent right bar symbolizes the brand’s commitment to these qualities.

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To conclude, the Vans logo stands as a testament to the brand’s heritage, evolution, and rebellious spirit. Every time you see the emblem, remember the inspiring story behind it and the influence it has had on skateboarding culture and fashion trends.

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