What is Amazon Photos? How does Amazon Photos work?

What is Amazon Photos? How does Amazon Photos work? I collect a lot of travel photos. In fact, I’ve taken over 60,000 photos in the last 3 years! I have a solid system for backing up my travel photos already, and I wanted to expand on how useful Amazon Photos can be for you!

Amazon Photos is available on your existing Amazon Prime membership. It provides web, desktop and mobile access to all of your photos. With your Prime membership, you get unlimited photo storage and 5GB of video storage. If you don’t have Amazon Prime, sign up for free.

What is Amazon Photos?

Amazon Photos is a perk of being an Amazon Prime member. As part of your Prime membership package, you can access secure digital cloud storage for your photos and videos.

This includes up to 5GB of video storage for your personal video files and unlimited storage for your photos. Those photos can also be stored at full resolution, meaning you can easily back up your precious family memories at no additional cost.

Amazon Photos is designed for personal use, not commercial photos, but otherwise, you can store images and even set up a “Family Vault.”

Amazon Photos

How does Amazon Photos work?

Photo storage is unlimited and if you want to upgrade your storage for video, there are tiers from 100 GB all the way up to 30 TB.

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The 100 GB plan currently costs $1.99/mo or $19.99/yr if you pay annually. The 30 TB plan costs $1,799.70 per year. If you’re looking for video storage, I would recommend only paying for as much as you need. You can always upgrade your plan. You shouldn’t be paying for storage that you aren’t (or won’t) using!

When you subscribe to Amazon photos (through Amazon Prime), you’re able to access your files through a mobile app, a web app and a desktop app. Aside from being able to back up your photos, you can also use Amazon Photos to search for common things within your photos like food, dogs or trees. It can recognize people, too!

Backing up your photos with Amazon Photos

Aside from the storage plans, let’s go a little deeper on how you can use Amazon Photos today. But first, let’s briefly talk about backing up your photos in general.

Photo backups are an important part of your workflow if you want to keep your photos safe. I (and most of the internet) will recommend backing up your photos in at least two additional places.

It’s a good idea to have a copy of your photo library on your local hard drive, to have a backup on an external hard drive and to have a backup somewhere in the cloud.

Now that we’ve covered backing up your photos, let’s review how to back up your photos using Amazon Photos.

Amazon Photos Web app

Log in to Amazon photos if you haven’t already.

After logging in, you can go to Add > Upload Photos in the top navigation bar.

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Amazon Photos Desktop app

As an alternative to the web client, you can use the desktop app as well. I do all of my photo work on a Mac, so I don’t have any experience working with the Windows version.

An older version of this app wasn’t very good and limited uploads to four at a time. Uploading RAW files took forever (it almost took a month when I first started uploading!) because it could only process four large RAW files at once. The updated app is decent and now supports eight concurrent uploads!

After a shoot, I’ll queue up an upload. I find that keeping my uploads small, it’s manageable for the app to handle.

You can set up the app to schedule backups or do a one-time backup. I prefer doing a one-time backup because I constantly move files around, as my local hard drive fills up quickly.

Amazon Photos

Amazon Photos Mobile app

While the mobile app exists on iPhone and Android, I don’t use it. I use Amazon Photos as a backup and not as a place to view my photos.

Benefits of using Amazon Photos

I’ve had a hard drive fail before, and I’m glad that I had my photo files backed up. Without that backup, I would have lost a few years worth of work. When you use Amazon Photos, you can ensure that your photos are safe! As an added benefit, you’re able to browse photos on your phone and computer and share with friends and family. You’re also able to order prints.

Keep in mind, as a pure backup strategy, Amazon Photos shouldn’t be your only backup. It’s designed more as a destination to view your photos and order prints. Amazon used to have Amazon Drive, which was better designed for traditional photo backups.

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In addition to the features of the platform, it’s free! Well, kind of. If you subscribe to Amazon Prime, you get Amazon Photos for free. There’s no additional cost to you. You can upgrade your plan if you want to increase your video storage.

Once per year, Amazon has Amazon Prime Day which has some of the best deals all year around. Check out our guide where we handpick some of our favorite Amazon Prime Day deals for travelers.

Limitations of using Amazon Photos

When new image formats come out, sometimes Amazon doesn’t recognize them as “images.” Because of this, it counts towards your storage cap of other files. I had this happen to me when I was testing a new camera that had a brand new RAW file type.

This isn’t an issue for most people, and you can see the supported image formats to confirm that your images are supported. If they aren’t supported, you can convert those unsupported RAW files to DNG files. DNG files are supported!

I’ve found the uploader to be buggy at times, and I found that the upload speeds aren’t as good with some other image backup services. Amazon is always improving its software, so YMMV.

Amazon Photos

Above is information about What is Amazon Photos? How does Amazon Photos work? that we have compiled. Hopefully, through the above content, you have a more detailed understanding of Amazon Photos. Thank you for reading our post.

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