Where can I use Amazon Pay? How to sign up for Amazon Pay?

Where can I use Amazon Pay? How to sign up for Amazon Pay? Amazon Pay is a payment method accepted by a variety of websites and online retailers. It allows you to use your existing payment method already associated with Amazon on sites that support the service.

It’s designed to offer a safe, secure, and convenient payment option on third-party retail sites. Rather than adding your credit card or other payment method to a new site you might not completely trust, you can choose to use Amazon Pay, which automatically uses your existing Amazon account to complete the purchase.

Where can I use Amazon Pay?

There is no comprehensive list of sites and retailers that use Amazon Pay. Currently, hundreds of websites make use of Amazon Pay. In general, you won’t see if a site supports Amazon Pay until you get to the shopping cart or checkout page. If a site supports Amazon Pay, you should see a button with the Amazon Pay logo, often in a “fast checkout” category with other options like Google Pay and PayPal.

Amazon Alexa also uses Amazon Pay to process payment for products you order from Amazon using your voice.

can I use Amazon Pay

How to sign up for Amazon Pay

One of the advantages of using Amazon Pay is that there is, in fact, no sign-up process — if you have an Amazon account and associate a credit card or other payment method with it, there is no further set-up needed. It is simply available and works automatically when you try to make a purchase at a participating website.

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This is how you can transfer Amazon Pay balance to your bank account

Amazon Pay is an online payment processing service. It allows customers to add money to their Amazon Pay wallet and then use that money for purchases. Amazon Pay balance can also be used to pay bills, send money to other users, and receive money from others.

You can add money to your Amazon Pay wallet using bank transfers or gift cards. While adding money to your wallet is easy, you can also easily transfer your Amazon Pay balance to your bank account.

In order to transfer any amount from your Amazon Pay balance to any bank account, you will need to have completed your KYC (know-your-customer) registration with Amazon Pay. For completing the KYC, you will need to use the Amazon app on your smartphone and open the KYC completion process. You will need to upload a picture of yourself, add your Aadhaar card details and then complete the video verification.

Once your KYC is complete,

Step 1:

Open the Amazon app on your smartphone

Step 2: Click the hamburger icon at the bottom of your screen, and then go to the Amazon Pay section

Step 3: Select the ‘Send Money’ option

Step 4: On the next screen, choose the ‘To Bank’ option

Step 5: Add in the prompted details including the IFSC code, the account number and the name of the account holder, and then select the ‘Pay Now’ option

Step 6: Enter the amount of money you wish to transfer and then continue to the next screen

Step 7: Amazon will then show you various payment options for facilitating the transfer. Choose the method of your preference and select the option to ‘Pay Using Amazon Pay Balance’

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Finish the transfer, and wait for the money to be debited into your bank account.

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can I use Amazon Pay

Amazon Payment Methods

Amazon offers a number of varied payment options, as well as a currency converter and Western Union option for those shopping from abroad.

Here are some of the most commonly used Amazon payment methods:

  • Credit card – Amazon accepts a wide variety of credit and debit cards, including Visa, MasterCard, EuroCard, Discover, American
  • Express, Diner’s Club, JCB, NYCE, STAR, China Union Pay. The Amazon Rewards Visa Signature Card is also accepted and allows you to earn cash back and discounts on Amazon items.
  • Pre-paid gift cards – Pre-paid gift cards from credit card companies like Visa, MasterCard and American Express are also accepted.
  • Linked bank account – You can also add a checking account to use toward Amazon payments if you wish. You’ll just need your account and routing numbers, as well as your name, address and driver’s license number.
  • Amazon gift card – Amazon gift cards are another possible payment method with the retailer. Just upload the gift card number to your account once you’ve received it, and the balance will be available at purchase next time you shop.
  • Amazon store card – The Amazon Prime Store Card is an Amazon-branded credit card that offers users 5 percent back on all Amazon purchases. Amazon store card payments are processed just like traditional credit card payments and have similar financing fees.
  • Amazon Pay – Amazon Pay is a payment tool that can be used both on Amazon and across other third-party ecommerce sites. It’s a fairly new payment method and is only available at participating retailers.
  • Amazon PayCode – PayCode is a way to pay via Western Union — mostly for shoppers using outside currencies or located outside the country. The purchase generates a PayCode, which the user then presents to Western Union in exchange for cash within 48 hours. If payment isn’t made in that time frame, the order is canceled.
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For Shopping Off Amazon

Amazon Pay is a digital payment method much like PayPal, which you can use on Amazon and across third-party sites and retailers all over the world.

It uses the stored payment methods in your Amazon account for purchases you authorize, without every requiring additional information or data entry.

This adds convenience, while also keeping your financial data secure and away from risky third-party websites.

Similarly to PayPal, you’ll see the Amazon Pay logo at checkout if the retailer accepts this payment method.

If it does, here’s how the process works:

  • Click the Amazon Pay logo or button on checkout.
  • Sign in using your Amazon login credentials.
  • Follow the checkout process required by the merchant.
  • Choose the stored payment method you’d like to use to complete your order.
  • Receive a receipt from Amazon Pay after the payment has been completed.
  • The merchant should send you an invoice or receipt for your purchase.

You can also use Amazon pay to make a donation or bill payment.

For example, you can use Amazon bill pay on services like the Ring doorbell or for your weekly subscription to The Washington Post. You can also use it to make a donation to the American Heart Association or Save the Children, among other charities.

can I use Amazon Pay

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