What is Microsoft Edge Webview2? What is this Webview2?

What is Microsoft Edge Webview2? Microsoft Edge WebView2 is a UI control that allows developers to embed web content into their Win32 C++, .NET, and WinUI applications. It powers many applications today such as Microsoft Office, Microsoft Power BI, and Visual Studio. Earlier this summer, we announced that we were beginning to roll out WebView2 Runtime – the runtime powering WebView2 applications – to Windows 10 Consumer devices to make it easier for developers to deploy their WebView2 applications.

We are happy to report that WebView2 Runtime is now installed on most active eligible Windows 10 Consumer devices and will continue to be deployed on newly active Windows 10 devices.

As a follow-up step to the Consumer rollout, we are also announcing that after January 16th, 2023, we will start rolling out WebView2 Runtime to managed/domain-joined devices with Windows 10 April 2018 Update or later.

Microsoft Edge Webview2

What is Microsoft Edge Webview2?

What is Microsoft Edge WebView2 Runtime? WebView2 provides the underlying web platform and developer control for embedding web content. It allows developers to embed web technologies like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript into native applications.

The WebView2 program makes full use of Microsoft Edge as its render engine to display web content within native apps. With this tool, you can incorporate web code in different parts of your native app or design your whole native app within a single WebView2 instance.

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In addition, WebView 2 powers thousands of applications including Microsoft Office apps. In addition, Microsoft utilizes WebView2 to offer users of Outlook capacities that are consistent across all supported platforms. So, users can enjoy the same experience whether they use the Office apps on desktop or online.

Is Microsoft Edge WebView2 Runtime a Virus

Is Microsoft Edge WebView2 Runtime virus? WebView2 is a legitimate program that you can safely install on your PC. The MSEdgeWebView2.exe file is usually located in C:ProgramFiles(x86)MicrosoftEdgeWebViewApplication path. If this file is out of the directory, we recommend you perform a virus scan to check if it is a virus.

Easier WebView2 application deployment

WebView2 applications require the presence of WebView2 Runtime to function. On Windows 11, WebView2 Runtime is already a part of the operating system and will be readily available for any device updated to Windows 11. Windows 10, however, doesn’t have WebView2 Runtime pre-installed. We know this has been a pain point for developers who had to deploy the runtime along with their applications.

Following the Consumer rollout, the rollout to managed devices is meant to further increase the availability of WebView2 Runtime on active Windows 10 devices. Going forward, the vast majority of active Windows 10 devices will have WebView2 Runtime already installed, relieving developers’ burden who will no longer need to install WebView2 Runtime on devices.

To ensure the availability of WebView2 under all conditions, please see the WebView 2 Runtime distribution documentation.

Microsoft Edge Webview2

Prevent the automatic installation of WebView2 Runtime

Organizations that want to prevent the automatic installation of WebView2 Runtime on devices can do so, but the caveat is that Office features that rely on WebView2 won’t be available on those devices. Organizations can prevent the automatic installation of WebView2 Runtime, by doing the following:

  • Sign in to the Microsoft 365 Apps admin center with an admin account
  • Navigate to Customization > Device Configuration > Modern Apps Settings
  • Select Microsoft Edge WebView2
  • Uncheck the Enable automatic installation of WebView2 Runtime option.
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Lastly, If for some reason Windows does not install the component automatically on your device, or organizations that want to deploy WebView2 Runtime to devices on own schedule, the environment installation file can be downloaded from the developer.microsoft.com official page using either the Evergreen Bootstrapper or the Evergreen Standalone Installer, depending on deployment needs.

Is Microsoft Edge WebView2 Runtime needed?

Basically, WebView2 requires that Microsoft Edge WebView2 Runtime be installed on the Windows 11/10 device running Microsoft Office. Otherwise, if WebView2 Runtime isn’t installed on the device, users won’t be able to make use of the Office features that rely on WebView2.

How do I close Microsoft Edge WebView2?

Using Task Manager, you have to kill all Microsoft Edge processes one by one. Other than that, there is no way to close Edge WebView2 Runtime except if you log off from Windows or uninstall the component altogether.

Is it okay to uninstall Microsoft Edge WebView2 Runtime?

Webview2 Runtime is needed when WebView2 app is being installed on a Windows 11/10 system, which provides users with Office features that look and feel the same across device platforms. For example, with WebView2, the Room Finder feature will look the same when using Outlook on a Windows device and when using Outlook on the web. Office Add-ins will also start relying on WebView2. While you may see the entry in your Control Panel or Settings, you will not see the option to uninstall it; you will be able to only Repair or Modify it.

The Microsoft Edge Webview2 runtime installer failed to start

To resolve this issue, ensure that your system meets the minimum requirements for the WebView2 runtime installer, and then right-click on the installer file and select Run as administrator. This should help.

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What This Means for Web-Based Applications

Introducing WebView2 to Windows 10 allows developers to harness the Edge browser’s capabilities fully. The technology also allows developers to create web content that the end users will appreciate, even though only developers can work directly with the runtime.

Because WebView2 was only available on Windows 11, working with the technology was challenging and expensive for developers with older consumer devices running Windows 10. Therefore, this delivery erases that stress and bridges the gap to enter the WebView2 ecosystem.

Doing this also allows developers and end users more access to the many benefits of the WebView2 runtime. Some of these benefits include exposure to the web world and other web development tools like libraries; and access to a complete set of native APIs that you can incorporate into your apps.

In addition, with WebView2, you can add and save different codes to a code base so that the codes are reusable across several platforms.

Microsoft Edge Webview2

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