What Human Emotion are You? Discover Your True Feeling with this Accurate Quiz

Do you ever find yourself wondering, “What human emotion am I?” If so, this TikTok-trend quiz is here to unveil the essence of your feelings. Are you driven by anger, brimming with joy, overwhelmed by disgust, or is there something else at play within your emotional landscape?

The Human Emotion Quiz Unveiled

Known as the “What Human Emotion Am I Test,” this quiz consists of 10-20 personality questions that delve into the core of your predominant emotion in life. The results span from basic emotions like fear, anger, or happiness to more intricate moods like awe, remorse, or optimism, offering a comprehensive glimpse into your emotional makeup.

Decoding Your True Feelings

One powerful way to decipher your underlying emotions is to capture your life journey in a single sentence. Words possess a certain emotional resonance, and when combined, they can reveal the true sentiment that drives you. So, take a moment to summarize your perception of life in one sentence and observe if it echoes anger, happiness, fear, surprise, disgust, or sadness.


Alternatively, you can take an emotional intelligence test for further insight into your emotions. However, no matter how self-aware you may be, identifying your core emotion remains a challenging endeavor. Imagine if your entire essence could be distilled into a single feeling—what would that label be? Would it be joy, regret, rage, disappointment, or something entirely unique?

Basic or Complex: Discovering Your Emotional Spectrum

Within each individual lies a spectrum of emotions, encompassing both basic and complex feelings. The basics are universal, easily understandable, and often predictable. On the other hand, complex emotions are unique, difficult to fathom, and can catch us off guard.

When determining “What emotion am I?” it’s crucial to recognize the complexity of human emotions. You may transcend the realm of basic feelings like fear, depression, or anxiety, and instead embody the complexity of submission, disapproval, or even contempt. This quiz helps uncover the intricate layers of your emotional persona, shedding light on both its complexity and intensity. In general, the more intricate your emotions, the less intense they tend to become.

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Taking the Human Emotion Test

Numerous quizzes are available to assess your emotions. Simply search for “What human emotion am I” and select your preferred test. Click the start button, answer the personality questions, and patiently await your personalized results.

You can even create your own version of the human emotion test using an online quiz generator.

Join the TikTok Trend

One of the hottest trends on TikTok in 2022 is the human emotion quiz. People around the world are eager to discover which feeling truly defines them, sharing their results with others using hashtags like #humanemotionquiz or #humanfeelingtest.

If you’re interested in joining this vibrant trend, all you need to do is answer the 20 questions provided on this page. The quiz will uncover the type of emotion that courses through your veins, offering a result worthy of sharing on TikTok.

FYI, the test hashtags have garnered over 9 million views on TikTok, making it a fantastic opportunity to jump on the trend.

Validity Based on the Emotion Wheel

Unlike most quizzes, which seem arbitrary, this one is grounded in scientific accuracy. We have crafted a psychologically sound and enjoyable test based on the emotion wheel.

Plutchik’s Wheel of Emotions categorizes human emotions into 32 basic and complex sentiments, ensuring that your results resonate with your experiences, no matter how complex they may be.

Brace Yourself for the Results

Be prepared to have your day made or potentially marred by the results of this quiz. While receiving joy, happiness, admiration, or appreciation might lift your spirits, it’s essential to remember that the human emotion quiz is brutally honest. Brace yourself for an uncensored exploration of your emotional landscape, as it may expose emotional abuse patterns, uncover hidden awkwardness, or even predict moments of depression.

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This comprehensive test encompasses a range of emotions spanning from positive to negative, light to dark. It has the power to illuminate the beauty of your emotions or shed light on the negativity within.

The Purpose of the Human Feeling Test

While it’s undoubtedly entertaining to discover which emotion truly defines you, these tests can also serve a meaningful purpose. They offer an opportunity to check in on your mental health and assess whether you’re allocating enough time for self-care.

If the test reveals that you predominantly embody complex negative emotions, it serves as a reminder to prioritize self-care. Conversely, if the results lean towards positive emotions, it validates your progress and encourages you to continue on your current path.

The Overwhelming Prevalence of Negative Emotions

According to a recent survey, people are experiencing excessively high levels of anxiety and fear. Forty percent of individuals reported feeling stressed or worried, 27% felt sadness, and 24% admitted to anger. In other words, 91% of society is grappling with anxiety, depression, or aggression.

