Discover the Power of the SharePoint Team Collaboration Site

Unlocking the Potential of Your Team

At the core of a team site lies the site header, the gateway to your collaborative playground. Positioned at the top, the site logo and name establish your team’s identity while indicating whether it’s a private sanctuary or open to all within the organization.

For those with editing permissions, the team site offers an array of possibilities. A link at the top invites you to expand the site’s functionalities by adding new lists, document libraries, pages, spaces, news posts, or SharePoint apps. The canvas is yours to paint upon.

Add a new item to a SharePoint site

Navigating Your Team’s Space

The search box, located above the site header, is an invaluable tool for locating files efficiently. Suggestions tailored to your recent activity appear as you type. Hit “Enter” to access a comprehensive list of search results on a separate page. Customize your search to broaden the scope among all SharePoint sites or narrow it down to specific file types.

Team site search box

Left-aligned on SharePoint team sites, the navigation pane offers easy access to essential links. Seamlessly find your way to the team’s default document library, the team OneNote notebook, site pages, site contents, and the site recycle bin. Should you have editing permissions, it’s within your grasp to add additional links or rearrange the order of existing ones.

SharePoint team site left-hand menu

Alternatively, unleash your creativity and switch the navigation pane’s position to the top of your site.

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Unveiling the Home of Collaboration

Welcome to the team site’s home page, where default web parts await you. Among them is the captivating “News” section, providing a platform to create and showcase posts highlighting important or intriguing topics for your team. With a simple click of “+Add,” your story can be published at the top of the page. Engage your teammates by sharing your thoughts and insights through captivating headlines.

Clicking “See all” in the top right corner of the “News” section immerses you in a treasure trove of captivating articles previously published by the team. This repository of knowledge enables you to explore the past and keep up-to-date with your team’s endeavors.

Team site new section on home page

Delightfully present on the home page, the “Quick Links” section enables you to feature essential files or web pages. Effortlessly add links by clicking “+Add” and either inputting the URL or selecting from a list of recently accessed files or web pages. Seamlessly integrate your most valuable resources within your team’s digital abode.

SharePoint team site quick links

Embrace a real-time experience with the activity feed, providing a glimpse into your team’s dynamics. Stay informed and connected as you witness the evolution of files, pages, and lists within your site.

Activity web part shows the latest activity on the site

The home page may also showcase a Document Library web part, an elegant compilation of links to files that await your attention. Seamlessly access the documents that matter from this central hub.

Document Library web part on a modern page

Design and Customize Your Digital Home

Should you be bestowed with the powers of editing or ownership, the home page is yours to mold. Simply click “Edit” in the top right corner to embark on your customization journey. The possibilities are unlimited.

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Preview of the SharePoint page edit button

Once you’ve crafted your masterpiece, make the decision to “Save as draft” if you desire further refinement, or hit “Republish” to unveil your creation to the world. Your team eagerly awaits your updates, and your site is now perfectly tailored to meet your collaborative needs.

For comprehensive guidance on utilizing web parts to shape your team site, consult our resource on using web parts on pages. Step into the realm of limitless collaboration and empower your team’s potential with SharePoint’s vibrant array of features and possibilities.

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