When is Paypal return shipping ending? What is this about?

When is Paypal return shipping ending? Like all great things that swing in the consumer’s favor never last like they should, like Netflix’s OG free streaming service accessed via special disc’s for PS3, XBox 360 and Wii, or Google Reader back when RSS was all the rage, or any number of anecdotal instances.

Sadly today marks the beginning of the end for PayPal’s “Return Shipping on Us” program that saved customers an incredible amount of money and made online transactions more convenient, and environmentally damaging at the same time. For fans of FCP Euro’s Lifetime Replacement Guarantee, this means that the virtually free oil change days are numbered, and perhaps now is a good time to change that oil while PayPal is still willing to foot the return shipping cost.

When is Paypal return shipping ending?

It may be an unknown feature to most of its users but PayPal offers refunds on shipping costs associated with returns. This is a great, consumer-first feature that could be particularly useful right now, as COVID-19 has pushed online shopping to the forefront of public consciousness.

Returning online products has always been a frustrating process. Even when it goes smoothly, it can be difficult to know how to return something when it can’t be simply walked into a store. It’s such a hassle at times that platforms like Amazon often choose to just give people refunds without bothering to set a timeline on a return. During a pandemic, with the impact the virus has had on shipping pipelines, it’s even more complicated to return online purchases and that’s not even factoring in the obvious health risks.

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While it can’t eliminate the complications of shipping issues, PayPal’s Return Shipping on Us refunds are still helpful. The service will reimburse up to $30 in shipping fees associated with a return, per transaction. Users are granted 12 refund reimbursements per calendar year and it only applies to transactions that were paid in full through PayPal funds. It’s just a bit of financial relief, but it’s welcome if it makes the prospect of shipping an item back to an online retailer less stressful.

Paypal return shipping ending

How to Use PayPal’s Return Shipping Reimbursements

This is a nice option to have, but it comes with some caveats. First, go to the return shipping website and activate the feature. It doesn’t work until after agreeing to the terms there. Then, it requires meeting all the requirements for the refund from the original retailer. Since this is a reimbursement, PayPal members will have to essentially complete the entire return process with the seller first, then submit a refund request within 30 days of mailing back the item.

To submit the Return Shipping on Us request, log in to PayPal. This will bring up the Summary page, with a list of options at the top. Use that menu to navigate to the Activity page, then locate the returned transactions. Below that item, there should be an option reading, “request return shipping refund”.

The request for reimbursement will produce a list of things PayPal requires to validate the refund. That includes the date of the return, reason for the return, the items shipped, and, of course, how much that shipping cost. It’ll also ask for a receipt or some other proof that the shipping has been paid already. All of this is PayPal attempting to avoid people scamming the system, so it’s a lot of work on the user end.

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Once these steps are processed, the refund is added directly into the PayPal balance. This feature will also only refund a return in situations where the original seller does not offer a free return, so keep that in mind.

What is Return Shipping on Us?

For eligible PayPal purchases you’d like to return, PayPal’s Return Shipping on Us service can provide free shipping labels or refunds for the cost of sending items back to the seller.

Who can use Return Shipping on Us? Can I still sign up for it if I haven’t before?

You can use Return Shipping on Us if you are a current PayPal personal account holder who has already activated the service. Unfortunately, new signups are no longer being accepted.

Why is Return Shipping on Us going away?

At PayPal, we’re constantly updating and developing new features for our customers. Sometimes certain services need to be phased out as a part of these bigger changes.

We understand Return Shipping on Us will be missed. But remember we offer more ways to help you as a shopper, like Purchase Protection.

When is the last day that I can use Return Shipping on Us?

You can submit Return Shipping on Us claims until 11:59 pm local time on November 26th, 2022. Starting the very next day, November 27th, 2022, the service will no longer be available.

Make sure to submit eligible requests as soon as you can to help ensure they get received and reviewed as usual.

The service launched in the US in 2015 just in time for Black Friday/Cyber Monday and allowed a refund up to $30 per transaction, capped at 12 per year, to offset the cost of returns on online purchases paid via PayPal.

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The timing of shutting it down is very interesting as well – November 27th is the day before Cyber Monday, typically one of the biggest online shopping days of the year, and none of those purchases will be eligible for Return Shipping On Us.

PayPal has been under pressure to cut costs, recently undergoing layoffs both domestically and in Ireland, and that pressure has only increased as activist investor Elliott Management has taken a sizeable stake in the company.

Cutting out liability for holiday returns is certainly one way to slash costs, but will consumers protest or simply choose a different payment option if they no longer have this perk available?

Paypal return shipping ending

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