What Is the Apple Logo?

Apple Logo

Apple, the renowned manufacturer of consumer electronics, has become a household name with its range of smartphones, computers, software, and online services.

Meaning and History

Apple Logo History

There are some brands that need no introduction, and Apple is certainly one of them. The company that revolutionized the technological and fashion worlds with products like the iPhone and iPad is known for its sleek and minimalist design. Despite being introduced in the late 1970s, the iconic Apple logo remains progressive and innovative, displaying the company’s forward-thinking approach.

The founder of Apple, Steve Jobs, and his philosophy have undoubtedly set trends. The Apple logo has become the most recognizable consumer electronic label globally, underscoring the brand’s fame in the smartphone market.

Designed by graphic designer Rob Janoff and conceptualized by Steve Jobs himself, the Apple logo has remained unchanged since its introduction. It is a testament to the brand’s brilliant branding strategy, proving that not everything needs to follow trends when there are logos that set them.

1976 – 1977

Apple Logo 1976

Before Apple became the tech giant it is today, its initial logo featured a classic and elegant badge with the inscription “Apple Computer Co.” The badge portrayed Isaac Newton sitting beneath an apple tree with a book in hand, executed with intricate details.

1977 – 1998

Rob Janoff

In 1977, Rob Janoff designed the now-famous bitten Apple logo that perfectly symbolized knowledge, diversity, creativity, and inspiration. This logo, with its rainbow pattern, has remained untouched and stands as one of the most recognizable visual identities in history. The rainbow colors were retained until 1998.

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1998 – Today

In 1998, the Apple logo underwent a revamp, replacing the rainbow version with a monochrome design. The black bitten apple became the official representation of style, technology, quality, and excellence.


Steve Jobs, following a fruitarian diet and a visit to an apple farm, found inspiration for the logo. Graphic designer Rob Janoff suggested depicting the apple with a “bite” to avoid confusion with other fruits.

Just like the story of Isaac Newton and his apple, the best ideas often come unexpectedly. In ancient mythology, apples were associated with life and were considered a symbol of wellbeing. Even to this day, apples are associated with vitality and good health.

Logo Meaning

The bite taken out of the apple not only differentiates it from other fruits but also symbolizes the quest for knowledge. Apple products embody the thirst for knowledge, enabling users to acquire and satisfy their hunger for information. The “bite” also hints at the pun of “byte” – the unit of digital data.

Who Designed the Apple Logo?

Rob Janoff

The current Apple logo was developed by graphic designer Rob Janoff, renowned for his work on corporate logos and identities. The original Apple logo, created by Steve Jobs and Ronald Wayne, was used prior to the introduction of Rob Janoff’s design.


Apple Logos

In 1984, with the launch of the Apple Macintosh, the logo had gained enough recognition to represent the brand independently, without the need for the brand name. Since then, the logo has remained unchanged, except for variations in color and shadow.

The Apple icon, with its minimalistic and clean design, often appears as a black silhouette on a white background. On devices, the logo is typically engraved or embossed and adapts its color to complement the metal or glass of the gadget.

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Shape and Colors

Apple Logo Grey

After retiring the rainbow logo in 1998, a monochromatic apple shape was chosen, as the multicolored logo did not align with the metal casing of new Mac computers. Today, the logo appears in different colors depending on the background.

Aqua Themed Apple Logo

Over the years, Apple introduced various color schemes for the logo. An Aqua-themed version was used from 1999 to 2003, and a glass-themed logo was introduced in 2007 and used until 2013.


With its distinctive logo, Apple has become synonymous with cutting-edge technology, simplicity, and elegance. The evolution of the logo reflects the brand’s commitment to innovation, while the bitten apple symbolizes the thirst for knowledge and the digital era. Today, the Apple logo proudly represents a company that has transformed the world of consumer electronics.

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