Xbox Series X and Series S Prices and Release Date Leaked

A Sneak Peek into Microsoft’s Latest Console Offerings

Xbox Series S

Well, it seems that after keeping us waiting for three months, Microsoft has finally let slip some crucial details about its next-gen consoles. Tonight, various renowned journalists have either leaked or confirmed key information about the Xbox Series X and Series S, including their prices, release date, and even what the Series S looks like.

The Inside Scoop

First, let’s talk about the information shared by Jez Corden and Zac Bowden from Windows Central. When it comes to Microsoft info, these guys are as reliable as it gets. Prior to an upcoming official reveal event, they spilled the beans on the following details:

  • The Xbox Series S will retail for $300
  • The Xbox Series X will have a price tag of $500
  • Both consoles are set to hit the shelves on November 10

The leak started with Brad Sams, who unveiled what appeared to be a still image from a leaked promotional video. This image gave us a glimpse of the Series S along with its alleged $300 price tag. According to Corden, the Series S won’t feature a disc drive.

Shortly after, a video clip emerged showing the diminutive size of the Series S compared to the Series X. However, the source of this video remains unclear. Windows Central then made a comprehensive reveal, sharing all the information about both consoles, including their prices and release dates.

What Does It All Mean?

With so much information flooding out all at once, it’s a lot to digest. Microsoft’s $300 price point certainly undercuts whatever the PS5’s price will be. However, the big question is how “next-gen” the Series S truly is in the grand scheme of things. Reports suggest that it is a 4 teraflop machine, compared to the Series X’s 12 teraflops. Therefore, sacrificing performance for a lower price might be the trade-off. The Series S appears to be a streamlined, upgraded, discounted version of the Xbox One X, which might explain why the latter was recently discontinued.

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As for the $500 price of the Series X, this aligns with what many have been predicting for quite some time. Given the fear associated with the $600 price point after the PS3’s launch, Microsoft undoubtedly aimed to match or surpass Sony this generation. There was no way they would accomplish that at $600 (I still maintain that the PS5, at least one of the models, will also be priced at $500).

Mark Your Calendars

Now, let’s talk release dates. As expected, both consoles will be hitting the market in mid-November, right before a barrage of highly anticipated games such as Cyberpunk, Call of Duty, and Assassin’s Creed dominate the scene. November 10 is also when Destiny 2’s massive Beyond Light expansion launches on Game Pass, effectively becoming the Xbox’s flagship launch title. However, it’s important to note that Cyberpunk won’t have a true “next-gen” version until 2021. Nonetheless, both games will be available on the PS5 as well.

So far, there have been no leaks about Sony’s pricing or release date, but it wouldn’t be surprising to see a comparable price for at least the digital PS5 model. As for the release date, it could be around the same time or even a week before or after November 10. Sony’s upcoming console undoubtedly boasts tremendous anticipation, so Microsoft will need to make a strong case for both their junior and senior next-gen consoles throughout the next two months and beyond.

Stay Tuned for More

It’s been a wild night so far, and there’s undoubtedly more to come. Microsoft was even forced to confirm some of the leaks overnight, particularly the Xbox Series S reveal and its price. Although they haven’t released the specs yet, those have also leaked, and it seems like you’re getting a pretty solid package for $299. Some view the digital-only console as an ideal “Game Pass/xCloud machine.” Here are the leaked specs according to a reveal trailer:

  • 60% smaller than the Series X
  • Custom NVME SSD (512 GB)
  • All-digital
  • Supports 1440p up to 120 FPS
  • Ray-Tracing support
  • 4K media playback
  • 4K game upscaling
  • Variable rate shading
  • Variable refresh rate
  • Ultra-low latency
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So, while it may lack 4K gaming capabilities and has half the hard drive space, the Series S still offers an SSD and a plethora of other advanced features, all for practically half the price of the powerhouse console (and presumably the PS5). Not too shabby, right?

Microsoft has yet to confirm the price of the Series X or the November 10 release date for both consoles. However, a more significant reveal is expected later this week.

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