What Is Microsoft Edge WebView2?

Microsoft Edge WebView2 is a powerful runtime software provided by Microsoft Corporation. It enables developers to easily embed web content into their applications. By leveraging WebView2, developers can enhance their applications by providing a seamless browsing experience within the app itself.

Installation and Use Rights

  1. General

    • You have the freedom to install and use the software on multiple devices.
  2. Microsoft Applications

    • The software may include additional Microsoft applications. The same license terms apply to these applications, unless specified otherwise.
  3. Third Party Components

    • The software may contain third party components subject to separate legal notices or agreements.
  4. Other Services

    • The software may offer access to other services and features provided by third parties. Separate terms and policies govern the use of these services.

Distributable Code

The software may include distributable code that developers can incorporate into their own applications.

  1. Distribution Rights

    • You are permitted to copy and distribute the object code of the software.
    • Distributors of your applications may also copy and distribute the distributable code you include.
  2. Distribution Requirements

    • For any distributed code, you must add substantial primary functionality to it in your applications.
    • Distributors and end users must agree to terms that protect the code and Microsoft.
    • Obtain all code directly from Microsoft, including any code obtained from a Microsoft download site.
    • Indemnify and hold harmless Microsoft from any claims related to the distribution or use of your applications.
  3. Distribution Restrictions

    • You are not allowed to use Microsoft’s trademarks or trade dress in a way suggesting endorsement.
    • Modifying or distributing the source code of the distributable code is not permitted.
    • Do not provide third parties with access to Microsoft download sites or shortcuts.
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Scope of License

The software is licensed and not sold. Microsoft reserves all other rights. Unless otherwise specified by applicable law, you should not:

  • Work around technical limitations in the software.
  • Reverse engineer, decompile, or disassemble the software.
  • Remove, minimize, block, or modify any notices present in the software.
  • Use the software unlawfully or to create malware.
  • Share, publish, distribute, lease, or transfer the software to any third party.


  1. Data Collection

    • The software may collect information about your use of the software and send it to Microsoft. This information helps improve products and services.
    • You may collect data from users of your applications, provided you comply with applicable laws and regulations.
  2. Microsoft Defender SmartScreen

    • Microsoft Defender SmartScreen is enabled by default. Users should be notified of its presence.
  3. Processing of Personal Data

    • Microsoft commits to applicable data protection regulations as a processor or subprocessor for personal data.

Export Restrictions

Comply with all domestic and international export laws and regulations applicable to the software.

Support Services

Microsoft is not required to provide support services under this agreement. Any support provided is “as is” and without warranties.

H.264/AVC Video Standard

This product incorporates H.264/AVC codec technology. Licensing and usage must comply with the AVC Patent Portfolio License.

Required SmartScreen Notice to End Users

If SmartScreen is enabled, users must be informed that the software collects and sends information to Microsoft.

Binding Arbitration and Class Action Waiver

This section applies if you are in the United States. Disputes should be resolved informally first, followed by binding individual arbitration.

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Entire Agreement

This agreement, along with other terms for supplemental material, updates, or third-party applications, represents the complete agreement for the software.

Applicable Law and Place to Resolve Disputes

The laws of your state or province govern this agreement unless you acquired the software in a different country.

Consumer Rights; Regional Variations

This agreement does not affect any other rights you may have under your local consumer laws. Additional terms may apply depending on where you acquired the software.

Disclaimer of Warranty

The software is provided “as is” with no express warranties. Microsoft excludes all implied warranties to the extent permitted by applicable laws.

Limitation on and Exclusion of Damages

If you have any basis for recovering damages, the maximum liability is limited to $5. Microsoft and its suppliers are not liable for consequential or indirect damages. This limitation applies regardless of whether Microsoft knew about the possibility of such damages.

In conclusion, Microsoft Edge WebView2 offers developers an excellent tool for integrating web content into their applications. By following the provided license terms and usage guidelines, developers can create innovative and user-friendly applications with enhanced web capabilities.

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