Unveiling the Fascinating Meaning Behind the BMW Logo

BMW Logo

We all recognize the sleek design of BMW cars, symbolizing speed and elegance. But have you ever wondered about the story behind the iconic BMW logo? Let’s dive into the history and unravel the hidden meanings behind this emblem that has become synonymous with the automobile industry.

A Journey through Time

BMW Logo History

The roots of BMW can be traced back to 1913, when it was established as RAPP Motorenwerke, specializing in aircraft engine production during World War I. In 1916, it was renamed Bayerische Motoren Werke or BMW. The logo history begins with the original RAPP version.

1913 – 1916

BMW Logo 1913

The first logo featured a circular medallion with white stripes and stars on a black background, encasing the “RAPP MOTOR” wordmark. Inside the circle, a black horse silhouette added a touch of elegance.

1916 – 1933

BMW Logo 1916

In 1916, the iconic blue and white checkered insignia made its debut. The letters “BMW” were arched along the upper part of a thick black frame, representing the legacy and roots of the company.

1923 – 1953

BMW Logo 1923

A logo modification in 1923 brought bolder contours, an enlarged golden outline, and sleeker lettering. The gold “BMW” lettering exuded sophistication with its smooth bold serif lines.

1936 – 1963

BMW Logo 1936

Silver replaced gold in 1936, and the logo acquired a lighter blue and white pattern, reminiscent of something ice-cold. The gray lettering, in a sharp straight serif font, reflected the brand’s power and progressiveness, enduring for nearly three decades.

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1963 – 1997

BMW Logo 1963

In 1963, the logo underwent refinement, obtaining a balanced modern look with white sans-serif font and thin white lines outlining the emblem. It exuded an aura of authority, quality, and style.

1970 – 1989

BMW Logo 1970

An additional logo version emerged in 1970, combining the emblem from 1963 with thick lines in various shades of blue, white, and pink in a larger circle.

1997 – Today

BMW Logo 1997

The most recognizable logo, adopted in 1997 till 2020, features a three-dimensional circle with a thick black frame, white san-serif nameplate, and inner blue and white patterns dividing the propeller’s segments. It emanates a sense of professionalism and contemporary style.

2020 – Today

BMW Logo

To welcome the new era, BMW introduced a minimalist logo in 2020. The 2D logo showcases a circle with blue and white checkers, a thin gray outline, and a thick white frame. The gray “BMW” inscription reflects the brand’s progress and forward-thinking attitude.

The Symbolism of the BMW Logo

BMW Symbol

Today, after nearly 90 years, discussions surrounding the symbolism behind the BMW logo continue. The most obvious interpretation of the logo is an airplane propeller swirling rapidly against the blue sky, highlighting the company’s roots in propeller manufacturing.

Another symbolic explanation harks back to chess, signifying the strategic thinking of the BMW founders. Their ability to outmaneuver competitors and navigate through the challenges of wartime ultimately cemented their position in the industry.

The Emblem and Font

Emblem BMW

The BMW emblem has remained virtually unchanged throughout the company’s existence. The circular form with a chess element at its core, adorned with a black contour, provides a timeless framework for the font. The brand’s unwavering commitment to preserving its heritage while adapting to new trends is evident.

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Font BMW Logo

Speaking of fonts, the original serif font evolved over time. Initially, the golden color added a touch of elegance, but it was later replaced by a unified white (silver) font, which has become synonymous with the classic brand.

So, next time you catch sight of a BMW, take a moment to appreciate the rich history and symbolism behind the logo that represents precision, luxury, and innovation.

What does the BMW logo stand for? The iconic BMW logo, executed in the official colors of the Bavaria region, depicts a stylized geometric image, which resembles an airplane propeller. At the beginning of its history, the company specialized in propeller manufacturing, and this connection to its legacy is still proudly displayed in the logo today.

The Power of Color

Color BMW logo

The choice of blue and white in the BMW logo is no accident. These colors are the hallmark of the Bavarian region, with the flag of Bavaria featuring the same shades. Despite periodic variations in saturation, the shades of blue used in the logo have always remained a homage to the Bavarian flag.

Interestingly, in the 1930s, the font color transitioned from gold to white (silver), highlighting BMW’s commitment to making elite cars more accessible to the middle class.


To get a visual understanding of the fascinating history and evolution of the BMW logo, check out this insightful video:

BMW Logo Evolution

Now that you’ve delved into the intriguing world of the BMW logo, you can appreciate the meticulous thought and craftsmanship that went into creating this timeless symbol.

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