Woot, There It Is — Why You Should Explore Amazon’s Discount Site Right Now

What in the World Is a Pointless Price?

That’s what Woot refers to as the suggested retail price or strike-through price from Amazon. It’s called “pointless” because it doesn’t necessarily indicate a discounted price. Still confused? It’s basically just another price listed for the deal you’re considering.

It Offers … Bags of Crap?

Woot humorously labels this feature as Bags of Crap, but don’t let the name fool you. It’s actually a chance to purchase a random assortment of items bundled together in a box. You might receive something amazing (like a brand new laptop) or something less exciting (like a single shoe). The thrill lies in the mystery of the purchase. You never know when a “BOC” will appear and what treasures it holds.

Can You Use Amazon Prime Benefits for Woot?

Absolutely. As a Prime member, you not only enjoy free standard shipping but also free express shipping on Shirt.Woot! This includes a wide variety of wearable items available on the site, not just shirts! The express shipping typically takes two to three days, ensuring you receive your purchases promptly.

But How Is This Different From Amazon?

For starters, once a deal expires on Woot, it disappears from the site. This distinguishes Woot from Amazon, where even after a sale ends, the item remains available.

There’s also a fascinating event called a Woot-Off! If you spot orange flashing lights on the homepage, it means a new product is launched immediately after the previous deal sells out. Quantity information is not provided, so to snag the item you desire, you have to act swiftly. Additionally, you can subscribe to a daily deals email that features delightful mascot monkeys—guaranteed to pique your interest.

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Is Woot Worth It?

The answer depends on how much time you’re willing to invest in browsing deals versus knowing exactly what you’re in the market for. If you’re shopping on Amazon, it’s likely because you need a specific item, usually promptly (especially if you have Prime). However, if there’s nothing in particular you’re looking for, Woot provides an enjoyable way to hunt for deals.

I appreciate the opportunity to engage in discussions about deals in the forums, which adds an interactive element beyond simply reading reviews. Essentially, Woot is not just a deals site but a lifestyle site as well.

Timing is crucial too. I recently discovered that the shampoo I recently purchased on Amazon is 22% cheaper on Woot. Bummer. It’s all about acquiring the item when you need it. You can’t perform a specific search on Woot; you simply browse through seven broad categories of items you may be interested in. If you’re on the lookout for new T-shirts but don’t have a specific design in mind, Woot is definitely worth a visit. However, if you need to reorder a specific type of vitamin, Amazon should be your destination.

Nevertheless, if you’re open to exploring different brands at different times, this site can become quite addictive—and that’s precisely what Woot aims for.

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