What is PayPal Zettle? Key PayPal Zettle Features?

What is PayPal Zettle? Key PayPal Zettle Features? Zettle is a PayPal card reader and point-of-sale (POS) that lets merchants accept a variety of in-person payments via their PayPal account. Zettle replaced PayPal Here in 2021, and its feature-packed POS app is a vast improvement over PayPal Here’s limited toolkit (PayPal Here will actually be discontinued on Sept. 30, 2023). As before, your PayPal account and the Zettle app are free. Your only ongoing costs are payment processing fees of 2.29% plus $0.09 for in-person card and contactless sales.

Zettle let sellers accept mobile and in-store payments using Bluetooth card readers, mobile terminals and iPad checkout stands. The nimble Zettle app works on Apple and Android mobile devices and lets you enter customer, product and sale details on the fly, apply discounts, track inventory and gift cards, run sales reports, track staff and much more.

What is PayPal Zettle?

PayPal Zettle is PayPal’s free mobile point-of-sale (POS) app that replaced PayPal Here (discontinued since September 30, 2023). It provides a complete POS system for tablets or mobile devices with built-in PayPal payment processing.

In our evaluation of the best POS systems, PayPal Zettle earned an overall score of 3.24 out of 5, and did not make our list of the top 10. Regardless, it is a decent choice for small business owners, particularly artists, hobbyists, and solopreneurs, looking for free POS software.

While it has low in-person processing rates compared to other POS systems and a user-friendly app, the system provides only standard register features, basic business management tools, and very limited integrations. It also does not yet integrate with PayPal’s online store.

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We’ve tested dozens of POS systems, and after reviewing Zettle, we find it a strong mobile payments competitor to Square, the industry leader. It’s simple enough for the solopreneur and, with PayPal’s affordable processing rates, a good option for the hobbyist. Click through the images below to see what Zettle does best

PayPal Zettle

Key PayPal Zettle Features

On the other hand, while PayPal easily integrates into some of the best POS systems, you need to consider alternative solutions if you have a growing business:

  • Unlike Square, PayPal Zettle does not have any paid plans or add-ons, so you may quickly need a more robust POS solution.
  • Zettle has some inventory functions, like low stock alerts and variants; however, it lacks kitting and vendor management.
  • PayPal has an online store, a virtual terminal, and integrations, but they do not work through Zettle.
  • Zettle has some features that might work in a restaurant, like printing order numbers on receipts, but it’s not the best option. It does have a food and drink solution, but it costs extra and is not yet available in the US.

PayPal Zettle Register & Checkout Features

Zettle’s hardware allows for good sales mobility, and its intuitive register has a lot going for it, like generating order tickets, letting customers include tips, issuing refunds, and printing receipts. Overall, Zettle’s simplicity is an asset to small businesses.

However, while Zettle allows online ordering, this ironically does not work with PayPal online (though it is compatible with WooCommerce and other website builders). It does not have any dedicated order management and loyalty management features. You get basic customer directory and other CRM tools.

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And, while PayPal Zettle integrates with Shopify for multichannel sales, users will be required to use PayPal as a payment processor. This means that Shopify will also charge a commission fee for each transaction, making it more expensive to accept payments.

Here are a few things you can do with a PayPal Zettle register:

  • Payment types: You can accept credit cards, gift cards, PayPal, and Venmo. The card reader is EMV-certified, which is now required by law in the US. (For manual card entry, you need a PayPal Business account.) PayPal can host various cryptocurrencies; when making transactions, customers can convert these to fiat currencies before sending the payment through. You can also record cash transactions.
  • QR codes: A feature that’s growing in popularity with POS software is generating a QR code that your customer can scan in order to pay. You need to activate this feature on Zettle to use it.
    Sell by units: You can set your prices in the inventory section to sell by units such as ounces, cases, etc. Keep in mind that there’s no kitting capability.
  • Partial refunds: Zettle recently added partial refunds, allowing you to refund the cost of one or more items on a receipt rather than the entire transaction. Note that this function is only available in the mobile app.
  • Multiple logins: You can set up logins for your employees to track sales. You can also handle multiple accounts on one device, switching between them as needed. This is one way to get around the fact that Zettle, unlike Square, does not have multi-location functions.
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Methodology: How We Evaluated PayPal Zettle

We test each POS system ourselves to provide you with an extensive review of the product. We start by comparing the system’s core set of features against what is expected of a functional POS software, such as easy transaction and order management and flexible payment processing. We then evaluate its affordability and value for money, making sure that the system is easy to use, offers good value, and is able to grow with your business.

We use these criteria to examine the best overall POS systems. However, when looking at specific use cases such as for retailers, complex inventory management, or mobile POS, we adjust the criteria to match the needs of those business types, which is why every POS has multiple scores across our site depending on the use case you are looking for.

PayPal Zettle

What Users Say in PayPal Zettle Reviews

We were only able to find Zettle user reviews from a few websites. On Trustpilot, Zettle has over 3,000 reviews and a score of 2.6 out of 5. User reviews on Capterra totaled over 2,000 and give Zettle a better overall score of 4.6 out of 5.

The most common positive feedback from merchants mention flexibility and security when receiving payments via Zettle. The most frequently cited complaint is that users often find that their Paypal accounts have been frozen for unknown or unclear reasons.

Above is information about What is PayPal Zettle? Key PayPal Zettle Features? that we have compiled. Hopefully, through the above content, you have a more detailed understanding of PayPal Zettle. Thank you for reading our post.

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