Where to find product key for Microsoft Office?

Where to find product key for Microsoft Office? Are you having trouble reinstalling your Microsoft Office? In all likelihood, you’ve forgotten your product activation key. It’s difficult to find, so you might be panicking while trying to remember the lost activation code. There are four types of Microsoft Office software: Retail, Subscription, Volume, and OEM. Each one has specific methods for installation and reinstallation, as well as how the product key gets stored and used.

Unfortunately, Microsoft made changes beginning with Office 2013, where only the last five digits of the product key get stored on your PC. The image below applies to Microsoft Office 2013 and newer, even though they are pushing their 365 subscriptions.

Where to find product key for Microsoft Office?

Microsoft Office is a popular software suite that gives users productivity tools. An important part of using Microsoft Office is having the product key. This key serves as a unique identifier. Here, we’ll explore how to find the Microsoft Office product key.

If it’s already installed on your computer and you can’t find the product key, don’t fret. You can use a specialized program to retrieve it. These programs scan your system and extract the key from the Windows registry.

You can also retrieve the product key information using the command prompt. Just open the command prompt and run a specific command.

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If you’ve lost the physical installation media, don’t worry. You can contact Microsoft support and give them relevant details about your purchase or subscription. They may be able to help you with your Microsoft Office product key.

product key for Microsoft Office

Understanding the importance of a Microsoft Office product key

A Microsoft Office product key is a must-have for using the software. It’s a unique identifier, confirming your license and giving you full access to its features and updates. Without it, you can’t use the full power of Microsoft Office.

Nowadays, with remote work growing, having a valid product key is essential. It ensures your software is genuine and legally obtained, giving you security and reliability.

With a genuine product key, you can use Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook, which are all used in many industries. Documents, data analysis, presentations, and emails can all be managed with these applications.

When you purchase Microsoft Office or receive it through an organization’s licensing agreement, you’ll get a product key, plus the installation files. This key is made up of alphanumeric characters and needs to be entered during installation to activate your copy of Microsoft Office.

Once activated, you’ll have full access to all Microsoft Office’s features and functionality. You’ll also be eligible for future updates and support from Microsoft.

I have a story that proves the importance of a Microsoft Office product key. A friend of mine bought a laptop from an online store at a bargain price. He was thrilled with his purchase, but later discovered the Microsoft Office software on the laptop wasn’t genuine. He had issues using it and had to use alternatives until he got a valid product key.

This story shows how critical it is to make sure your Microsoft Office is licensed using a valid product key. Not only will it run smoothly, but it’ll also keep you safe from any counterfeit software security risks.

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Method 1: Finding the product key in the Microsoft Office packaging

Searching for your lost Microsoft Office product key? Here’s how to locate it efficiently:

  • Look for the retail card in the box. It often holds the key.
  • If you have physical media, check the back of the CD/DVD case. Your key could be printed on a sticker.
  • Look through your email inbox. Maybe you received a digital key from Microsoft.
  • Sign in to your Microsoft account. It might be linked there.
  • If you bought Office from a store, return and show proof of purchase. They may help you retrieve your key.
  • If nothing works, contact Microsoft Support.


  • Keep documents related to your purchase organized.
  • Search and extract important info from packaging materials before discarding them.
  • Follow these steps and you should easily find your product key and activate your software.

product key for Microsoft Office

Method 2: Finding the product key in your email or Microsoft account

Are you looking for your Microsoft Office product key? Here’s a 3-step guide to help you find it in your email or Microsoft account!

  • Step 1: Check your Email. If you got a digital copy, look for emails with “Product Key” or “Activation” in the subject line. Check the body or attached document to find the key.
  • Step 2: Check your Online Account. Log in and go to the “Purchase History” section. Look for invoices or receipts that may have the key.
  • Step 3: Request help from Microsoft. Reach out to Customer Support if you can’t find it. Provide purchase info like order numbers, dates, and email addresses.
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Once you’ve got your key, keep it in a safe place. Create a folder in your email to store these emails for easy access in the future.

There you go – follow these steps and you’ll find the product key for your Microsoft Office software!

Method 3: Using a key finder tool to recover the product key

Utilizing a key finder tool is an efficient way to get back your Microsoft Office product key. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

  • Download a trusted key finder tool from a reliable website.
  • Follow the instructions to install the tool on your computer.
  • Launch the tool and let it check your system for installed software.
  • The tool will generate a list that includes all the product keys it found.
  • Look for the Microsoft Office product key and take note of it.

It’s essential to remember that a key finder tool is a dependable way to get back your Microsoft Office product key, if it’s been lost or forgotten.

Now, let’s look at some specifics of using a key finder tool. These tools are created to look through your computer’s registry and pull out product keys of various software, like Microsoft Office. They save you time and effort by automatically collecting the information you need.

Let me tell you a funny story about this method. A buddy of mine had their laptop stolen, which had Microsoft Office installed on it. Luckily, they had used a key finder tool prior to the theft and were able to recover their product key quickly after getting a new computer. This let them reinstall Microsoft Office without any problems.

So, utilizing a dependable key finder tool can be extremely useful when recovering your Microsoft Office product key in case of loss, theft, or simply forgetting where it was stored.

product key for Microsoft Office

Above is information about Where to find product key for Microsoft Office? that we have compiled. Hopefully, through the above content, you have a more detailed understanding of product key for Microsoft Office. Thank you for reading our post.

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