Microsoft Removes Solitaire from Windows, But You Can Still Play It

Can You Transfer Your Favorite Solitaire Game to Windows 10?

Q: I’m addicted to Solitaire and have an amazing game on my old Windows 7 laptop. However, it’s on its last legs, and I’m wondering if I can transfer the game to my new Windows 10 laptop?

I wish I could have this game on my MacBook Air, but I don’t think that’s possible.

Gordon H., Miramar Beach

Microsoft Solitaire Collection, available for iOS and Android, has familiar solitaire games, unique card backs and themes, and more.

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A: Gordon, your question sounds familiar. I searched through the archives of (not .com) and found a similar question from reader Keith S. back in the day (I.G.T.M. No. 82, Feb 15, 2009). Keith wanted to move Solitaire from a Windows XP machine to his “new Dell with Vista.” Ah, those were the days! (SHUDDER)

People truly love their Solitaire. But have you ever wondered why it was included in Windows in the first place?

Windows is an operating system and graphical user interface, not a gaming platform. The answer is quite interesting and relates to the skills (or lack thereof) of early adopters of home computers.

Today, using a mouse to click on things on the screen or performing drag and drop operations is second nature to us. But back when Windows was new, these were novel concepts, and Microsoft created the computerized version of the classic card game as a means for users to practice using the mouse.

Jeff Werner

The game incorporated all the basic mouse functions in an engaging way, effectively teaching the skills while offering entertainment. It allowed Solitaire enthusiasts to claim they were honing their computer skills when their partners criticized their excessive computer usage.

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Solitaire made its debut with Windows in version 3.0, which was released on May 22, 1990. It was included with every Windows version sold from 1990 to 2012, reaching more than 1 billion copies of Windows.

No wonder people are reluctant to let go of this old friend when upgrading their operating systems.

Now that you know the history of Solitaire on computers more than you probably ever wanted to, it’s time to answer your question. While it’s technically possible to transfer Solitaire program files from one platform to another, it’s not practical in the modern computing era.

Solitaire is no longer bundled with Windows because it is now freely available in the Microsoft Store, Microsoft’s response to Apple’s App Store. As part of my research for this column, I checked the Microsoft Store and found over 60 versions of Solitaire, all free to download. These versions offer enhanced gaming experiences with better graphics and more playing options than the original classic version that came with Windows.

MacBook Air users need not fret, as the Apple App Store also offers multiple free options for Solitaire on their platform.

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