Life at Microsoft’s Redmond Campus: A Comprehensive Guide


Since its humble beginnings in 1975, Microsoft has transformed into a global technology powerhouse, developing widely recognized products such as Windows, Surface tablets, Office, and XBOX. With a plethora of services and products used worldwide, Microsoft’s headquarters must reflect the grandeur of its brand. Like other major tech companies, Microsoft boasts an expansive and amenity-filled campus. Join us as we explore what life is like at Microsoft’s headquarters.

Microsoft’s Redmond Campus


Where is Microsoft’s headquarters?

Although Microsoft has numerous offices worldwide (over 600 in fact), its main headquarters is located just thirty minutes outside Seattle, in Redmond, Washington. Originally based in Albuquerque, New Mexico, the company shifted its operations to Bellevue in 1979 before finally settling in its current Redmond location in 1986, just before going public.

The Microsoft Redmond campus spans the southern part of the city in northwest King County. Situated along SR 520, it is bordered by Bellevue-Redmond Road, 148th Ave NE, and NE 51st Street. Due to its vast size, Microsoft offers hybrid bus and sedan shuttle services called “Shuttle Connect” to transport employees between the various campus buildings.

How Many Employees Does Microsoft Have?

Globally, Microsoft employs an impressive 134,944 individuals, with 80,283 of them based in the United States. Of those, approximately 50,294 work at the Redmond headquarters. To put this into perspective, if Microsoft’s Redmond headquarters were its own city in Washington, it would rank as the 27th largest by population size.

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What’s on Microsoft’s Campus?


The Redmond campus spans an astonishing 500 acres and comprises a network of 125 buildings and outdoor spaces. This diverse array of spaces includes offices, workplaces, event venues, recreational spots, restaurants, shops, and common areas.

Within this expansive campus, Microsoft has thoughtfully designed specific spaces aimed at enhancing the lives of its employees. Here are a few noteworthy examples:



In addition to its 100-plus buildings, the campus boasts a series of treehouses, complete with WiFi (and, fortunately, no bugs). These treehouses consist of two enclosed meeting spaces and an elevated area called the “Crow’s Nest.” Recognizing the benefits of nature immersion on creativity, Microsoft capitalized on the natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest to create unique meeting spots for its employees.

The Commons


Spanning 150,000 square feet, “The Commons” is a vibrant complex housing an abundance of restaurants and shops, providing Microsoft employees with an on-campus mall-like experience. The Commons ensures that employees have virtually everything they need right at their fingertips. From mobile carriers and a credit union to a music shop, hair salon, and even an auto-body shop, convenience is a top priority. And let’s not forget the impressive variety of dining options, including coffee shops, gastropubs, MOD (made on demand) pizza, vegan and soup bars, and even a Pike Place operation.

Recreational Spaces


To encourage the well-being of its employees, Microsoft’s campus features numerous recreational spots for exercise and movement. The campus boasts a full soccer field, as well as courts for bocce ball, basketball, softball, and beach volleyball. Marked walking and running trails, ranging from two to five miles, are also available. Soccer holds a special place of prominence, with two corporate teams— one for men and one coed—showcasing the global diversity of Microsoft’s workforce.

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Work Spaces

Unsurprisingly, Microsoft’s headquarters is far from being a typical corporate office. The campus offers a seemingly endless array of spots for collaboration or focused individual work, allowing employees to change their environment whenever they desire. From treehouses and outdoor spaces to cafes and cozy corners tucked away from the crowd, the Redmond campus offers diverse settings for getting work done.

Microsoft’s Future Plans


As Microsoft continues its journey of innovation in technology and software, the company has also set its sights on expanding and modernizing its physical space. In 2017, Microsoft unveiled plans for a major renovation of its Redmond campus. These exciting plans include the removal of certain buildings, construction of 18 new structures, and an additional 2.5 million square feet of space. This expansion will bring the total building count to a staggering 131.

Among the planned updates are a cricket pitch, a cross-campus bridge, car-free pedestrian zones, energy-optimized buildings, and a 2-acre central plaza with a capacity to accommodate 12,000 people. These ambitious plans signify Microsoft’s commitment to providing an exceptional workplace for its employees as it continues to lead the way in the tech industry.

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