When is the next episode of Harlem on Amazon Prime?

When is the next episode of Harlem on Amazon Prime? After more than a year-long wait, Harlem is finally back. This season of the Prime Video comedy, from Girls Trip writer Tracy Oliver, picks back up with our beloved—and stylish—quartet of girlfriends shortly after the season 1 finale.

Camille (Meagan Good) is finding her footing after sabotaging her career and derailing her ex Ian’s wedding. Can these two former lovers make it work for good? Quinn (Grace Byers) is exploring her sexuality; Tye (Jerrie Johnson) is trying to move forward with her life despite her estranged husband getting in her way; and, after her hopes of starring in Get Out: The Musical were squashed by a cease-and-desist, Angie (Shoniqua Shandai) is wriggling herself free from a bad luck streak and dating some beautiful men while she’s at it.

When is the next episode of Harlem on Amazon Prime?

Comedy series Harlem on Prime Video is back! The second season has premiered. And now that the show has returned, when can you expect new episodes each week?

The comedy’s sophomore season sees the return of our lovely gals Grace Byers as Quinn, Meagan Good as Camille, Jerrie Johnson as Tye, and Shoniqua Shandai as Angie. The show is created by writer Tracy Oliver. Executive producers include actress Amy Poehler, singer Pharrell Williams, Kim Lessing, Dave Becky, Britt Matt, Scott King, Linda Mendoza, and Mimi Valdés.

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The first season introduced us to the four stylish best friends who live in Harlem, New York City. Camille is a young anthropology professor at Columbia, Tye is a queer dating app creator, Quinn is a a trust fund fashion designer, and Angie is a singer and actress.

So what’s in store for the lovely ladies in season 2? When do you need to tune in to see new episodes? We’ve got the answer for you below!

the next episode of Harlem on Amazon Prime

When do new episodes of Harlem season 2 come out?

Prime Video ordered a total of eight episodes for Harlem season 2, two less than the inaugural season. The second season premiered with the first two episodes on Friday, Feb. 3, 2023. Going forward, two new installments will be released weekly until the finale on Friday, Feb. 24, 2023. We provided a full breakdown of the episode schedule below:

  • Episode 1 (premiere) – Feb. 3
  • Episode 2 – Feb. 3
  • Episode 3 – Feb. 10
  • Episode 4 – Feb. 10
  • Episode 5 – Feb. 17
  • Episode 6 – Feb. 17
  • Episode 7 – Feb. 24
  • Episode 8 (finale) – Feb. 24

Season 2 of the comedy sees Camille figuring out what to do next after she blew up her career and interrupted her love life, per the synopsis. Tye will consider her future, Quinn will begin a journey of self-discovery, and Angie’s career might take a “promising turn.” What’s next for these young adults? We’ll find out this season!

How to watch Harlem season 2 anywhere on Earth

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the next episode of Harlem on Amazon Prime

Harlem season 2 release date and time — how to watch online

The uptown foursome are back in Harlem season 2, as Prime Video’s fabulous four return with plenty of loose ends from last season.

Yes, folks, Tracy Oliver’s Harlem is back, and the ladies are intent on having fun. Early word says season 2 is better than the original, now that everything is set up.

Camille (Meagan Good) is putting out two fires as the season begins. First, she has to undo that unseemly (and alcohol infused) resignation from Columbia, to get her job as Anthropology professor back. Secondly, Well, that kiss with her ex Ian (Tyler Lepley) is still lingering in her thoughts. And who knows what it’s done to him, since it was on the night before his wedding!

As for Tye (Jerrie Johnson)? Her drama’s public, as her exes have all coordinated to share the goss online. Oh, and Brandon (Kadeem Ali Harris) is back to take all she’s worth in the divorce.

Quinn (Grace Byers) is jumped head first into the LGBTQ lifestyle, while trying to stop herself from going too fast with Isabella (Juani Feliz). Meanwhile, Angie (Shoniqua Shandai) is trying to bounce back — and up — after her superstardom’s been delayed.

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‘Harlem’ season 2 with 8 episodes to premiere on Prime Video on Feb 3

Prime Video has set February 3 premiere for the highly anticipated second season of “Harlem” and has released the first trailer of the upcoming installment. The second season will consist of eight episodes, with two episodes premiering every week, in more than 240 countries and territories worldwide, the streamer said in a press note.

The show hails from writer Tracy Oliver, who also serves as creator and executive producer.

In the second season, after blowing up her career and disrupting her love life, Camille (Meagan Good) has to figure out how to put the pieces back together; Tye (Jerrie Johnson) considers her future; Quinn (Grace Byers) goes on a journey of self-discovery; and Angie’s (Shoniqua Shandai) career takes a promising turn.

The show is produced by Amazon Studios and Universal Television, a division of Universal Studio Group, in association with Paper Kite Productions.

Paper Kite’s Amy Poehler and Kim Lessing also serve as executive producers, alongside 3 Arts’ Dave Becky, Britt Matt, Scott King, Linda Mendoza and 13-time Grammy Award winner Pharrell Williams and Mimi Valdes.

the next episode of Harlem on Amazon Prime

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