Why Azure is better than AWS? What is this Azure about?

Why Azure is better than AWS? It’s not too long ago that the conversation around cloud services was, “they’re coming, so get ready.”

Today, cloud is normal. We use it in our personal lives and in business. In fact, it’s predicted that spending on cloud services will more than double from $229 billion in 2019 to around $500 billion by 2023. And research by the IDC shows that the majority of CIOs have already adopted a cloud-first strategy in their business.

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So, with cloud services now being widely consumed, the question is, which cloud is best?

Well, there are three major players in the cloud services world: AWS (Amazon Web Services), Google Cloud Platform (Google’s offering) and Microsoft Azure. Although AWS is the public cloud market share leader, Azure is making gains and is the perfect choice for larger organisations already using Microsoft products.

Let’s take a look at some of the reasons enterprises are choosing the Microsoft cloud,…

Why Azure is better than AWS?

Azure is a natural choice for thousands of organisations that are already Microsoft houses. Most enterprise-level companies already use and are familiar with the Microsoft suite, and generally have an Enterprise Agreement in place. When this is the case, Azure offers cost-savings compared to other clouds through discounts on licensing for Azure. You can also use your existing Windows Server and SQL Server licences with Software Assurance to pay a reduced rate when moving to Azure.

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Azure also allows companies to get more value from their existing Microsoft investment through full integration with Office 365 and Active Directory. For companies moving their Windows Server to the cloud, Microsoft has offers such as extended security updates included in the cost. So, for any company using Windows Servers and the Microsoft stack on-premises, it is a no-brainer to move to Azure.

The integrated environment also makes it incredibly user friendly once you’ve made the move. While Azure has more functionality in general than AWS, it is simpler to use. AWS can be complex and is known for lots of documentation, whereas Azure uses technologies that you and your users are already accustomed to using, like Windows, Active Directory and Linux, so the transition to the cloud is less obvious.

 Azure is better than AWS

Microsoft Azure – The game starts to change

Even though Azure entered very late in the market, it identified the business requirement and tactics. Through that, it has created many significant advances over the years, and now it offers a set of features and capabilities far surpassing its competitors. Microsoft quickly modernized all its services and offerings and supports different programming languages and operating systems. The Azure services are more scalable with Linux and make better use of economies of scale.

These days, Azure is adding more servers in cloud infrastructure and extending its services on all platforms. This will make Azure one of the leading cloud providers in a very short period.

The cloud future – AWS or AZURE?

To identify the best public/private cloud service provider, you need to consider various factors into consideration, such as cloud storage pricing, data transfer loss rate, security and availability, and rates of data availability, among others.

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If you want to save money for cloud usage, you should select Azure service for your organization. Azure charges you on the basis of what you use (in a VM), then you are more likely to save money. Compared to AWS, Azure is 4-12% cheaper and it enables the new offers which make it better than AWS.

Azure is better than AWS

Top reasons why Azure is better than AWS?

PaaS Capabilities – Azure provides stronger and faster PaaS capabilities than AWS which is a more important part of Cloud infrastructure. The Azure environments, tools, and building blocks give the possibility to developers to create and deploy new cloud services quickly. With Azure DevOps availability, you can perform monitoring, managing those apps.

Integrated Environment – Azure’s integrated ecosystem supports testing, developing, and deploying Cloud apps together. Azure’s flexible toolset will provide the integration ranging from connecting mobile apps with on-premises LOB systems to coordinating B2B payments with partners

Enterprise Agreement – If you are an existing user of Microsoft Azure cloud, then you should have an ‘Enterprise Agreement’ with Microsoft. Using this you can lower the Azure pricing by utilizing discounts. Thus, with the enterprise agreement, enterprises can typically obtain significant incentives for using Azure.

.Net Compatibility – Azure has a clear upper hand over AWS in the form of its compatibility with the .Net programming language. With these .Net frameworks, Azure can build and optimize applications consistently and it will be easy for industries to move their Windows apps to Azure Cloud.

Security Offerings – Azure security functions are designed based on the industry-leading assurance process Security Development Lifecycle (SDL). So all operations and data on the Azure Cloud should be protected more properly than AWS. Microsoft was the first cloud vendor to be approved by the European Union’s data protection authorities.

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Hybrid solutions – Unlike AWS, Azure has built hybrid apps which can utilize the resources available within data centers, at the service provider’s end, or within Azure itself. Azure already placed its hybrid capabilities while Amazon is still testing the same.

Which one is better? AWS or Azure

For any organization, it is very important to select the right cloud vendor for their applications. Microsoft Azure provides a hybrid solution, PaaS, and an array of other beneficial features than AWS, which are important for any Cloud strategy today.

There are many industries that improved their business growth by migrating to Azure and around 365,000 new companies adopt Microsoft Azure every year. As an end result, Microsoft Azure comes to the fore as a considerably better choice in 2022 compared to AWS. As Azure will get rapid growth, there will be a huge demand for Azure Certified Professionals in the upcoming year.

 Azure is better than AWS

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