TikTok Launches STEM Feed: Enriching Educational Content for Teens

Are you tired of mindless scrolling on TikTok? Well, here’s some exciting news! To enhance the value it offers to users and in celebration of Pi Day (3.14), TikTok has introduced a brand new feature – a dedicated feed for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) topics. It’s time to head over to TikTok for some educational and entertaining content!

TikTok STEM Feed Vs. STEM Hashtags

Currently, you can find billions of STEM-related videos on TikTok by searching for #STEM and other related hashtags. However, it’s important to note that these hashtag results include any video that has added a STEM hashtag, regardless of whether the content is actually about STEM or if it is factually accurate.

But TikTok has taken it a step further! With the new STEM feed, the platform is collaborating with two trusted partners, Common Sense Networks and Poynter, to ensure the content is safe, appropriate, and accurate.

While Common Sense Networks reviews the content for its suitability for teens, keeping in mind their social, emotional, and cognitive well-being, Poynter steps in to evaluate the factual accuracy of the STEM content. Only those videos that pass both checks will make it to the STEM feed, making it a reliable source of information for students.

Why the Introduction of a STEM Feed?

The launch of the STEM feed comes at a crucial time. There have been concerns regarding TikTok using its algorithm to spread propaganda or misinformation to certain audiences. These concerns have led legislators to draft a bill, the RESTRICT Act, which aims to review the technology of certain countries to prevent any threats to national security.

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Additionally, there have been reports highlighting the differences between the content shown to TikTok audiences in the US and Douyin audiences (China’s version of TikTok). Douyin focuses more on educational and patriotic content for its teenage audience, including science experiments and virtual museum visits. It intentionally excludes pranks, superstitions, and entertainment venues.

By introducing STEM-focused content to younger audiences on TikTok, the platform aims to positively influence teenagers’ aspirations. A recent survey conducted by Lego revealed that a third of pre-teens aspired to be vloggers or YouTubers. In China, half of the respondents aspired to be astronauts! With STEM content readily available, it is hoped that more teens will be inspired to focus on their studies and careers, rather than solely aspiring to be social media influencers. After all, it is worth considering that only 20% of content creators earn livable wages.

To ensure a healthy digital lifestyle, Douyin implements a maximum daily usage limit of 40 minutes for younger audiences, aiming to prevent addiction to social media. While TikTok does offer time-limiting features, it’s important for parents in the US to actively engage with their teens, discussing the content they consume. TikTok even provides a guide for guardians to manage their teens’ activity, ensuring a positive impact on their lives.

So, get ready for the launch of TikTok’s STEM feed in the US this March! Engage with safe, educational, and entertaining content that will make your TikTok experience more enriching than ever before.

Featured Image: diy13/Shutterstock

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