Why cant I change my birthday on Twitter? What is this?

Why cant I change my birthday on Twitter? My account was created in 2009, and when I added my birthday in 2020 it locked my twitter account. I had nothing on it, 0 tweets or anything. So after waiting a month for the verification loop to be over and sending in my ID a bunch of times, I finally was granted access to log back in.

I then realized twitter added my wrong birthday to my account. So I removed it and tried to add my proper birthday and now I’m being hit with “Account update failed: Your date of birth visibility can only be changed if you are at least 18 years old. Please also note that you cannot change your date of birth if it has been verified by our support team as part of an appeal.”

Why cant I change my birthday on Twitter?

Are you seeing tweets, now posts, with a warning message about age-restricted content? Do you want to change your sensitive media settings but can’t do it? Do you plan to join Twitter’s, now X’s, Ad Revenue Sharing program? If it’s a yes to any of these questions, you need to know one thing—how to change age on Twitter? This is essential as the social media network restricts accounts without a birthdate.

It becomes easier for the platform to ensure it complies with the laws on users below the legal age. By the end of this article, you’ll learn to locate the setting to change your age on X, aka Twitter.

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I change my birthday on Twitter

How To Change Your Age on Twitter: Should You Do It?

When talking about how to change your age on Twitter, you’ll want to know why you should do it. What do you stand to benefit as an active user by sharing your birthdate with the platform? Below are three reasons highlighting why changing your age is a good idea:

  • You want to join Twitter’s Ad Revenue Sharing program: If you’re getting 5 million impressions organically from all your posts, it’s a good idea to apply for revenue sharing. However, this is only one of the many requirements to be eligible. You also need to be at least 18 years, according to X’s Creator Monetization Standards. Sometimes, it’s possible to get away without changing your age. However, the platform can stop you from participating in the program.
  • You don’t like seeing X’s sensitive media warning on several posts: The platform doesn’t allow any account without a birthdate to view sensitive content. This is especially true for adult material like sexual behavior and nudity. The only way to deactivate the sensitive warning on posts is to provide your date of birth.
  • You’re looking to start a subscription on X, formerly Twitter: Twitter rebranded Super Follower to subscriptions after Elon Musk became the owner. It is an attractive proposition as you can earn 97% of your revenue. Even if you cross the $50,000 threshold, you still get 80% from your subscriptions. However, one of the requirements to start a subscription is to be at least 18 years. The only way to show this is to include your birthdate in your profile.

How To Change Your Age on Twitter for Android and iOS?

Did you know you could only show your birthday on Twitter in 2015? It really goes to show how different the platform was back in the day. If you have an Android or iOS device, this guide explains how to change your age on Twitter:

  1. Tap the icon with your profile photo on the Twitter app. This will open the quick navigation menu.
  2. Select the first option in this menu, i.e., Profile. The app will take you to your profile page. Or, tap on your profile photo again to go to the same page.
  3. Tap Edit Profile, which you’ll find under your account’s cover photo.
  4. In the Edit Profile page, tap the Birth Date section.
  5. You can change your age on this page. Tap Continue to make sure the social media network registers the edit.
  6. Tap Save, and the platform will display your age.
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I change my birthday on Twitter

Can You Change the Visibility or Remove Your Birthdate via Settings for Twitter?

If you change your birth date after January 2022, there is a change in the visibility of this data. Now, the platform only makes it visible to you by default. However, some users may want to change these settings for Twitter according to their preferences. The guide below provides in-depth instructions on how to change your age on Twitter for visibility or remove it entirely:

  • Open your Twitter profile page. This is where you can see your activity and general account information.
  • Go to the Edit Profile page by selecting the Edit Profile button.
  • Like the previous guide, tap Edit next to the Birth Date section.
  • You can decide who can see your birthday’s month, day, and year. If you want to delete this information, select Remove Birth Date. In this situation, the platform will give you a warning pop-up about what will happen. Select Remove to delete your birthdate.

If you want to know more about these birthday visibility settings, refer to this section:

  • Only You: The default setting ensures no one else but you can view your birth date.
  • You Follow Each Other: It is a mutual setting where you and the user must follow each other to see the birthdate.
  • People You Follow: This allows only users in your Following list to look at your date of birth.
  • Your Followers: If the user belongs to your follower list, they can view your birthdate.
  • Public: Anyone can see your date of birth, even if they don’t have a Twitter, now X, account.
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How Many Times Can You Change Your Age on Twitter?

You’ll get a message when you follow the instructions on how to change your age on Twitter. It informs you that you can only do this a few times. Is there any way to know what this figure is? Unfortunately, the platform doesn’t tell you how many changes it allows.

This means you’ll have to be cautious when following the how to change age on Twitter guide. The best practice is to do it once or twice and let it be. Avoid setting birthdates below 18 years, especially when you’re older. This will result in the platform locking your profile.

X, formerly Twitter, can also take similar action against your account if your posts don’t follow its rules. Over time, you can get a shadowban. This means no one can see your profile other than yourself. It affects your reach and visibility significantly. Also, there will be a drastic drop in engagement. The best solution is to delete all the offending tweets immediately. However, Twitter doesn’t have a batch-delete feature.

Luckily, you don’t have to worry if you use TweetDelete. It will help you remove posts that break Twitter’s rules. This tool also has a filter to help you find these tweets (now posts) in a few minutes. It also comes with an auto-delete feature for a hands-off approach. Keep your X, formerly Twitter profile clean of policy-violating tweets by using TweetDelete today!

I change my birthday on Twitter

Above is information about Why cant I change my birthday on Twitter? What is this? that we have compiled. Hopefully, through the above content, you have a more detailed understanding of I change my birthday on Twitter. Thank you for reading our post.

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