What is PayPal Honey extension? How does Honey work?

What is PayPal Honey extension? How does Honey work? PayPal Honey is a suite of online shopping tools that helps members save money and earn redeemable rewards. Current Honey members may notice that our name is different – don’t worry, the features you know and love are here to stay. From more deals to improved checkout, we’ve got exciting updates on the way. Until then, here’s some helpful information.

You can keep earning cash back like you always have – by racking up PayPal Rewards points with eligible stores and products, with double cash back offers and exclusive offers, or a free  browser extension that searches for and tests available coupon codes at checkout – then adds the one with the biggest savings it finds to your cart.

What is PayPal Honey extension?

PayPal Honey, formerly known as Honey, is a free browser extension that takes the work out of finding coupon codes. Once you download the extension to your computer, your job is basically done. You’ll never have to search the web for coupon codes again, but you’ll still get the best discounts and save money on everything you buy.

Currently, Honey works with more than 30,000 merchants, and it promises an average discount of 17.9 percent. According to Honey, users score an average annual savings of $126, and since the service is free, there’s no investment required.

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Honey is available on both Mac and Windows, and it works with Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera and Edge. Honey also offers a mobile app for both iOS and Android.

PayPal Honey extension

How does Honey work?

How to use the Honey extension

The best part about Honey is the fact that you download the extension once and enjoy savings from that point forward. Since Honey searches for discount codes and automatically adds them to your cart when you shop, using the extension to save money is hardly a chore.

  • Sign up for Honey on the Honey website and download the Honey extension to your computer.
  • Start shopping. Honey will find the best coupon codes for the retailer you’re shopping with.
  • A pop-up will then appear asking you to either “Apply Coupons” or informing you that it didn’t find any coupons for that site.
  • If eligible, click “Apply Coupons” and your coupons will automatically be added to your cart.

Search for deals on Honey

Alternatively, you also have the option to explore the Honey website to look for the best deals and offers available. All you have to do is head to www.JoinHoney.com/explore to find out about the latest trends, coupon codes, cash back offers and top shopping deals. From there, you can search for stores you shop with frequently or look for specific items.

How to maximize Honey’s benefits

There are several ways you can maximize Honey’s benefits:

Shop on Amazon

Honey can help you find better prices on products you buy, and it works to track prices and price history on your behalf. Honey also searches for coupons you can use on Amazon.com, which can lead to even more savings. Honey’s Amazon Price Comparison, Price History and Droplist tools are currently available for all U.S. users.

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Download Honey on your phone

If you shop often on your phone, you should download the Honey mobile app. This app works just like the regular Honey browser extension, and it’s available for iOS and Android devices.

Earn PayPal Rewards points

Finally, make sure to utilize the PayPal Rewards program — especially since it’s free. Doing so can help you earn points each time you shop with eligible retailers using the Honey extension, helping you to earn both PayPal Rewards points and Honey offers. Note that this promotion is only available with select retailers. If it’s available, you’ll see it listed in the Honey extension. To activate a PayPal Rewards offer, click “Activate Cash Back.”

How can PayPal Honey save you money?

The PayPal Honey browser extension can save you money in three ways:

  • Coupons: When you navigate to the checkout page of a website, there will be an automatic pop-up that tells you how many coupons PayPal Honey has found. Click “Apply Coupons,” and the browser extension will apply each one to your order. If it’s successful, PayPal Honey will choose the one promo code that’ll give you the biggest discount off of your total price.
  • PayPal Rewards: As you shop on sites in the PayPal Honey network, you may be able to earn cash-back points on certain orders automatically. When you see the automatic pop-up on the home page of an eligible website that lets you know you can earn PayPal Rewards points, click “Activate Cash Back” to take advantage of this perk.
  • Exclusive Offers: These are limited-time offers to earn PayPal Rewards points on certain products. You’ll be notified via a pop-up that the item you’re viewing is an Exclusive Offer and will be able to see how many cash-back points you’d earn upon purchasing it.
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PayPal Honey extension

How can you tell if a site offers discounts with PayPal Honey?

For those using Chrome, Firefox, Opera, or Edge browsers, the PayPal Honey browser extension icon will appear on the right-hand corner of the page. If PayPal Honey has found deals on the website you’re currently viewing, the icon will turn yellow and the number of coupons will appear in a little green box overlapping it. If no deals are found, the icon will be grayed out.

For those using Safari, the browser extension appears to the left of the address bar. If PayPal Honey has found deals on the website you’re currently viewing, the number of coupons will appear in a little red box over the icon.

How do you redeem PayPal Rewards?

To view your PayPal Rewards points, head to the Redemption Page on Honey’s website. From there, you can select whether you’d like to redeem your points for cash back, a PayPal credit, or a gift card to a participating store in PayPal Honey’s network.

Do you have to use a coupon code that PayPal Honey finds?

You do not have to use a coupon code on your online order just because PayPal Honey found one! Because certain retailers only allow one coupon code per order or have exclusions around their free shipping, you may prefer to use a better coupon if you have one on hand. Simply remove any promo code that PayPal Honey applies for you on the retailer checkout page and input your own.

PayPal Honey extension

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