When Did Markiplier Start YouTube?

when did markiplier start youtube

So, let’s dive into the story of when Markiplier began his journey on YouTube. We’ll also uncover his first video and explore why he has amassed over 31.4 million subscribers. Originally studying medical engineering, Mark Fischbach was going through a tough time in college when he made a life-changing decision – starting a YouTube channel. Inspired by other video game creators, Mark wanted to stand out and hence adopted the pseudonym ‘Markiplier’. Since then, he has become a well-known online personality known for his unique style of playthroughs of ‘quirky’ video games. During that period, he primarily played survival horror and indie games.

Markiplier Started YouTube in 2012

Markiplier embarked on his YouTube journey while in college. He decided to drop out of his biomedical engineering program to pursue YouTube full-time. Starting with creating videos during his free time, he gradually gained enough subscribers to become one of the most popular YouTubers today. Wondering about the effectiveness of the YouTube Masthead for advertisers? Check it out here.

Markiplier gained fame for his gaming videos, particularly for his playthroughs of Slender and SCP: Containment Breach. He also explored content on Drunk Minecraft, Cry Of Fear, and Amnesia Custom Stories. His well-known nickname, Markiplier, combines his first name with the word “multiplier”.

Markiplier Has 31.4 Million Subscribers

Markiplier, an American gamer, comedian, and YouTube commentator, has established a massive following on YouTube. Known for his Let’s Play videos, horror content, and video game commentary, he has accumulated a staggering 31.4 million subscribers and over 11 billion views on his channel. Searching for a way to download YouTube videos on your laptop? Find out more here. Markiplier has even branched out into creating his own clothing line and hosting a podcast, showcasing his diverse talents.

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While Markiplier initially gained fame through video game commentary, he has also delved into sketch comedy, known for his colorful humor, occasionally featuring a pink mustache. Although his videos are commonly rated PG, they are highly entertaining. Surpassing 18 million subscribers, Markiplier’s success as a video game commentator is truly impressive.

Markiplier’s New Fashion Line

Markiplier, an American YouTube personality, podcaster, and voice actor, thrives on YouTube, earning an impressive $10 to $20 million yearly. He is also a co-founder of Cloak, a clothing company in collaboration with fellow YouTuber Jacksepticeye. Want to know how to see your subscribers on YouTube? Discover the answer here. Markiplier is an entrepreneur and is actively expanding his clothing line. Although he started his YouTube channel in 2012, he is now focusing on podcasting and designing his own fashion collection.

Earlier this year, Markiplier introduced a fashion line called Cloak, partnering with Jacksepticeye. Initially envisioned as a gamer-centric athleisure apparel line, Cloak now collaborates with Mojang Studios, Five Nights at Freddy’s, and The Oregon Trail. They are continuously working with these brands to expand their reach and influence.

Markiplier’s Relationship with Amy Nelson

Markiplier has been dating Amy Nelson since 2015. Their chemistry first caught the public eye at VidCon 2016, and they have been together ever since. Amy has made frequent appearances on Markiplier’s YouTube channel and has even assisted with video editing. The couple’s relationship has become so public that fans can’t help but swoon over them. Beyond their social media presence, Markiplier and Amy Nelson have even created a joint video.

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While their love story is often shared on social media, the precise beginning of their relationship remains a mystery. According to sources, Amy Nelson and Markiplier began dating in 2015 and made their first public appearance together at VidCon 2016. Both of them preferred to keep their love lives relatively low-key, but now they openly share pictures and tweets about their relationship.

Markiplier’s Net Worth

With over 300 million views, Markiplier’s YouTube channel has skyrocketed in popularity. His horror game videos are particularly well-received, leading to substantial growth in his net worth. Estimates suggest that Markiplier’s net worth ranges between $9 and $16 million. Markiplier tends to keep his personal life private, but it’s known that he is in a serious relationship with Amy Nelson, an animator and graphic designer.

Apart from YouTube, Markiplier has diverse interests beyond the entertainment industry. He enjoys voice acting and sketch comedy while actively supporting numerous charities. His YouTube channel boasts an impressive 32.5 million subscribers, and as he ventures into voice acting and business, his net worth continues to expand. Markiplier is known for his philanthropy, generously donating millions to charitable causes. Although he doesn’t discuss his wealth much, he prefers to contribute his livestream profits to various charities.

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