The Most Popular Searches on YouTube

Discover the Trends and Channels That Dominate YouTube

Are you curious about what people search for on YouTube? In this article, we’ll delve into the top searches on the platform. We’ll explore the most searched items in 2022, the all-time favorites, and the most subscribed channels. Additionally, we’ll provide insights on optimizing your YouTube SEO. Let’s get started!

Top YouTube Searches in 2022

youtube searches in 2022

When it comes to YouTube searches in the United States, music reigns supreme. A staggering 40% of the top 20 trending searches are music-related. Leading the pack is American rapper GloRilla, closely followed by Yeat and PGF Nuk. Interestingly, children’s TV shows come in at a close second, accounting for 20% of the most searched content in the US. Topping the children’s TV category is MSA (previously My Story Animated), followed by Ms. Rachel and the Disney film “Encanto.”

On a global scale, the TV category dominates YouTube searches, accounting for 35% of the top searches. In terms of individual countries, Turkey takes the lead with the TV show “Duy Beni.” India comes in second with four TV shows making the top YouTube searches worldwide: “Naagin 6,” “Pushpa,” “Bhagya Lakshmi,” and “Madam Sir.”

Top YouTube Searches of All Time

top youtube searches of all time

If you’re wondering what the most searched thing of all time is on YouTube, the answer is clear. Games and entertainment take center stage in the all-time top searches on YouTube. Both Fortnite and Minecraft claim the top spots, capturing the attention of users in the US and worldwide. Notably, TikTok comes in a close second, which comes as no surprise given its immense popularity. As for the rest of the list, music continues to dominate in both the US and globally.

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Most Subscribed YouTube Channels in 2022

most subscribed youtube channels in 2022

Now let’s take a look at the most subscribed YouTube channels. The top 10 channels boast a diverse range of content. The dominant categories among these channels are music, children’s content, sports, and entertainment. These categories align with the top searches on YouTube, confirming that users primarily turn to the platform for entertainment.

Get More Insights Into YouTube SEO

Having learned about the top YouTube searches, let’s explore how you can optimize your YouTube channel. Try using the Rank Tracker for YouTube app to assess your video rankings for target keywords. Take advantage of the free seven-day trial to get started. Simply enter your channel name and input the keywords or search terms you aim to rank for. The Rank Tracker for YouTube will provide valuable information on your video rankings, including the average rank, rank distribution, and rank changes over time. For more detailed insights, check out the “Keywords” tab, where you can access up to 200 keywords (with the option to purchase more).

In addition to the Rank Tracker for YouTube app, you can also utilize Google Trends to discover the most searched things on YouTube. After entering your keyword or search term, apply the “YouTube Search” filter to narrow down the results. Don’t forget to customize the search by country, time frame, and category. If you’re interested in videos triggering a snippet in the SERPs, Semrush’s Keyword Magic Tool is a helpful resource. Another approach is to explore YouTube’s Trending page to stay up-to-date with the latest trends.

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For a more comprehensive guide on YouTube keyword research, be sure to check out our detailed tutorial.

Remember, understanding the top YouTube searches and implementing effective SEO strategies can significantly boost your channel’s visibility and reach. Happy exploring and optimizing your YouTube content!

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