What is Twitter blue? How much does Twitter Blue cost?

What is Twitter blue? How much does Twitter Blue cost? In writing this introduction, roughly 40 different Blue-related jokes ran through the writer’s mind. Overwhelmed by choice, she decided to spare her audience (that’s you) from her subpar dad humor and simply introduce the piece on Twitter Blue.

Hello, fellow tweeters, creators, and marketers! It pleases me to introduce a guide to Twitter Blue. We’ll cover the features and benefits of a Twitter Blue subscription, how it works, and how much it costs.

If you’ve always wondered how Twitter Blue can help you enhance your Twitter experience and stand out from the crowd, you’re in the right place.

What is Twitter blue?

Twitter Blue is Twitter’s paid subscription service. The platform describes it as a “premium service with additional features designed to improve user experience and elevate quality conversations on the platform.”

Twitter has stated that Twitter Blue is part of a broader push “to reduce fake, untrustworthy accounts, and promote a higher quality Twitter where people can join and engage safely on our platform.”

Twitter Blue offers avid tweeters a bunch of new features that allow you to expand your reach, see fewer ads, and customize your experience on the platform. (More on those upgrades later.)

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How much does Twitter Blue cost?

Twitter Blue has two different costs depending on where you sign up to use it.

If you purchase Twitter Blue in your web browser, it costs $8/month for a monthly plan or $7/month for the annual plan.

But, if you sign up through the iOS or Android app, Twitter Blue will cost you $ $11/month. This difference in price compensates for the tax charged by Apple or Google when you use the iOS or Android app.

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These prices are in US dollars, but Twitter’s got a full pricing breakdown by country on their website.

And remember, Twitter Blue is an optional upgrade. Regular Twitter accounts are still free of charge!

What’s included in a Twitter Blue subscription?

Twitter Blue offers its subscribers access to some pretty cool features to customize their Twitter experience.

Perhaps most excitingly, a Twitter Blue subscription allows you to obtain one of those tasty, tasty Twitter verification badges. That’s right — Twitter Blue subscribers just have to meet the platform’s eligibility criteria and they’ll be rewarded with a shiny blue checkmark on their profile.

But that’s not all, folks.

Twitter Blue’s current features also include:

Edit Tweet

You can finally edit tweets! With the edit-tweet feature, you have a 30-minute window to make changes to your published Tweets. This feature only works with original Tweets and quote Tweets.

Bookmark Folders:

With this feature, you can bookmark tweets and sort them into folders for easy access.

Your Bookmark Folders are totally private, so there’s no need to curate these to look cool. Save that how-to breakdance in your living room tweet for later!

Or, for all you content creators, you can keep a collection of inspirational tweets or your competition’s top-performing tweets to analyze later.

Custom app icons

You can customize your mobile Twitter App icon with several color options.

Text formatting

Twitter Blue subscribers can bold and italicize text in their tweets. Fancy!

NFT Profile Pictures

You can display the NFTs you own in a hex-shaped profile picture on your Twitter account. This requires a temporary connection to your crypto wallet.

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You can choose from a few colorful app themes to customize your mobile Twitter experience. This is a great way for Twitter marketers to stand out from the crowd when sharing screenshots on their blog or website.

Custom navigation

Customize your navigation bar for easy access to the content you want to see. Select 2-6 items to pin to your bottom navigation bar.

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Spaces Tab

The new Spaces Tab is still in beta and only available to a select few people globally, but if it’s a success, it could roll out to all Twitter Blue users. It gives you easy access to audio content, so you can find podcasts, themed audio stations, recorded Spaces, and Live Spaces.

Top Articles

In Top Articles, you’ll be able to find the most-shared articles in your network. It’s a great tab for content creators and brands to find trending content.


The Reader feature promises to “turn long threads into a more beautiful reading experience.” Basically, it displays threads in an easy-to-digest format.

Undo Tweet

Undo Tweet is your opportunity to rethink whatever you just went to publish. It allows you to retract a Tweet after you send it, but before anyone on Twitter can see it. You can use it to preview texts, and it can be super useful in the heat of the moment for those Twitter warriors among us.

What Do I Get With My Subscription?

Before you sign up for Twitter Blue, you need to verify the phone number connected to your account and check to see if your account is eligible. Twitter Blue costs $11 per month if you sign up through the iOS store on your iPhone (you can’t subscribe through Google Play on Android yet) or $8 per month if you subscribe through a web browser. This price difference is not unheard of for Apple’s App Store; YouTube Music does a similar price hike for iOS originated subscriptions.

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The number one thing you’re paying for with Twitter Blue is attention. After your account is reviewed, a blue check mark will be stamped onto your profile. “Rocket to the top of replies, mentions, and search,” reads one signup page describing the service’s future benefits. “Tweets from verified users will be prioritized—helping to fight scams and spam.” Two other features the company claims are arriving soon for Twitter Blue subscribers include a reduction of in-app ads and the ability to share extended video content.

OK, but what do you get right now? You instantly get the ability to edit your Tweets multiple times within the first half-hour of posting, a long-requested feature. While you will need to wait for longer videos, Twitter Blue subscribers can upload video files at 1080p quality. Are you still holding on to that bored ape, crazy kitty, loudmouth larva, or whatever the latest NFT collection is? Show it off as your profile picture with Twitter Blue.

The upgraded service allows you to make aesthetic adjustments to your experience. Change the appearance of the icon on your smartphone or tweak the in-app colors. For anyone who bookmarks an overwhelming assortment of Tweets, you can now sort through those bookmarked posts and organize them into private folders.

One warning: If you decide to sign up for Twitter Blue and care to retain your check mark, lock in your Twitter handle, display name, and photo prior to signing up. According to the site’s FAQ page, the site may remove your check mark for a brief period of time if any of this information on your profile is changed. This may be due to Musk’s distaste for accounts impersonating him on the platform he now owns.

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