Why Did Gloom Leave YouTube?

A Break for Mental Health

Gloom, the popular YouTuber, decided to step away from the platform due to her mental health. In her final YouTube video before taking a break, she shared that it had been almost a year since her last upload.

Gloom was known for posting gaming content and reaction videos. However, in January 2022, she announced that she needed some time off from creating content for YouTube.

A Glimpse into Gloom’s Background

Kassie Isabelle, also known as Gloom online, was born and raised in Canada. Coming from a well-established family with her father working as a businessman, she grew up alongside her two siblings.

During her education at a private school in Canada, Kassie always had a passion for pursuing a career in acting.

The Reason Behind Gloom’s YouTube Break

It’s been 11 months since Gloom left YouTube, but why did she make that decision? The video she uploaded, still available on her channel and with nearly 8 million views, provides some insight.

The main reason for Gloom’s break from her YouTube channel was her physical and mental health. In the video, she revealed that she discovered a lump in her breast that caused her to panic.

Considering her family’s history of breast cancer, this news terrified her. Gloom rushed to the emergency room, documenting the entire ordeal in her video.

After undergoing an ultrasound and a mammogram, it was determined that she did not have breast cancer. The doctor informed her that it was just a cyst but recommended further tests.

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Although relieved by the news, Gloom mentioned that she would consult her family doctor for additional tests. The whole situation added stress to her life, leading her to take a break from online entertainment.

Gloom’s Self-Reflection and Plans

Gloom admitted in her video that she had been working tirelessly in 2021, leaving her feeling exhausted. Despite having supportive friends and loved ones, she felt emotionally drained.

Recognizing that she hadn’t been taking proper care of herself, Gloom decided to prioritize self-care. She initially expected to return within a month but, surprisingly, it has now been almost 11 months since her last upload.

During her hiatus from YouTube, Gloom has consistently posted on her other social media platforms. Her fans are understanding of the space she is taking and eagerly await her return.

Gloom’s YouTube Journey

Gloom, a Canadian YouTuber known for her gaming-related content, has been absent from the platform for over 11 months due to her health concerns.

She began her YouTube career in 2011 with a channel called “CloudyApples,” where she shared various types of video blogs. Eventually, in 2015, she created another channel called “Gloom,” focusing on gaming and discussions.

Her channel featured a wide range of videos, including pranks, challenges, collaborations, and more. Notably, she participated in adventure games like Sally Face, which garnered 500K views. Gloom also collaborated with fellow YouTubers such as Azzy Land, Bijuu Mike, LaurenzSide, and Kubz Scout, considering them her YouTube best friends.

Currently, Gloom has 7.37 million subscribers on her YouTube channel and rumors suggest that she will be making a comeback soon. However, even during her break, she remained active on Instagram and worked with various brand partnerships.

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Where to Find Gloom from YouTube?

Gloom, the Canadian YouTuber known for her gaming content, has been absent from YouTube for the past 11 months due to her health issues.

Despite her break, Gloom has maintained an active presence on Instagram and has collaborated with different brands. Fans eagerly await her return to YouTube, where she has amassed a substantial following of 7.37 million subscribers.

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