Who does eBay bank with? What is this eBay bank with about?

Who does eBay bank with? eBay is one of the top ecommerce sites in the world and offers significant advantages for both buyers and sellers. You can buy and sell items quickly with eBay’s easy-to-use and innovative platform. However, finding the right account to tie together with your eBay account is crucial, especially for eBay sellers.

The right bank account for eBay sellers can make a significant difference in operational ease and profitability, especially bank accounts with easy and flexible options such as Wise Business. This article will look at some of the best bank accounts for eBay sellers to help you make the best decision possible.

Who does eBay bank with?

Yes. In fact, a Paypal account is no longer an option for eBay payments.

eBay has phased out Paypal payments on the ecommerce platform. In exchange for it, they introduced a new payment system called eBay’s managed payment system.

Many sellers on eBay had to sign up for a Paypal account. From their Paypal, they can connect their bank account to withdraw any earnings from eBay through their Paypal. However, this is no longer necessary since the update on the eBay payment method in 2022. eBay has parted ways from Paypal after over a decade of partnership.

The update ushered in a new payment method on eBay that allows users to sell on eBay without Paypal. This update applies to sellers and buyers alike.

Therefore, you are no longer prompted to link your Paypal account to your eBay profile. You must opt-in to eBay’s managed payment system. The new payment method on eBay cuts off the middleman, so the payment process is done in-house.

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The update on the payment method is a relief for many eBay sellers because it is easier to sell on eBay.

eBay bank with

Best Bank Accounts for eBay Sellers

Finding the right banking solution for eBay sellers navigating the platform can be challenging. Ideally, you’re looking for a bank account that offers the right features to support your journey as an eBay seller and help you in growing your business. When evaluating bank accounts that could be the right fit for your eBay sales, it’s essential to look for features that help you streamline operations, offer minimal fees, and offer support and features to help you further grow your business.

By understanding these nuances, you can position yourself in the best way possible to grow your eBay sales and manage your finances. We’ll now explore some of the top solutions for eBay sellers looking for a bank account.


Chase is one of the largest banks out there, with a wide array of business and personal options available. Chase might be the right option for eBay sellers looking for an integrated digital solution.

Many online banking options are available, enabling you to manage transactions, monitor cash flow and finances in one solution. Chase also offers fraud protection measures and real-time account alerts, adding a layer of security to their services. Chase also offers business credit cards and other solutions for eBay sellers looking to expand their activity.

Lili Bank

Lili Bank is an innovative digital banking solution specially tailored for freelancers and online entrepreneurs like eBay sellers. Designed with modern business needs in mind, Lili Bank combines the convenience of digital banking with tools that significantly aid in ecommerce operations.

Lil Bank offers a user-friendly digital approach that can immensely benefit eBay sellers. The business checking account provided by Lili Bank does not have hidden fees, overdraft fees, minimum deposits, or balance requirements. eBay sellers can send and receive money via ACH, integrated payments, or external bank accounts. Lili Bank also offers a high-yield savings account for entrepreneurs and eBay sellers looking to grow their income.

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Another pivotal feature that sets Lili Bank apart is its focus on financial management tools tailored for the self-employed. Lili Bank includes powerful accounting software to help categorize and manage transactions.

With Lili Bank, eBay sellers can create automatic financial reports, including expenses, profit and loss, and cash flow statements. These tools assist eBay sellers in separating business from personal expenses, tracking their income, and managing tax preparations.


NorthOne is another banking solution specifically designed for startups, freelancers, and digital entrepreneurs such as eBay sellers. Its unique offerings and dedication to online business have positioned it as a bank of choice for many.

One of the top features NorthOne has for eBay sellers is its mobile-first approach and technology. NorthOne offers essential banking functions, from transferring funds to monitoring account activities that can be completed via mobile.

Additionally, NorthOne is a comprehensive banking solution that includes business banking and financial management platform in one solution. With NorthOne, eBay sellers can manage cash flow with a variety of payment options, custom integrations, budgeting tools, and much more. The real-time view into finance enables a more agile approach, which can benefit eBay sellers significantly.

eBay bank with

How to link a bank account or business checking account to eBay

Linking a bank account or business checking account to eBay is a crucial process for sellers aiming to receive their payouts smoothly.

Start by logging into your eBay seller account. Once you’re in, navigate to the ‘My eBay’ section. From there, select ‘Account’ and then choose ‘Payments’ from the dropdown menu. You’ll find options for managing your payout methods in the’ Payments’ section.

You can then choose to link a new bank account or modify an existing one by providing the required details, including your bank’s name, account number, and routing number for US banks.

How do I add my bank account to eBay for payouts?

You can add your bank account to eBay for payouts using your seller account. Once logged in, look for the ‘My eBay’ section at the top right corner and navigate to the ‘Account’ tab. You’ll then select Payments and see an option to add a bank account as your payout method.

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What banks or business accounts does eBay accept?

eBay works seamlessly with major national and international banks and online banks. eBay will accept most banks and business accounts as long as the bank offers a standard account and routing number. eBay accepts both personal and business checking accounts and does not necessarily distinguish between the two as long as the necessary details are provided.

How to change your bank account or business account on eBay

Changing your bank or business account information on eBay might seem like a daunting task, given its financial implications, but it’s designed to be a seamless experience. You’ll need to log into your seller account and navigate the ‘Account’ section.

You’ll find ‘Payments’ in this section, where you can manage and change bank or business accounts on eBay. You’ll just need to add relevant bank details for the change. eBay typically takes up to two business days to confirm the changes and for payouts to be enabled to the new bank account

How Long Does It Take To Get Paid From eBay?

Except for a transaction that was put on hold, in which case it might take more time, the sales proceeds from your eBay store usually appear as “Available” for payout after verifying the buyer’s payment.

If your payouts are scheduled daily, it usually takes 2 days from the time the buyer’s payment is confirmed for you to receive them.

If your payouts are weekly, eBay starts paying out your sales proceeds from Monday through Sunday of the week before on Tuesday.

If your payouts are set to occur every two weeks, eBay will start them on the second Tuesday.

eBay will start paying them out on the first Tuesday of each month if they are scheduled monthly.

Your payouts will show up as “Funds Sent,” and it usually takes an additional 1-3 business days for the money to actually clear into your bank account and for you to access this money.

eBay bank with

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