Simplifying Metered Mail: Saving Time, Money, and Hassle

Understanding Metered Mail

Metered mail offers a convenient solution for businesses to print postage on their mailpieces. Not only does it serve as proof of payment, but it also streamlines the entire mailing process. Postage meters, essentially postage printing machines, come with built-in scales for accurately weighing all types of mail, including postcards and packages. This eliminates the guesswork in determining the correct postage. Additionally, metered mail offers special discounts that are not available with stamped envelopes or at the Post Office retail location. For example, if your company sends mailers weighing 3.5 ounces or less, you can save up to $0.05 per piece. Even First-Class Mail weighing 1 ounce or less only costs $0.50 in postage. Just imagine the savings for bulk mailing campaigns involving thousands of mailers.

Avoiding Fatigue and Saving Time

Sending traditional mail can be enjoyable, but it becomes tedious when done repeatedly. Metered mail eliminates the need for lengthy manual operations, saving you and your employees valuable time and preventing fatigue. However, it’s important to note that metered mail doesn’t fully automate the process. For complete automation, you can utilize direct mail automation software like PostGrid, which allows you to print and mail personalized mailers to your customers.

The Advantages of NextGen Metered Mail

NextGen metered mailing solutions leverage advanced digital technologies, including models compatible with the Android operating system. With its user-friendly functionality and interface, you can easily use these solutions with just your smartphone. Now, let’s explore the benefits of using digital meters for your business correspondence.

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Faster and More Flexible

Compared to traditional analog meters, digital meters offer lightning-fast data transmission speeds. With a digital link for metered mail, you can transfer data at speeds up to a thousand times faster. For uninterrupted connectivity, it’s best to connect digital meters via Wi-Fi or Local Area Networks. You also have the freedom to move the meter around by connecting it wirelessly and switching offices.

Simple and Precise Rate Changes

Updating rates manually can be time-consuming, especially when you have an analog meter. Digital systems make rate changes effortless by allowing you to download and install new rates easily. This eliminates the need for establishing a connection and significantly speeds up your metered mail process.

Enhanced Counting

Digital meters provide a simplified way to track your business’s spending on metered postage. You can monitor your postage expenses at a product level and analyze fluctuations throughout the year.

Reliable and Future-Proof Connections

Analog meters can cause significant delays and productivity lapses if the analog line gets disconnected while you’re crediting your meter. Moreover, analog networks require high maintenance and are prone to service outages. In the future, finding service providers for analog connections might become increasingly difficult. Digital meters offer reliable connections, ensuring uninterrupted productivity without the worry of service disruptions.

Generate Additional Savings

Analog-connected meters often require a dedicated phone line, resulting in incremental costs for businesses. Unfortunately, these expenses often go unnoticed until it’s too late. With a digital meter connection, you can eliminate the need for an analog line, saving your organization from unnecessary expenses.

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By embracing the simplicity, efficiency, and cost-saving benefits of metered mail, you can streamline your mailing processes, increase productivity, and boost your bottom line. Say goodbye to the hassles of traditional mail and unlock a more efficient way to communicate with your customers.

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