What to do when Excel is not responding? What is this about?

What to do when Excel is not responding? Similar to any other program, you may experience problems with Microsoft Excel while opening or working on a document. Sometimes, it may not start at all or freeze and display an error message such as ‘Excel is not responding’. When it happens, you may want to wait for the program to respond.

But if Excel doesn’t respond after a while and remains stuck, you need to force close the program from “Task Manager”. Now, this could be disastrous if happens while you are working on an important Excel document that took you hours to prepare. Force closing Excel due to such error can damage the Excel document and it may fail to open next time.

What to do when Excel is not responding?

While working in Excel, you might get the message that Microsoft Excel is not responding. But why are you getting such a message and what will be the solution to fix the issue? In this instructive session, I’ll explain the issue when Excel is not responding with real-life examples and point out 11 tricks for what you should do to fix the issue.

In this article, you’re going to see 11 workable solutions to fix when Excel is not responding. They are: Open Excel in Safe Mode, Using Task Manager to end task of all Excel files, Updating Microsoft Office, Disabling Adds-in, Clearing Rules and Shapes, Repairing Excel Sheets, Recompile the Macros, Repairing Microsoft Office, Changing the default Printer option, Executing Clean boot, and Uninstall and Reinstall again.

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While preparing this article, we used Microsoft 365 for applying all operations but they are also applicable in all Excel versions.

When Excel is not responding, it can be difficult to work on spreadsheets or other documents. This can lead to lost productivity, as users may have to wait. Furthermore, If Excel crashes while you are working on a spreadsheet, you may lose all of the data that you have entered.

The left portion of the below image shows the Excel not responding error, whereas the right portion depicts a widely used fix to get rid of the problem.

Excel is not responding

Why Excel is Not Responding?

Excel may stop responding, freeze, or crash suddenly due to several reasons. It can happen while saving a spreadsheet or opening an Excel document. It may also occur while editing or inserting images, graphs, etc. But usually, it occurs when the system crashes or shuts down abruptly while you are working on a document. Here’s an instance,

Suppose, you worked overnight on a critical document which is to be presented at a meeting the next day. This Excel spreadsheet includes critical graphs and charts, and much more. When you are about to save it, there is a power failure, and your system shuts down without warning. When the power is up, you restarted the system to check your Excel. To your dismay, a message pops up – “Excel Crashed” or “Microsoft Excel not responding”.

This could be frustrating. However, there is no need to despair as there are solutions to not just overcome this error but other corresponding issues such as Excel freezing, hanging, crashing, etc. Below is an infographic that quickly briefs all the possible solutions to fix Excel not responding error.

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Excel is not responding

What Do You Need to Do When Excel Is Not Responding?

Here we have given 11 solutions. You can use any of them according to your problem.

Opening Excel Program in Safe Mode

A handy way to fix the issue is to run the Excel program in safe mode. Please do the following steps.

  • Firstly, go to your Windows search box and type ‘Run’ or something like that, immediately, you’ll see the icon of the Run app. So, click on the app.
  • Alternatively, you can press the Windows key + R to open the Run app.
  • In the Open box, insert excel.exe /safe and press OK.
  • Eventually, you’ll get a new workbook in safe mode that will work amidst the Excel is unresponsive.

Using Task Manager When Excel Is Not Responding

Another simple way is to utilize the Task Manager tool when you have opened many files at once as shown in the following screenshot.

  • Initially, you have to open the Task Manager tool. To do this, go to the search bar and type the Task Manager. And, choose the tool.
  • Rather you can press CTRL + ALT + Delete and choose the Task Manager option.
  • Now, you can reduce the pressure by ending the unwanted Excel file.
  • Just, select a file and right-click. Then, pick the End task option.
  • The exclusive feature of the Task Manager is-if you close any file unexpectedly, you can recover it by default. After closing the file, if you open any blank workbook, you’ll get a Document Recovery pane containing the lost file. Also, you have options if the Document Recovery pane is not working properly.
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Checking the Latest Update of Microsoft Office

If the above two methods don’t work, you can check the latest update of your Microsoft Office suite.

  • To update the version, go to File > Account.
  • Next, click over the drop-down list of Update Options. And, choose the Update Now option.

Disabling Add-ins When Excel Is Not Responding?

Sometimes, you have to use the Add-ins for a specific analysis. However, the unnecessary add-ins are not good for working with Excel effectively. So, you can disable the add-ins when Excel is not responding.

  • Primarily, go to File > Options.
  • In the Excel Options, move the cursor over the Add-ins option and choose the COM Add-ins. Then, press Go.
  • Later, uncheck the box before any add-in and press OK.

Clearing Rules and Shapes to Prevent Excel Not Responding Issue

In some cases, cell rules and specific shapes are responsible for the unresponsiveness of the Excel program. So, clear rules and delete those shapes.

  • To clear the cell rule, click Conditional Formatting (in the Home tab) > Clear Rules > Clear Rules from Entire Sheet.
  • To delete any shapes, you need to open the Go To Special by pressing CTRL + G and choosing the Special option.
  • Next, check the circle before Objects and press OK.
  • Finally, press the Delete key to delete the selected objects.

Excel is not responding

Above is information about What to do when Excel is not responding? What is this about? that we have compiled. Hopefully, through the above content, you have a more detailed understanding of Excel is not responding. Thank you for reading our post.

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