What is Pchealthcheck? Is Windows PC Health Check Safe?

What is Pchealthcheck? Is Windows PC Health Check Safe? Is it helpful or just bloatware? Windows 10 users have noticed that Microsoft is force-installing the company’s PC Health Check app on their computers through a new software update.

The KB5005463 update appeared last week, according to those who encountered the change. The update automatically installs Microsoft’s PC Health Check app, which is designed to notify users if their machine is officially eligible for the newly launched Windows 11.

The app was previously available as an optional 13MB download from Microsoft’s website. But now the company is rolling it out to all Windows 10 users, citing it as a helpful tool for maintaining their computers’ performance.

Microsoft says the PC Health Check app, which arrives via Windows Update, will make it easier for customers to monitor the health of their device and check their eligibility to get Windows 11.


What is Pchealthcheck?

Just like people going to a doctor to get a regular health check, computers can benefit from this same type of maintenance. With the right tools, a PC health check will run through a few different tests to identify anything that could be slowing down a computer. PCs can start to act differently over time for a variety of reasons, and computer health checks like this will examine the most common solutions.

There are various PC health checks available online through third-party programs– or you may have noticed it force-installed on your Windows device, but we will get into that in just a moment– but the question remains, is a PC health check safe?

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Is Windows PC Health Check Safe?

Let’s talk about the PC Health Check App that Windows recently launched. According to Microsoft, this program will help customers to monitor their PC health and check if they meet system requirements for Windows 11. Up until last year, it was available as an optional download on their website, but many users noticed that Microsoft was force-installing PC Health Check App on their systems through new software updates.

So is Windows PC Health Check safe? In short, yes. The app does check PC health, but if a user already has health check software, then the forced install simply takes up space and can cause your system to run slower. While it may not be bloatware, many users are categorizing it as such and choosing to uninstall the app.

So if you are trying to decide between a computer health check program and Windows, the choice is yours, but software programs like System Mechanic offer more than Windows PC Health Check app.

Are there other ways to get help during a PC health check?

On iolo.com, we make sure that customers have as much help as possible at their fingertips. No matter how you choose to learn, questions can be answered in a short amount of time.

For the most direct answers, there are two levels of support. The free product support answers questions about our products. Premium support called LiveTech can help you solve virtually any device issue, from printer and other device driver issues, to setting up video conferencing for remote work.

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There is a knowledge base on iolo.com that helps with generic questions that others have asked in the past. This is a passive way to get more information on computer health checks overall, as well as potential remedies. New information is added to the knowledge base all the time, and it helps cut down on the need to contact someone at the call center.

Finally, there is a chat service available for those who can’t currently talk on the phone. A lot of questions can be answered through the chat, allowing people to get everything in working order and go from there.

Our help is geared towards making sure that people fully understand the results of their PC health check, and also know what products might work best in making repairs. It is better to fully understand what needs to be purchased before spending a lot of money on different products. Some products might not help at all for a specific issue.


How much money does a person need to spend after a PC health check?

Is a PC health check safe? It’s a common question because many people assume that a free PC health check comes with a catch. While there are times when people do need to spend money based on what the report shows, there are specific issues that are entirely free to fix as well.

There are some instances where a computer needs to be dusted and cleaned to improve performance. Maybe a computer is overheating too quickly because a fan is blocked. Taking care of simple issues like that do not cost a dime.

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Minor issues might also prove to be fixable without spending any money. We offer a free version of System Mechanic, and those who have minor issues might be able to fix things with that version only. This is just one reason why it is worth being proactive about fixes instead of waiting until things get too slow with the computer.

If you need to fix your computer, we offer very affordable products that end up saving people money in the long run. Our repair options are much more affordable than any repair service you’d find locally, and it is more convenient as well. We spent a long time making sure that everything we offer brings value to the table.

More significant computer issues might require a few different solutions that start to add up as far as costs are concerned. This usually only comes into play if there are no other options. It is still better to invest in a few utilities that can help instead of having to replace an entire computer.

Finally, there are some instances where a user might find that their computer is suffering from so many issues and is too old to stay in great overall shape. If a computer seems like it will take too much to repair entirely, the recommendation might be to upgrade to a brand new computer. It is not the news that a lot of people want to hear, but it sometimes makes the most sense if the computer has been through a lot at this point.


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