The Difference Between Board Books and Hardcover Books: Which is Safest for Babies?

Introduction: Introducing Babies to Books

If you want to raise a reader, getting books into their hands as early as possible is key. However, the safety of books for babies is a concern. So, let’s explore the question: “What type of book is safest for even the littlest of hands?”

Board Books vs. Hard Cover Books

The difference between board books and hardcover books

Experts advise that board books are the best way to introduce babies to reading. Let’s delve into why parents should prioritize stocking their babies’ bookshelves with high-quality board books.

What Defines a Hardcover Book?

A hardcover book, as the name suggests, is a book with a sturdy cover but traditional paper pages inside. Some advantages of hardcovers include:

  • Collectibility: Book collectors often prefer hardbacks due to their durability.
  • Protective Cover: The hardcover protects the inner pages, which are bound with stitching or glue.

However, hardcovers also have downsides. Some negative aspects include:

  • Selective Durability: Hardcover books protect inner pages only when adults treasure them.
  • Vulnerability to Little Ones: Babies and toddlers can easily tear pages while keeping the hardcover intact. This is why board books are recommended for babies, as they can withstand all the chewing, tossing, and tearing.
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What Makes a Board Book?

A board book is a subgenre of picture books specifically designed for babies and infants. Key features of board books include:

  • Durable Paperboard: Board books are printed on highly robust paperboard, including the inner pages.
  • Rounded Corners: To ensure safety for curious babies, board books have rounded corners.
  • Limited Pages: Board books are shorter than hardcover books due to the thickness of their paperboard pages.

Why are Board Books Safer for Babies?

Baby chewing a custom made ABC Board Book

If you prioritize the safety of your baby, board books are a better option compared to hardcovers. Here’s why:

  • Chewable and Safe: Babies tend to explore everything with their mouths, making board books a safer choice. It’s better for them to chew on a board book than to swallow paper pieces.
  • Designed for Little Hands: Board books are smaller and perfectly fit their little hands. They can be easily held, turned, stacked, and tossed without causing harm to your child.
  • Longevity: Board books last longer in your child’s library due to their thick and durable paperboard.
  • Non-toxic Materials: Board books are printed and bound directly on non-toxic paperboard, ensuring the highest quality and safety for your baby.
  • Rounded Corners: Board books have trimmed round corners to provide extra protection when little ones chew and tear them.

The Best Benefit of Board Books: Fostering a Love of Reading

Baby reading a custom board book

The New York Times suggests that building a love for reading starts as soon as your baby pays attention to board books. The unique design of board books serves as the perfect introduction to reading. They allow babies to explore the text and pictures using all their senses in a safe and enjoyable way. By showing babies that reading is fun and that they can interact with books, you foster an early love of reading.

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Board books also provide precious bonding opportunities. Highlights magazine explains that sharing simple board books with your baby helps build listening and visual skills, which form the foundation for independent reading later on. With illustrations and concise text, board books offer ample opportunities for pointing and saying.

Building a Strong Library for Your Baby: Create Custom Board Books

Make a Custom Board Book

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