But are you different? Can you break free from this cycle? Are you among the 9% who continue to feel grateful, at peace, and delighted despite the tumultuous state of our world? Take the quiz to uncover the answer.

We Hold the Key to Your True Emotion

Your feelings are inescapably visible to us throughout the choices you make. This seemingly innocent quiz questions will expose the dominant emotion within your personality, opening up a new perspective on your true self.

Are you ready to face the truth of your human emotion? If so, press the start button and let’s embark on this revealing journey together.

Questions of the Quiz

  1. Not that bad.

    • It could still be a good day.
    • I feel unmotivated and lazy.
    • I feel stressed out or guilty.
    • I feel irritated and edgy.
    • I feel numb. I go through that every day.
  2. When something good happens in my life.

    • When something good happens to someone I know.
    • When something goes wrong, and I’m like, I knew it.
    • When something terrible is about to happen, and I feel helpless.
    • When someone else makes a mistake, but people blame me.
    • My emotions are rarely intense. I’m often emotionless.
  3. Through words. (Verbal expressions)

    • Through physical gestures or body language.
    • Through art.
    • Through facial expressions or even emojis.
    • Through text.
    • I don’t like to express my emotions.
  4. Historical

    • Romance
    • Drama
    • Horror
    • Dystopian (apocalyptic)
    • Tragedy
  5. Recalling my good memories.

    • Seeing or talking to a loved one.
    • Recalling bad memories and thinking it could’ve been worse.
    • Eating, sleeping, or taking medication.
    • Staying away from others and being alone.
    • Nothing can make me feel better when I’m feeling down.
  6. My style/look.

    • My relationships.
    • My education/knowledge.
    • My career.
    • My financial success.
    • Nothing. I’m not proud of myself.
  7. I remind them of the beauty of life.

    • I just listen to them and let them rant.
    • I hug them and let them know that I’ll be there.
    • I get anxious around sad people, but I do my best to help.
    • I mind my own business and let them process their emotions.
    • I remind them that life is pointless and it’s not worth being sad.
  8. Stronger.

    • Empathetic.
    • Wise.
    • Awkward.
    • Irrational.
    • Weak.
  9. Impressively magnificent.

    • Unbelievably peaceful.
    • Beautifully sorrowful.
    • It depends on my mood.
    • Incredibly ordinary.
    • Predictably lonesome.
  10. Jungle

    • Ocean
    • Cave
    • Mountain
    • Desert
    • Space
  11. Appreciation

    • Adoration
    • Sacrifice
    • Compromise
    • Commitment
    • Devastation
  12. I love them.

    • I relate to them.
    • I pity them.
    • I’m one of them.
    • I don’t like them.
    • I can’t relate to them.
  13. My life experience.

    • My happiness.
    • My knowledge.
    • My free time.
    • My money.
    • None of them. I don’t like sharing.
  14. Miracle-like.

    • Delightful.
    • Depriving.
    • Chaotic.
    • Frustrating.
    • Stupid.
  15. Health

    • Family
    • Knowledge
    • Time
    • Respect
    • Money
  16. Rarely

    • Once in a while
    • Often
    • It depends on the circumstances.
    • All the time.
    • Never.
  17. It’s going to be okay. We should never lose our faith.

    • It’s not looking good. But there’s hope.
    • We’re currently witnessing the beginning of the world’s end.
    • The world has become absurd and unpredictable.
    • It’s not promising. I’ve lost my hope in humanity.
    • I’m glad that humans are about to go extinct.
  18. My goals.

    • My loved ones.
    • My dreams.
    • My needs.
    • My tragic past.
    • None of them. I’m not motivated at all.
  19. Yes, I do believe in karma.

    • No. But I do believe in some sort of cosmic justice.
    • No, you can definitely get away with your sins.
    • I’m not sure. But I hope karma is true.
    • No. I believe in revenge.
    • No, only a foolish person would believe in that.
  20. “I’m doing great!”

    • “I’m doing fine. What about you?”
    • “I guess I’m doing okay. Thanks.”
    • “I’m not sure how I’m doing. What about you?”
    • “Meh.”
    • “Leave me alone.”
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