Amazon’s Font: Types, Similar Fonts, and Changes Over Time

If you’ve ever wondered about the font Amazon uses and found it impressive, you’re not alone! Amazon has established a strong brand image worldwide with its unique and consistent logo, design, and font. In this article, we’ll delve into the details of Amazon’s font and explore its evolution over time.

What Font Does Amazon Use?

Amazon’s master brand font for all services and products is called Amazon Ember. This sans-serif font is easy to read and recognizable, making it ideal for customers shopping online. It was first introduced in 2016 for the Kindle Oasis e-reader. You’ll find Amazon Ember prominently displayed across the website and all Amazon apps.

Types of Fonts Used by Amazon

The primary font types used by Amazon are Ember and Bookerly. Ember is mainly used in regular or italic style for all written content on However, depending on your device and available fonts, you may occasionally see Times New Roman or Arial. It’s worth noting that the Kindle font varies depending on the generation of your device. Bookerly is the standard default font for older Kindles, while Ember is available on newer versions. One way to distinguish between these two fonts is that Ember is a sans-serif font, while Bookerly is not. The small lines at the end of the larger letter strokes in serif fonts like Bookerly make reading on the Kindle more comfortable.

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Similar Fonts to Amazon’s

If you’re looking for fonts similar to Amazon Ember, popular alternatives include Lato, Roboto, Ubuntu, and Sofia Pro Semi Bold. These fonts share clean lines and are easy to read. For those interested in fonts similar to Bookerly, Apolline, Vega, Weiss, Caecilia, and Baskerville are popular serif options.

Changes in Amazon’s Logo Fonts Over Time

Since its founding in 1994, Amazon has gone through several logo changes, demonstrating the company’s evolution over the years. The current Amazon logo, recognized worldwide, features the Officina Sans Bold font. This sans-serif typeface appears above the yellow arrow and curves upward to create a smile. If you’re interested in using a similar font, Franklin Gothic and Rotis Sans Serif are good alternatives.

Evolution of Amazon Web Fonts

While it has been over two decades since the Amazon logo changed, the web fonts have been more recently updated. In 2015/16, Amazon released Ember and Bookerly as the latest font updates. As Amazon’s popularity soared with new gadgets like Amazon Echo, Ember became the default font across Amazon apps, even with other font options available. In 2018, Amazon tested Bookerly on the website and received mixed reviews. As a result, they continued using Ember for the website.

Different Styles of Amazon Fonts

Both Amazon Ember and Bookerly have different weights that Amazon uses based on display resolution. For Ember, available weights include thin, light, book, regular, medium, semi-bold, bold, and heavy. Each weight is used for menus, screen texts, and digital reading displays. Amazon describes Ember as having subtle softness around the edges and corners, making it ideal for website headlines. Bookerly, on the other hand, offers three weights: light, regular, and bold. Kindle users can adjust the font size and weight for a customized reading experience.

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Can You Download Amazon Fonts?

Amazon Ember is used for Alexa Home and Echo branding, and you can download this font from the Amazon developer website. The downloadable font folder also contains Amazon’s typeface library usage guidelines, which provide detailed descriptions of the fonts and how Amazon uses them for marketing and branding purposes. If you prefer not to download these fonts, you can opt for similar alternatives like Roboto or Lato that offer a similar look and feel.


When browsing on Amazon or reading on your Kindle, you’ll primarily encounter two fonts: Ember and Bookerly. Ember is the master brand font seen across the Amazon website and the Kindle Oasis e-reader. On the other hand, Bookerly is the standard font for older Kindle generations. If you wish to change the font settings on your Kindle device, you have the freedom to do so. However, if you come across a sans-serif font on the Amazon website, it’s likely Ember, while a serif version on the Kindle indicates Bookerly. Amazon continually prioritizes readability and print-like layouts when designing and implementing fonts for its website and devices.

Amazon Web Fonts Changed Over Time

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