Mia Khalifa Finds a “Whole New World” on TikTok

This week has been a whirlwind for Mia Khalifa. From rumors of her death to undergoing rhinoplasty surgery, the former pornstar and current sports commentator has had a lot going on. However, amidst all the chaos, she has discovered a new world online – TikTok.

Traditionally, Khalifa hasn’t been a fan of social media. She treated it like a job, following only friends and muting everyone else. Her Instagram comments were even turned off due to the constant hate she received. This had a significant impact on her mental health and even her relationship with her husband. But all that changed when she joined TikTok.

Unlike other platforms, TikTok has provided Khalifa with a refreshing experience. She can read and engage with comments without feeling the need to turn them off. In fact, she feels connected to the people who comment on her videos, considering them her friends. The supportive and friendly community she has found on TikTok is a stark contrast to the internet vitriol she has experienced in the past.

Khalifa’s journey hasn’t been easy. During her brief time in the porn industry, she faced backlash for wearing a hijab in her videos, despite being Lebanese and raised Christian. However, the controversy only fueled her fame, making her the top pornstar on Pornhub in 2014. Unfortunately, she received very little compensation for her videos, which now have millions of views.

She has been vocal about her experiences in the industry, highlighting issues like coerced contracts and the hijab controversy. Khalifa’s traumatic experiences have also caused post-traumatic stress and shame, especially when facing public scrutiny. However, she isn’t alone in her struggles. Uncovering the dark side of the mainstream porn industry has shed light on various offenses, including criminal sex trafficking, stealing content, and uploading without consent or compensation for sex workers.

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Despite facing criticism from both within and outside the industry, Khalifa remains steadfast in warning others about the potential pitfalls of entering the adult film industry. While she acknowledges that some women have positive experiences, she wants to remind them that they are the exception, not the rule. She believes it’s important to be responsible and aware of the consequences.

Apart from her newfound TikTok fame, Khalifa made an appearance on the Hulu show Ramy, where she discussed how Muslim countries consume the most porn. This exposure gave her a platform to tell her story and shed light on the way she has been treated. Despite receiving hate, Khalifa appreciates the support she has received and feels grateful for the opportunity to speak out.

The positivity and love she has found on Instagram have encouraged Khalifa to turn on comments and express her gratitude to her supporters. The support has even extended beyond social media, with a Change.org petition titled “Justice For Mia Khalifa” gaining over 18,000 signatures. TikTokers and Twitter users have also rallied behind her, vowing to bring justice and raise awareness.

While Mia Khalifa’s journey has been challenging, she has found solace in the TikTok community and the support she has received. Despite the hate and criticism she continues to face, Khalifa remains grateful and ready to fight for justice and reclaim her name and work.

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