The Fascinating Story Behind the Kappa Logo

Kappa logo

Kappa, the renowned Italian brand of sport fashion, has a rich history that spans over a century. From its humble beginnings as a small sock company in 1916 to becoming an iconic symbol of authentic and sexy fashion, Kappa has certainly come a long way. Let’s explore the intriguing journey of the Kappa logo and how it has evolved over time.

A Symbol of Fashion Evolution

Kappa Logo History

Named after one of the Greek alphabet letters, the Kappa logo holds a special place in the hearts of fashion enthusiasts worldwide. It represents a brand that seamlessly blends vintage street style with modern trends, creating a unique and vibrant visual identity.

The Early Years and Ownership

When Kappa was established in 1967 in Turin, Italy, it started as a brand focused on producing socks and underwear. However, recognizing the growing demand for sports apparel, the company decided to pivot and officially registered the Kappa brand in 1978. Today, Kappa is owned by the BasicNet company, which also boasts other renowned brands like K-Way, Superga, Briko, and more.

Unveiling the Logo’s Evolution

1916 — 1956

Kappa Logo 1916

The initial logo of Maglificio Calzificio Torinese (Kappa’s original name) featured a flying eagle holding a circular emblem with the “MCT” monogram. This elegant and sophisticated design perfectly captured the essence of the time.

1956 — 1958

Kappa Logo 1956

In 1956, as the company changed its name to Kontrollen, the logo underwent its first transformation. An oval-shaped shield with a bright pink background and a bold black letter “K” made its debut, exuding confidence and style.

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1958 — 1967

Kappa Logo 1958

The subsequent redesign introduced a name change and the iconic word “Kappa” under the black letter “K.” The letter itself donned a white tank-top, while the “Kappa” wordmark featured a traditional serif font in a dark gold color.

1967 — 1969

Kappa Logo 1967

As Kappa became an officially registered brand, the logo embraced simplicity and minimalism. A bold and bright red wordmark with strong and confident lines became the embodiment of the brand’s style and power.

1969 — 1978

Kappa Logo 1969

During a swimwear catalog photoshoot, an accidental revelation occurred that would shape Kappa’s visual identity. The famous “Omini” emblem was born, depicting two silhouettes of a man and a woman sitting back-to-back. This powerful symbol, executed in solid red on a white background, represented support and equality.

1978 — 1984

Kappa Logo 1978

In 1978, the wordmark “Kappa Sport” was added to the emblem. Placed beside the “Omini” sign, it featured a thin red sans-serif font. Eventually, the word “Sport” was removed in 1981, establishing the foundation for the iconic Kappa logo we recognize today.

1984 — 1994

Kappa Logo 1984

Bold and strong, the Kappa logo underwent another transformation in 1984. The wordmark’s typeface was strengthened, exuding power and modernity. This iteration celebrated the brand’s influence, high-quality fashion, and unique style.

1994 — Today

Kappa logo

The Kappa logo experienced yet another redesign in 1994. Embracing a lighter and more contemporary appearance, the logo now features a white emblem and wordmark with a striking red contour. It serves as a confident representation of the brand’s heritage and its legendary fashion approach.


Through each iteration, the Kappa logo has continued to captivate fashion enthusiasts around the globe. Its journey reflects the brand’s evolution and adaptability, while staying true to its authenticity and style. From its inception as a small sock company to becoming a global fashion icon, Kappa’s logo stands as a testament to the brand’s unwavering commitment to quality and innovation.

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