YouTube Brings Back the Option to Sort Videos by Oldest

YouTube has recently reintroduced its “Sort by Oldest” feature, giving users the power to travel back in time, so to speak. This popular video-sharing platform had previously removed the option, forcing viewers to manually scroll through a channel’s video feed to find their oldest content. However, YouTube has now brought back this much-requested feature in a new form.

YouTube Oldest Sort Option: What You Need to Know

YouTube has long been hailed as the go-to platform for easy video uploading and sharing since its launch in 2005. Consequently, numerous content creators have flocked to YouTube to showcase their videos to a wide audience. Veterans like Pewdiepie, VanossGaming, and Markiplier started their YouTube journey in the late 2000s and early 2010s, resulting in a substantial collection of videos from that period.

Despite this, YouTube inexplicably removed the “Sort by Oldest” option from their sorting menu. Thankfully, this changed on June 21.

The Return of the “Sort by Oldest” Option

YouTube has now reintroduced the “Sort by Oldest” feature as an “Oldest” sort button, alongside the existing sorting options. Android Police, the first to spot and report this new addition, confirmed the button’s presence on both the YouTube website and mobile app for Android and iOS.

While some Reddit users have noticed and celebrated this feature, others have reported not seeing it on their devices or for some YouTube channels. Speculation suggests Google, YouTube’s parent company, may be testing the feature or rolling it out gradually.

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YouTube itself has yet to confirm these speculations. However, users fortunate enough to have access to the new sort button have affirmed that it functions as intended. Fans of their favorite content creators can now easily explore their earliest videos using the newly added “Oldest” sort button.

Why Did YouTube Remove the “Sort by Oldest” Option?

The reasoning behind YouTube’s previous removal of the “Sort by Oldest” option remains shrouded in mystery. Initially, YouTube claimed it was a temporary bug. However, in April 2022, the company officially acknowledged that the removal was a deliberate decision.

Consequently, viewers found themselves faced with the arduous task of endlessly scrolling through a channel’s video feed to locate their desired older content. This task proved especially challenging when content creators regularly produced and uploaded videos. Furthermore, YouTube’s app automatically stops loading new content after a few scrolls, making the search even more difficult.

Fortunately, YouTube has now remedied this inconvenience by restoring the cherished “Sort by Oldest” feature. Users can once again enjoy the earliest videos from their favorite long-time YouTube content creators with just a few clicks.

With this new development, YouTube continues to reaffirm its commitment to enhancing user experience and providing valuable features on its platform.

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