Who is the CEO of Twitter? What is this CEO of Twitter?

Who is the CEO of Twitter? The rebrand of Twitter to X.com this week has been widely considered as among the most consequential steps in Elon Musk’s endeavor to reshape the social media company. It is also being seen as a deciding moment for the company’s recently appointed chief executive officer, Linda Yaccarino.

Yaccarino, a longtime advertising executive, took the helm of Twitter in May. Her appointment came after months of controversial decisions from Musk, who bought Twitter for $44bn in October 2022 and proceeded quickly to lay off the majority of its staff and alienate advertisers with new policies. Faced with growing criticism over his erratic decision-making, Musk promised to bring in a new CEO – a position he himself described as a “painful” job that anyone would be “foolish” to take on.

the CEO of Twitter

Who is the CEO of Twitter?

Former NBCUniversal advertising chief Linda Yaccarino will become Twitter’s new CEO, current chief executive Elon Musk says in a tweet, as the social media platform seeks to reverse a plunge in advertisement revenues.

“I am excited to welcome Linda Yaccarino as the new CEO of Twitter!” Musk said on Friday. “@LindaYacc will focus primarily on business operations, while I focus on product design & new technology.”

Yaccarino, who modernised the advertising business at the Comcast Corp entertainment and media division, will have her hands full as she takes on a firm loaded with debt, among other challenges.

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Since Musk acquired Twitter in October, advertisers have fled the platform, worried that their ads could appear next to inappropriate content after the company lost nearly 80 percent of its staff. Musk this year acknowledged that Twitter suffered a massive decline in advertisement revenue.

Musk has axed thousands of employees, rushed the launch of a subscription product that allowed scammers to impersonate major brands and suspended users with whom he disagreed.

Twitter’s “trajectory will immediately take a 180-degree turn” under Yaccarino’s leadership, said Lou Paskalis, a longtime advertisement industry executive and CEO of AJL Advisory, a marketing consultancy.

“I think [Yaccarino] has climbed every mountain she could at NBCU and did it impeccably well, and there’s no greater challenge than restoring order at Twitter,” he said.

Yaccarino could not be reached for comment.

While Musk said Yaccarino would help build an “everything app”, which he has previously said could offer a variety of services such as peer-to-peer payments, his selection of an advertising veteran signalled that digital ads would continue to be a core focus of the business.

In order to diversify revenue sources, Musk has focused on Twitter Blue, a subscription feature that costs users $8 per month to verify their accounts, but the product has had limited success.

Independent researcher Travis Brown, who has been tracking the number of Twitter Blue subscribers over time, estimated there were 619,858 customers as of April 30.

What Elon Musk said about Parag Agarwal?

This is what the world’s richest person said about the then-Twitter CEO after the meeting: “He is a really nice guy, but managers should not aim to be liked. What Twitter needs is a fire-breathing dragon and Parag is not that.”

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Bret Taylor, the company’s then board chair, was the third person who attended the dinner.

Isaacson, an ex-CNN CEO and former Time editor, spent three years trailing Musk for the biography.

the CEO of Twitter

Who’s is the current Twitter CEO?

After terminating Agarwal, Musk himself took over as the CEO. In June, former NBCUniversal executive Linda Yaccarino was appointed to the post, and is the incumbent chief executive.

Also, in July, the San Francisco-headquartered firm got rebranded to X Corp.

Twitter’s new CEO is an NBCUniversal executive with deep ad industry ties

Elon Musk confirmed that the new CEO for Twitter will be NBCUniversal’s Linda Yaccarino, an executive with deep ties to the advertising industry.

“I am excited to welcome Linda Yaccarino as the new CEO of Twitter!” Musk wrote in a Friday tweet. He added that Yaccarino “will focus primarily on business operations” while Musk will stay closely connected to product design and new technology.

Before that announcement, NBCUniversal said Friday that Yaccarino would step down immediately as chairwoman for global advertising and partnerships.

Musk, who bought Twitter last fall and has been running it since, has long insisted that he would step down as top executive at the company, which is now called X Corp.

Few expect Musk to remove himself from the decision making process at Twitter, however.

“While he’s stepping back from the CEO title, Musk is far from likely to step back from calling the product shots,” said Mike Proulx, research director at Forrester Research.

Yaccarino, with deep roots in the advertising industry, could be a linchpin in Twitter’s future.

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Luring advertisers is critical for Musk and Twitter after many fled in the early months after his takeover of the social media platform, fearing harm to their brands in the ensuing chaos. Musk said in late April that advertisers had returned, but provided no details.

Mark DiMassimo, founder and creative chief of ad agency DiGo, said Yaccarino successfully integrated and digitized ad sales at Comcast and NBC — and that her track record of cross-selling ads across different platforms could appeal to Musk as he tries to transform Twitter from a social media company to a bigger media platform.

Yaccarino worked at NBCUniversal for nearly 12 years — with her team generating more than $100 billion in ad sales since 2011, her company bio notes.

According to LinkedIn, Yaccarino previously served as NBC’s chair for advertising and client partnerships and as president of cable entertainment and digital advertising sales. Prior to her time with NBC, Yaccarino worked at global entertainment company Turner for almost two decades.

Last month, Yaccarino interviewed Musk on a Miami stage last month in front of hundreds of advertisers.

“If anyone can translate the Musk vision into advantages for marketers she’ll be able to do it,” DiMassimo said Friday, prior to Musk’s confirmation. “Even though there’s skepticism and all marketers live in the ‘show me’ state right now with regard to Twitter, if in fact she does go to Twitter this is a powerfully reassuring move.”

the CEO of Twitter

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