Speculating on the Release Date, Game Trailers, and Gameplay of Ark 2

Ever since the exciting announcement of Ark 2 at The Game Awards 2020, we’ve been eagerly anticipating more information about this upcoming survival game set in a dinosaur-infested world. Based on the two captivating cinematic trailers and the insights shared by the Studio Wildcard development team, Ark 2 promises a unique storyline, enhanced gameplay mechanics, and, of course, the thrilling presence of T-Rexes.

Ark 1 made its mark as one of the finest survival games, but only time will tell if Ark 2 can claim a spot on our list of the best PC games. From the release date of Ark 2 to its availability on different platforms, its souls-like combat system, and the prospect of mod support, we’ve gathered everything we know so far about this highly anticipated sequel.

The Release Date of Ark 2: A Matter of Speculation

Studio Wildcard has confirmed on the official Ark forums that Ark 2 will be released before the end of 2024. The developers have also stated that they won’t be showcasing any gameplay footage of Ark 2 this year since the game is still a work in progress. You can find the original announcement on the official Ark forums. It’s possible, like its predecessor, that Ark 2 might initially launch in early access.

Enticing Trailers: What We’ve Seen So Far

Two captivating cinematic trailers have been released for Ark 2, and both feature none other than Vin Diesel as the heroic Santiago. In the first trailer, Santiago’s small community, including his daughter, faces a formidable onslaught from hulking orc-like creatures. The situation seems perilous, but Santiago holds his ground. However, things take an extraordinary turn as a T-Rex enters the fray, leading to chaos and destruction. Amidst the chaos, Santiago manages to snatch his daughter and seek refuge in a nearby cave.

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The second trailer introduces us to Santiago’s daughter, who familiarizes us with the world of Arat, where survival is an everyday struggle. We catch glimpses of various creatures, including a Dodo and a larger dinosaur, before encountering another awe-inspiring T-Rex. This time, however, the T-Rex is tamed and rides alongside Santiago and his daughter.

Gameplay: New Perspectives and Exciting Features

Although we haven’t yet seen any gameplay footage for Ark 2, Studio Wildcard has provided some tantalizing details about the game’s core elements. Ark 2 will adopt a third-person perspective and introduce a redesigned control system. Expect parkour-like movement abilities and combat mechanics reminiscent of the souls-like genre, wherein dodging and blocking play vital roles.

The inclusion of a World Event system means that unique and dynamic occurrences will take place not just in your immediate vicinity but throughout the entire Ark 2 world. Additionally, the game will offer a new Creature Management system, component-based item crafting, and an expanded building system with significantly more options than its predecessor.

As one would expect, Ark 2 will include both multiplayer mode and PvP combat. While rumors about a solo campaign exist, no official confirmation has been provided yet. Players will face formidable foes not only in the form of dinosaurs but also hostile Aratai aliens who possess their own tamed dinos.

Platforms and Mod Support: Consoles, PCs, and Beyond

Ark 2 will release initially as an Xbox Series X/S console exclusive, with availability on Xbox Game Pass right from the start, including the PC Game Pass. While the possibility of the game eventually arriving on PlayStation remains open, there is no clarity on the duration of the Xbox exclusivity window.

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Studio Wildcard has also revealed that Ark 2 will support fully stackable, user-created mods, facilitated by mod.io. This means that players on both PC and consoles can add, enhance, or even redesign various aspects of the game. Additionally, like its predecessor, Ark 2 will likely receive DLC content.

Unveiling the Ark 2 Story

While the trailers haven’t given away many details about the Ark 2 story, we do know that it takes place after the events of Genesis: Part 2, the final DLC for Ark: Survival Evolved. In the Genesis DLC, the Genesis Ship is destroyed, and as a result, a Santiago clone is hurled toward a new planet. It is presumed that this new planet is the world of Arat.

The Enigma of Vin Diesel’s Involvement

So why is Vin Diesel a part of Ark 2? Let’s delve into it a bit deeper. As revealed in the trailers, Vin Diesel takes on the role of the heroic protagonist. However, his involvement doesn’t stop there. Being an avid gamer and a passionate fan of Ark: Survival Evolved, Studio Wildcard brought Vin Diesel on board as an executive producer. Vin Diesel assumes the title of the President of Creative Convergence.

While the full extent of Diesel’s contribution to the game remains unknown, he has expressed his excitement about joining the Studio Wildcard team to develop the game’s story. This suggests that he is actively involved in shaping the narrative and possibly more.

That wraps up our current intel on the release date of Ark 2. As we eagerly await further news about this much-anticipated sequel, why not try out some of the best Ark Survival Evolved mods to enhance your experience with the original game? If you can’t wait and you’re yearning to encounter massive prehistoric creatures, we even have some suggestions for the best dinosaur games available on PC.

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