What is Amazon business? How is this Amazon business about?

What is Amazon business? Amazon Business offers business owners access to the retail giant’s vast network of suppliers for easy ordering and bulk volume discounts. For members of Amazon Business Prime, additional deals and features are available to help manage cash flow and cut business expenses. How can your business benefit from Amazon Business or a Business Prime account? Read on to learn more.

What is Amazon business?

Amazon Business provides purchasing solutions for registered businesses of any size. Each company can permit specific users to purchase business supplies on Amazon on behalf of their employers. The main administrator can add or remove authorized users as needed and manage payment methods, shipping addresses, approval workflows, reporting options and more based on the business’s needs.

Amazon Business provides “easy access to hundreds of millions of products – everything from IT equipment to janitorial supplies – to businesses of all sizes and across industries,” said Martin Rohde, former general manager of Amazon Business.

Or, if you want to start selling online, the Amazon Business platform for sellers will help you reach your target customers within the trusted Amazon experience.

Amazon business

How does payment work with Amazon Business?

An Amazon Business account administrator can add individual or shared payment options to the account. Shared payment methods include credit cards, debit cards and Amazon’s corporate credit line, which is a business line of credit.

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Any authorized business account user can select a registered payment method to purchase items on your business’s behalf. While all of your authorized account users can make purchases with registered credit cards, they’ll only be able to see the last four digits for security reasons.

The Amazon corporate credit line expands your user and management options, allowing you to authorize multiple buyers on a single account, download order history reports, and pay by purchase order. It includes easy-to-understand statements, and there’s no annual fee.

“We recognize that business customers need to manage a single payment relationship with Amazon Business and receive standardized invoices while also having the flexibility to purchase from millions of suppliers,” Rohde said.

What are Amazon Business’ advantages?

Amazon Business has the following benefits for registered companies:

Amazon Business brings exclusive price savings and shipping benefits.

Amazon Business offers exclusive price savings and shipping benefits for registered business members. Account holders receive price breaks on multiunit purchases, general price cuts on millions of business products, and the opportunity to compare prices from multiple sellers.

“We constantly hear from Amazon Business customers that business-only prices across such a vast selection of products are key to solving their ‘tail spending’ challenges (money spent on nonplanned or managed supplies, spanning a broad range of categories),” Rohde said. “Tail spend can be costly and time-consuming for businesses, as it often requires managing hundreds, or even thousands, of different suppliers.”

Amazon business

Businesses appreciate Amazon Business’ bulk pricing.

Amazon Business allows you to request quantity discounts from some sellers. “Amazon Business works the best when you have products that can be purchased in bulk for businesses,” said Chad Rubin, an e-commerce business owner and a Top 50 Amazon seller. “That’s a big benefit, as you can incorporate bulk pricing to boost sales and provide a discount to businesses who need a larger amount of your product.”

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Rubin pointed out that when Amazon Business customers use bulk pricing, they can reach a new audience that tends to spend more, including other businesses. “It definitely helps when you use bulk pricing to attract customers who need more of certain products,” he said.

Amazon Business makes ordering easy and convenient.

The convenience of Amazon carries over into Amazon Business. “We love the program’s ease of use in ordering and reordering our most common items,” said Rob Boirun, CEO of Reviewster Network. “When we run out of printer toner or other office supplies, we can easily order within a few seconds, and the items are in the office two days later.”

Amazon Business’ flexible payment options also add to the platform’s ease and convenience. Boirun said his company has used Amazon Business for larger purchases, leveraging payment options where the firm can split up the payments among people in the company. “For example, we purchased a new Wi-Fi router and were able to split up the bill so that four different people using it would each pay 25%,” Boirun said.

You can leverage tax-exempt purchases with Amazon Business.

Some companies in the Amazon Business program may benefit from tax-exempt purchases. Visit the Amazon Tax Exemption Program website to determine if you qualify for the program. If you qualify, you can apply your tax-exempt status to eligible purchases from Amazon and its affiliates. “We have our Amazon Business account to mainly take advantage of the Amazon Tax Exemption Program,” Boirun said.

You can gain insights with Amazon Business Analytics.

Visit the Amazon Business Analytics website to learn about business intelligence tools that provide insight into spending categories, purchase analytics and preferred goals. You can also monitor activity and view supply chain management information.

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“Customers can look at their spending activity and total costs on purchases at the individual, purchasing group or type of spend level, giving small businesses the information they need to better control their bottom line,” Rohde said.

How much does Amazon Business Prime cost?

Amazon Business Prime has several membership plans to accommodate various users:

  • Duo: The Duo plan is $69 per year and accommodates one user. It does not include access to spending visibility, guided buying or extended terms for Amazon’s Pay By Invoice service.
  • Essentials: The Essentials plan is $179 per year and includes up to three users. It gives you access to spending visibility, guided buying and extended terms for Pay By Invoice.
  • Small: The small plan is $499 per year and includes up to 10 users.
  • Medium: The medium plan is $1,299 per year and includes up to 100 users.
  • Enterprise: The Enterprise plan is $10,099 per year and includes more than 100 users. It also gives you optimal deployment, in which
  • Amazon Business Professional Services fine-tunes the account to optimize visibility and policy settings in a full-scale implementation process.

Visit the Amazon Business Prime website for more information about membership tiers and features.

Amazon business

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