What is Amazon day Delivery? How does Amazon Day work?

What is Amazon day Delivery? Amazon Day is one of the newer additions to Amazon’s wide variety of Prime delivery options, which include same-day, one-day, two-day, and no-rush shipping.

By setting an Amazon Day, Prime members can choose a specific day of the week when all orders will arrive together, rather than receive each individual order as soon as they are available. Considering that Amazon Prime Day 2020 is just around the corner, scheduling shipments is a handy option to have. For many shoppers, this event will involve several orders that would otherwise be shipped individually.

With Amazon Day you’ll know exactly when your items will arrive and they’ll be grouped together whenever possible, reducing packaging waste. You can also plan ahead to receive your orders in person, to lower the risk of packages going missing.

The best part: it’s a free perk for Prime members. Most items that are eligible for Prime free 2-day shipping and shipped by Amazon can be ordered with Amazon Day. Eligibility varies, though, so make sure to double-check your order at checkout to ensure you’re ordering with Amazon Day shipping.

It’s an attractive option to have if you regularly order from Amazon, aren’t in a rush to receive your item immediately, and want to reduce packaging waste. It’s also helpful for anyone who prefers or needs to be home to receive their packages.

Amazon day Delivery

What is Amazon day Delivery?

Before we dive in, you probably want to know what this whole “Amazon Day” thing is all about. Amazon Day is a service for Prime members that allows you to receive all of your orders on the same day each week.

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Rather than having packages arrive scattered throughout the week as you buy them, you choose a preferred day for all of the items to be delivered at once. You can still buy things whenever you want throughout the week, but they’ll be saved up to all arrive on the same day.

Less Packaging to Deal With

If you’re a frequent Amazon shopper, there’s probably no shortage of brown smiley-face emblazoned boxes around your home. When everything ships as soon as possible, you get a bunch of separate boxes. All that cardboard and plastic packaging material piles up, and it’s a hassle to properly dispose of.

With Amazon Day, your items are combined into fewer boxes. You can do this manually by waiting to click “Buy” when you have a bunch of stuff in your cart, but Amazon Day does that for you. It’s not perfect—sometimes things come from totally different areas and can’t be combined—but you’ll generally have much fewer boxes to deal with.

Save Trips to Your Home

Combining packages also means fewer trips to your home for delivery drivers. Personally, I feel a bit gluttonous having a special delivery just for an extra charging cable or a T-shirt. Most of the things I buy on Amazon are not urgent needs, and I’m willing to bet it’s the same for many people.

All those trips to your home add up, and it’s not particularly great for the environment to have gas-guzzling Amazon trucks driving around more than necessary. If you live in a busy neighborhood that sees the Amazon truck driving through every day, it might not matter much, but it might make a difference if you live off the beaten path.

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Prevent Package Theft

Packages landing at your front door at random times throughout the week can make it difficult to know when something has been delivered. That’s not great if package theft is a problem in your neighborhood—you don’t want to leave packages outside your door for too long.

Amazon Day makes it dead easy to know exactly when packages will be arriving at your home. It can be hardwired into your weekly routine. You can pick a day when it’s easy for you to be home to bring in the packages. No more boxes sitting on your porch while you’re stuck away from home.

Amazon day Delivery

How to Limit Deliveries on Other Services

Amazon Day makes it easy to get all of your packages on the same day, but you can take this same idea to other retailers as well. All you have to do is group your purchases together to make fewer orders.

A great way to do this is to keep your online cart open for a week or more—just add things to your cart as you think of them. Don’t checkout until you’ve filled up the cart with several items. Regardless of the retailer, items are more likely to come in fewer packages and trips if you buy them in the same order.

Look, fast shipping is awesome. Getting something from your online cart to your front door in less than 24 hours feels like magic sometimes. There are certainly times when that speedy turnaround is needed, and that’s fine. However, convenience comes at a cost sometimes—and in the case of every item you purchase coming in its own box with packaging materials, the cost is a mountain of trash.

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How does Amazon Day work?

Amazon Day is a free delivery option for Prime members that shows up at the checkout page for Prime-eligible items.

Select “Amazon Day,” then choose any day of the week for your orders to arrive. You can also save the selected day for future orders and make Amazon Day your default delivery option. You can always go back and change your default settings at any time.

Why should you use Amazon Day?

On top of making deliveries work for your personal schedule, choosing Amazon Day is a great way to combine multiple orders into one delivery, potentially reducing the amount of packaging you receive.

Amazon Day deliveries use 30% fewer boxes on average, and in 2022, saved 180 million boxes.

  • An image of an Amazon employee sorting packages in a warehouse.
  • How Amazon is reducing packaging
  • From reducing packaging to increasing the use of materials that can be easily recycled, Amazon is committed to reinventing how orders are shipped for the good of customers and the planet.

How do I earn rewards using Amazon Day?

Your Amazon Day order may be eligible for a promotional reward. It automatically applies to your Amazon account once your package ships, and it usually applies to digital products such as eBooks, digital video downloads, and digital music. You can view your Amazon Day reward balance here

Amazon day Delivery

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