When Will Yellowstone Season 5 Be On Amazon Prime?

The Delimma: Latest season not streaming on popular platforms

Paramount Network’s highly acclaimed show, Yellowstone, has returned with its fifth season, which was supposed to premiere on November 13. However, viewers who turned to Paramount Plus were disappointed to find that the latest season was not available on the streaming platform. This unexpected turn of events has left fans frustrated and confused (1,2,3,4,5).

Why do you make it so hard to watch your show? I have a @paramountplus account but can I watch @Yellowstone? Nope! Ridiculous!

Sigh… so now Yellowstone is only going to be on Paramount Network, not Paramount Plus? And if I don’t have a provider for live TV, I’m just out of luck?

It seems that the owners of Peacock (NBCUniversal) had already acquired the streaming rights to Yellowstone back in 2020, even before the launch of Paramount Plus. As a result, Peacock gained exclusive rights to stream the show, requiring viewers to pay a separate subscription fee (1,2,3,4,5).

Unfortunately, many fans had already subscribed to Paramount Plus, assuming that they would have access to the show on both cable TV and the streaming platform. This confusion has led to disappointment and frustration among users.

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Amazon Prime letdown

Amazon Prime users, even with the added Paramount Plus subscription, have also been left disappointed by the unavailability of Yellowstone season 5. Viewers have expressed their frustration on social media, highlighting the difficulties they face in accessing the show through various channels (1,2,3,4,5).

What the hell, @paramountnet. I’ve tried watching through my Paramount+ subscription on Amazon Prime. Can’t. Tried newly subscribing through the @paramountplus app via Xfinity. No go. Why is this so difficult?! How can a fan watch now? #customerfail

Furthermore, Amazon Prime is demanding a fee of $39.99 for subscribers to watch the entire Season 5, a charge that many find excessive.

The Paramount Plus and Amazon Prime predicament

Despite the mounting frustration and confusion, neither Paramount Plus nor Amazon Prime have given any official statement regarding the unavailability of Yellowstone Season 5 on their platforms. As of now, viewers are left with no choice but to either wait for updates or opt for a Peacock subscription to satisfy their Yellowstone craving.

Rest assured, we will closely monitor the situation and keep you informed with any significant developments. Stay tuned for further updates!


Update 1 (November 15, 2022 – 10:08 am IST)

One of our readers shared valuable insight, confirming that Season 5 of Yellowstone is available on Paramount in Canada. They mentioned that the show was previously accessible on Amazon Prime but has since moved to Paramount.

It works in Canada on Paramount, was on Amazon until this season. Now on Paramount.

Thanks for the tip: Mitchell Vaters!

Update 2 (November 16, 2022 – 01:00 pm IST)

Numerous Peacock subscribers have expressed their confusion regarding the absence of Yellowstone Season 5 on the platform. According to a user, the season will only be accessible on Peacock after all the episodes have aired on Live TV.

Yellowstone Season 5 will be released on Peacock sometime after the finale episode of Season 5, just as it did in previous seasons.

Update 3 (November 21, 2022 – 04:42 pm IST)

Some viewers are perplexed about Yellowstone’s absence on Paramount Plus. It appears that Paramount Network and Paramount Plus are distinct entities. To watch Yellowstone, users are required to turn to Paramount Network’s cable channel, visit their website at paramountnetwork.com, or use the Paramount Network app.

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Update 4 (November 28, 2022 – 02:01 pm IST)

Several users have reported that Episode 4 of Yellowstone Season 5 is not available on Amazon Prime. Unfortunately, Amazon support has provided no estimated time of arrival for the release of the next episode.

Update 5 (January 9, 2023 – 01:51 pm IST)

According to reports, the mid-season finale of Yellowstone (Season 5, Episode 8) has already aired on Paramount Network. Currently, the series is on a break.

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