What is Amazon Household? How to set up Amazon Household?

What is Amazon Household? How to set up Amazon Household? As a dedicated Amazon shopper, a Prime membership is the cost-saving subscription you need. While the idea of paying money to save money may seem absurd, the starting fee of $139 is worth it if you plan to share your benefits with loved ones. You can all enjoy free two-day shipping, Prime Reading on your Amazon Kindle tablets, and Prime Video streaming without sharing a password, among other perks.

This experience is possible when you create an Amazon Household and add members to it. Setting one up is free, and it supports up to two adults, four teens, and four preteens. Your Household fetches you more value out of your Prime membership, and if you want to start sharing benefits within it, we show you how.

What is Amazon Household?

Amazon Household is a feature that lets you share numerous benefits with another adult, teens, and children, helping you make the most of your Prime membership. Your Household can include up to six members (two adults, up to four teens, and up to four children), and it’s easy to add or remove members and share content with each other.

 Amazon Household

How sharing your Amazon Prime benefits with family works

You need to create a Household to share the benefits attached to your Amazon Prime account with others. Amazon Household lets you add a maximum of six people to a family group. Besides Prime benefits, you can share digital content inside your Family Library, such as e-books, apps, and audiobooks.

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Amazon only allows you to create one Household per account and add up to two adults, four teens, or four children to make up six members. If you invite a new person after reaching the limit, you need to remove an existing one. Also, if you join another Household, you must leave the one you’re in. Either way, Amazon makes you wait 180 days before you can enter another family group or add someone.

Any Household member is eligible to enjoy Prime benefits as long as they are adults 18 years of age or above or teenagers between ages 13 to 17. You can add children under 13 years, but you can’t share the benefits with them as Amazon prohibits it.

If you receive benefits from another Prime member in a Household, you can’t transfer them to someone else. This restriction also applies to Prime Video-only and Prime Student subscribers.

How to create an Amazon Household for sharing Prime benefits

To create an Amazon Household, visit the web page and decide on an account type. You can add an adult, teen, or child. Next, enter the name and email associated with your new member’s regular Amazon account.

You need to consent to share a wallet, and so do the new members when they accept your invitation. You may not like this part because they can move your payment methods to their wallets.

There’s no way to stop them from doing so. However, Amazon notifies you when it happens. Once you’ve given wallet-sharing consent, choose what digital content you want to share with the Household, such as apps, audio, and e-book purchases.

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Afterward, members need to accept your invitation and verify their account details. They have two weeks to do that, and you’ll receive a notification once they’ve successfully joined. Everyone you invite receives an email that looks like the sample below.

To accept the invitation, they need to press the Get Prime benefits button. Then they’ll click Continue on the page informing them that they can cancel any Prime membership they have. Finally, they must agree to the wallet-sharing agreement you did earlier and opt-in to share any digital purchases. After that, the person’s enrollment is done. Repeat the application procedure with the other family members you’d like to add, and your Amazon Household is complete.

The only major limitation to this feature is that you can only send one invite in 24 hours. Also, everyone in a Prime Household must live in the same country and shop from the same marketplace. You can’t share your Prime benefits with anyone if you’re borders away from each other. However, it works if you’re all living in different states.

Amazon Household

Amazon Prime benefits you can’t share

Along with Prime Gaming offers, allowing Household members to listen to Amazon Music isn’t possible. However, they can still use the limited free version and get special pricing offers for the Amazon Music Unlimited plan. This way, they pay less than they normally would for the premium service. This member-discounted pricing also applies to the FreeTime Unlimited plan for Kindle.

If you’d rather share musical benefits with your family, you must pay separately for the Amazon Unlimited Family plan. This service is different from Prime Music and is designed for families who want to share ultrasound streaming capabilities. It supports up to six profiles, and each person can create individual playlists and music libraries and follow their favorite artists. Children can also share these experiences with your approval and monitoring.

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It’s inconvenient having to pay extra for another Amazon service when you have a Prime membership. But you can bypass this drawback when you create multiple profiles on smart Echo speakers. If you live in the same house with your family, they can command Alexa to play songs for them.

How to set up Amazon Household

To get started, visit the Amazon Household page and choose Add Adult, Add a Teen, or Add a Child. For adults, you can either send an email invite or sign up together to verify your accounts. For teens, you can send an email invite and the teen must accept in order to set up their login. No invite is necessary to add children.

Once you’ve created your Amazon Household, you can review your content-sharing settings in the Family Library. Check the boxes where you’d like to share content, and uncheck the boxes where you don’t wish to share content. You can change these sharing settings at any point in the future.

 Amazon Household

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